Where Was Welcome To Mooseport Filmed? A Comedy Flick From 2004!


Watching comedy movies is a great way to end your stressful day. If you love to watch comedy genre movies, then this article is for you to read. Because today I’ll explain the comedy movie Welcome To Mooseport (2004). Also, I’ll give you the details of where was Welcome To Mooseport filmed.

The American political satire comedy film Welcome To Mooseport was released in theatres on February 20, 2004. It is based on the story written by Doug Richardson. Tom Schulman wrote the movie’s screenplay, and Donald Petrie directed the film.

The basic premise of Welcome To Mooseport revolves around two characters, Monore Cole and Handy Harrison, who compete for the position of Mayor in Maine state. The movie received negative reviews from critics, but some humor worked out well, making it a decent film to watch.

Now, are you excited to know where was Welcome To Mooseport filmed? If yes, follow the article to know the filming location details.

Where Was Welcome To Mooseport Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

It was revealed in October 2002 that Ray Romano and Dustin Hoffman were in talks to star in the Rod Lurie direction. But Lurie left the project for some reasons, and the discussions with Hoffman failed.

In February 2003, the production team announced that the movie’s director was Donald Petrie, and the film’s lead roles were played by Ray Romano and Gene Hackman.

After selecting the cast members, the team started to look for the filming locations. The production team decided to shoot the movie in the Ontario region. Finally, the filming of the movie began in April 2003. 

Now, without any delay, let me tell you the exact locations where was Welcome To Mooseport filmed.

Ontario | Canada

Where Was Welcome To Mooseport Filmed? A Comedy Flick From 2004!

The primary filming of Welcome To Mooseport happened around the Ontario region. The team selected different locations in Ontario, and according to scene requirements, they created a backdrop. The movie is set in Mooseport, so the team used different towns in Ontario for filming. First, the team moved to Port Perry, a town in Ontario, to shoot some movie scenes.

Next, the team traveled to other towns like Scugog and Georgina in Ontario to capture a few sequences. Some segments of Welcome To Mooseport were filmed in Brantford city. The golf scene of the movie was filmed at Pheasant Run Golf Course in Sharon.

After completing significant filming portions in different cities and towns of Ontario, the team moved to the Toronto Film Studios. A few sequences of the movie were filmed in this studio. So it is one of the largest studios in Canada, and many blockbuster movies like The Incredible Hulk and Cinderella Man were filmed in this studio.

Los Angeles, California | USA

The production crew of Welcome to Mooseport moved to Los Angeles to shoot a few movie sequences. Los Angeles has the best production facilities; moreover, it helps the production team save a lot of money with reduced tax and cheap labor costs. This is why many Hollywood filmmakers choose this entertainment capital city for filming.

If you are a Hollywood movie fan, visit Lake Hollywood Park to take a picture with the Hollywood Sign. Also, visit Universal Studios to see the famous movie sets and tour the Hollywood Walk of Fame to find your favorite actor in the stars.

Plot Of Welcome To Mooseport | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Welcome To Mooseport Filmed? A Comedy Flick From 2004!

Monroe, a former president of the U.S. after his retirement, returns to his hometown Mooseport. The local authorities of the town approach Monroe to compete in the Mayor’s election. At the same time, another team invites Harrison, a local store owner, to run for the election.

Harrison initially shows little interest in participating in the election. But Monroe becomes close with Harrison’s girlfriend, which makes him compete in the election. So, who will win the race? To find out, watch this comedy movie today.

Final Words

Alright, readers! We’ve reached the end of the article, and I hope now you got the answer to the question where was Welcome To Mooseport filmed. If you want to read similar content, check out other articles on our website.

Who is the cinematographer of the film Welcome To Mooseport?

The cinematographer of the movie is Victor Hammer.

Which production company has worked in the movie Welcome To Mooseport?

The production company that has worked on the film is Intermedia Films

What is the tagline of the film Welcome To Mooseport?

The tagline of the movie is May the best man lose.

What is the runtime of the film Welcome To Mooseport?

The runtime of the film is 1 hour 50 minutes.

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