Where Was Dog Gone Filmed? Real Locations Of A Real Story!


Have you watched the latest Netflix’s family drama, Dog Gone? If yes, then I think you would like to know about the locations which were grabbing your attention the entire time. So, stick to the article till the end and note these locations to know where was Dog Gone filmed!

Released on Netflix on January 13, Dog Gone was a biographical drama. The movie took inspiration from a book, Dog Gone: A Lost Pet’s Extraordinary Journey And The Family Who Brought Him Home written by Pauls Toutonghi. The movie received favorable reviews from critics and appreciation from audiences. Also, the viewers found the movie a true inspiration.

After knowing a little bit about the movie, it’s time to discuss where was Dog Gone filmed!

Where Was Dog Gone Filmed? Explore All The Locations Here!

The production of Dog Gone was announced in August 2021 with Rowe as the executive producer of the Netflix drama. As the movie revolves around a dog, it took a lot of time to find a fully-trained dog. Finally, the principal photography and filming commenced by the end of 2021 in Georgia. This was the same place where The Girl From Plainville was filmed. It took a considerable amount of time to wrap up shooting due to a number of reasons.

Now, let’s take a step ahead and learn all about where was Dog Gone filmed!

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

Several pivotal scenes were shot in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The team was spotted in many commercial and residential areas by locals. The creative heads assisted in selecting ideal backdrops for the movie. No major issues were reported by the team and they enjoyed filming in this city.

The Atlanta Metropolitan Area is one of the most populated areas in Georgia. This place is perfect not only for filming but also for those who are planning to relocate. 

The Appalachian Trail, Georgia

Where Was Dog Gone Filmed? Real Locations Of A Real Story!

The forest where you saw Gonker chasing a fox was shot on the Appalachian Trail. Because the trial stretches up to 2,200 miles, the production team traveled a lot to shoot at various spots. Reportedly, it took around 2 months to shoot all the forest scenes. Shooting at this location was very challenging for the crew members but they managed to wrap up shooting within the decided time frame. 

Rabun County, Georgia

Some of the most interesting scenes of Dog Gone were shot in Rabun County. Initially, the makers wanted to move to some other city in Georgia but the picturesque view of the city grabbed their attention. As a result, they shot in the city of Clayton and Lakemont

You’ll be astonished to know that while the makers were moving to Conyers, they got to know about the resort town of Tallulah Falls. Guess what? This town became a primary location for shooting Dog Gone and many outdoor sequences were shot in the town. 

Conyers, Georgia

After filming in Rabun County, the team moved to Conyers where they shot some indoor and outdoor scenes. Here, scenes were filmed from different angles to make them look impressive. Surprisingly, not even a single additional effect was added to them. 

Conyers is filled with many local attractions like Georgia International Horse Park, the Lewis Vaughn Botanical Garden, and the Old Jail Museum. So, check it out with your family! 

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Where Was Dog Gone Filmed? Real Locations Of A Real Story!

Stone Mountain is another significant location where some dramatic scenes were shot. That’s because breathtaking backdrops were complimenting the emotions of the characters. The peaceful ambiance was perfect to showcase the void in Fielding’s life after Gonker went missing. 

Well, you can also explore this stunning city in Dekalb County. There are several tourist spots like the Confederate Memorial Carving. So, it’s a perfect destination for a family trip!

Powder Springs, Georgia 

The last location covered by the team of Dog Gone was Powder Springs. The concluding scenes of the movie were shot here within a span of a few weeks. The team tried to follow the decided schedule, but things did not happen the way they planned. Finally, they wrapped up shooting in January, a few days before the release date. 

Powder Springs is a very peaceful place perfect for people from all walks of life. So, explore this city soon to have peace of mind!

Plot Of Dog Gone | What’s It About?

Where Was Dog Gone Filmed? Real Locations Of A Real Story!

Dog Gone encapsulates the life story of a young boy, Fielding. After being rejected by many girls, he decides to adopt a puppy and names him Gonker. When Gonker grows up, he is diagnosed with an incurable disease. 

After Fielding completes his higher studies, he decides to go back to his parents with Gonker. One day, Fielding plans to visit the forest near his house with Gonker. As they enter the forest, Gonker runs to chase a fox but does not return. Fielding and his parents try their best to find the dog. Amidst this search operation, Feilding’s health starts deteriorating and his father takes him home. 

Will Fielding be able to continue the search operation to get back his best friend, Gonker? Stream the heartfelt movie to watch the rest of the plot! 

Final Words

I hope you are glad after reading where was Dog Gone filmed. Now, you can relive all the scenes by visiting these locations. So, pack your bags and book your tickets soon. To learn about some more filming locations, read where was Into The Woods filmed and where was Wheel Of Time filmed

Who Are The Leading Cast Members Of Dog Gone?

The leading cast members of Dog Gone are Johnny Berchtold, Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Savannah Bruffey, Nick Peine, and many more.

Who Acquired The Distribution Rights Of Dog Gone?

The distribution rights of Dog Gone were acquired only by Netflix.

What Is The Duration Of Dog Gone?

The duration of Dog Gone is 95 minutes.

Who Is The Producer Of Dog Gone?

Dog Gone is produced by Nick Santora and Jeremy Kipp Walker.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of Dog Gone?

Michael Martinez is the cinematographer of Dog Gone.

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