Where Was Dave Filmed? A Political Comedy Flick From The 90s!!


Do you enjoy watching iconic American films from the 90s? Then we’d recommend you to watch Dave, a similar comedy film starring Kevin Kline. To find out where was Dave filmed, read this piece till the very end.

The American political comedy film Dave was in the first week of May 1997. This satirical film was directed by none other than Ivan Reitman, who previously made films like Kindergarten Cop, Ghostbusters, and a number of other blockbuster movies.

The basic premise of Dave is centered around the character of Dave Kovic, a middle-aged guy who closely resembles the President of America. The plot thickens when the Secret Service contacts Dave and asks him to stand in for President of America for strategic reasons.

The success of Dave at the box office was fantastic. This intriguing film grossed over $98 million in worldwide collections. Dave was also nominated for an Oscar, apart from collecting several other nominations and bagging two major awards. Fans of Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver were thrilled to see the awe-inspiring performance of their favorite actors in the lead roles.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss where was Dave filmed.

Where Was Dave Filmed? Let’s Take A Closer Look At This Satirical Film!

When it comes to making films that can be easily considered as timeless, Ivan Reitman definitely tops the list. Reitman had delivered numerous hits at the box office before joining this project. So, there was a question about the quality of the film that was about to be made when Ivan collaborated with Gary Ross.

Ross and Reitman worked closely to make the screenplay of this film super-interesting during the initial stages of production. After the story was adjusted to the liking of the makers, they asked the production members to scout for filming locations.

But while the production members were scouting around various locations in America, Ivan was busy convincing the higher officials of the American government. Eventually, the director was able to get the security clearance from the officials decked in Washington, DC.

The filming crew, too, was able to locate a number of potential filming locations by then. Ivan immediately visited the locations in person and started the selection process. Important to mention that the majority of sequences Dave was filmed inside a studio in California.

The remaining outdoor sequences were captured in parts of Maryland, Washington, and Virginia as well. The principal photography began in the second week of August 1992 and continued till the month of November.

The shooting schedule was quite long because the production members had to travel to different locations in America to capture specific scenes. But, thankfully the filming crew was able to complete the shooting process closer to the actual schedule drafted by the team.

As the makers of Dave received cognizable support from the American government during the making of this movie, the shooting process ended without any major hassle. Let us now take a closer look at where was Dave filmed.

California | USA

The opening sequence of the movie featuring the lead actor inside the White House in D.C. was actually filmed inside Warner Brother Studios. This famous studio is located at 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank. Filmmakers who made blockbuster films and shows often use this studio to capture pivotal sequences.

So the interior sequences in this movie, depicting the inner area of the White House, were captured on one of the sound stages inside this studio. The production members worked hard to replicate the inner design of the White House on set as closely as possible.

The exterior sequence of the White House, however, was captured at a different location. The production was filmed near Mabel Shaw Bridges Music Auditorium to depict the outer part of the White House.

The set constructed by the production members replicating the Oval Office was reused in the making of other films and shows like The Hot Shots Part Deux, Absolute Power, and The Pelican Brief.

Other Filming Locations | USA

Other important outdoor shots of this film were captured in the states of Washington and Virginia. The sequences depicting the main building of the U.S. Congress were filmed near the State Capitol, located at Capitol Square 9th and Grace St, Richmond, Virginia.

While the ending scene of the movie was filmed using a helicopter, capturing the top view of the National Mall in Washington, District of Columbia. By the second week of November 1992, all sequences were captured, and the production members wrapped the entire shooting process.

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And now, let me give you an overview of Dave. In the meantime, you can also read Succession and Blind Spotting.

Plot Of Dave | What’s It About

Where Was Dave Filmed? A Political Comedy Flick From The 90s!!

The story of Dave is centered around the character of Dave Kovic, a rehabilitated American who becomes the fake President of America. At the very beginning of the film, the lead character is contacted by the Secret Service for pretending to be the U.S. President for strategic reasons.

As the story progresses further, Dave starts attending high-level meetings and does press conferences in front of the general American public. The close physical resemblance of Dave with the President of America was pretty hard to spot at first glance. However, a political informant soon ploys the entire plan of the Secret Service.

Watch Dave and witness the inspiring journey of a rehabilitated American who becomes the most powerful man on planet Earth.

Final Words

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