Where Was Destined At Christmas Filmed? Upbeat Romantic Drama Of 2022!!


Are you looking for a recently released jovial film, to watch this holiday season? Well, then you have to come to the right place! Because today I will give you an overview of the latest holiday film, Destined at Christmas and also let you in on, where was Destined At Christmas filmed.

The American romantic drama film, Destined at Christmas was released in 2022 and inspired by a novel of the same name, published 4 years prior to the film. Director Brittany Wiscombe in her rendition of the film presents the romantic story of Kim and Theo who are shown to find love at a season sale venue, one of the unlikeliest places!

Destined at Christmas, commercially performed well, and gained quick popularity amongst romantic movie fans! The critics, however, were not so impressed with the predictable storyline of the film. And gave an average review to Destined at Christmas.

Now, before I share with you where was Destined At Christmas filmed let’s briefly discuss the plot of the film. By that, you can get a better understanding of the actual storyline and formulate your own opinion about the film.

Alright, friends, time for us to find out where was Destined At Christmas filmed. So that you can enjoy the lovely filming locations of this romantic film!

Where Was Destined At Christmas Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Film Closely!!

Where Was Destined At Christmas Filmed? Upbeat Romantic Drama Of 2022!!

Director Brittany Wiscombe initially wanted to shoot Destined at Christmas, entirely in Canada! Brittany, along with other production members, even started scouting for potential filming locations in Vancouver and Toronto. As the primary idea of the production unit was to shoot at the best possible location, with a tight filming budget. You can also check out Apocalypto and Troy which are equally intriguing, if not more!

However, no sooner than the big production company started showing interest to back this project, Brittany agreed to film Destined at Christmas on location. Soon the production unit arranged a special team, to find out possible filming sites. The filming crew then finalized to eventually shoot in New York and California.

The principal photography began towards the end of December 2021 and was completed within 2 months. Now, without waiting any longer, let’s discuss Destined At Christmas location, in-depth. And find out more about the specific shooting sites!

New York | USA

Where Was Destined At Christmas Filmed? Upbeat Romantic Drama Of 2022!!

The first location that the production unit reached in New York, was Brooklyn. The opening scene of the film, where Kim is shown visiting her friend, was filmed in Brooklyn. The filming crew shot the exterior sequence of the house in just three days. The filming mostly took place during the actual holiday season and it was a bit challenging for the crew members.

There was too much interference from the public while filming, thus the crew decided to shoot parts of this particular sequence, early in the morning. Meanwhile, you can also watch these amazing films, such as American Psycho, Goodfellas, John Wick and The Warriors which were also filmed here in Brooklyn.

Subsequently, to shoot the pivotal “Black Friday Sale” scene shown in the movie, the filming crew arranged a vacant shop in Brooklyn. The production crew then turned around the place to make it look like a “flash sale venue”. Then the sequence where Kim and Theo meet for the first time was filmed. The crew also had to arrange special lighting equipment to shoot this interior sequence.

Other sequences of the film such as the outdoor shots of Kim and Theo’s house featured medium-sized homes located on the outskirts of the borough. Some other shots of the city were shot in the downtown area.

California | USA

Where Was Destined At Christmas Filmed? Upbeat Romantic Drama Of 2022!!

After completing the majority of the filming in New York. The production unit then moved to California. The interior scenes of Kim and Theo’s house were filmed mostly inside a renowned studio in Los Angeles. The production had to construct a set at the backlot of the studio. And later took it down, after the shots were successfully captured. Filming at this location only lasted for more or less 3 weeks. After which, the crew started working on post-production!

Here are a couple of places in California that you might want to look into, such as San Diego, Yosemite National Park, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Disneyland Park and Daytona Beach, should you decide to visit this place anytime soon!

The Plot Of Destined At Christmas | What’s It About

At the very beginning of the film, we are introduced to the character of Kim Fenech, a young and independent American woman, living by herself in New York. Later in the film, Kim is shown going out shopping, in order to buy some gifts for her parents for Christmas.

Soon after, in the “Black Friday Sale” venue, she bumps into a handsome guy, named Theo and instantly gets impressed by his kindness and generosity. After she witnesses Theo, helping a poor lady in buying some presents for her family. Kim happily walks up to Theo and thanks him for being altruistic. The duo then share an amicable conversation and part ways after completing the shopping.

But soon Kim and Theo, both start longing for each other. And believe that the encounter at the shopping center was more than just a coincidence. Subsequently, they have a hard time finding one another. The only piece of personal information, they shared in the last conversation they had was their first names! 

However, in the final quarter of the film, Theo decides to visit the store where he met Kim! And extracts full contact details about Kim, from the store manager after explaining that he means no harm. Finally, Theo calls Kim and confesses his feelings. The credits roll as the couple meets on Christmas Eve. And start off their newly romantic relationship.

Final Words

Ok guys, now that you know where was Destined At Christmas filmed. It’s time for us to part ways! But I hope you enjoyed to read about Destined At Christmas filming locations and found what you were looking for. Be sure to add your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Destined At Christmas?

The cast of the film Destined at Christmas includes Shae Robbins, Casey Elliot, Eve Elliot, Stacey Ann Turner and Katherine Aiken

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Destined At Christmas?

John Lyde is the cinematographer of the film Destined at Christmas

What Is The Rating Of The Film Destined At Christmas?

The film Destined at Christmas has a TV-PG rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Destined At Christmas?

Russ Whitelock is the music director of the film Destined at Christmas.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Destined At Christmas?

1h 21m is the runtime of the film Destined at Christmas.

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