Where Was Wheel Of Time Filmed? An Action-Adventure Tv Series Of 2021!!


If the idea of watching an action-adventure series excites you, then we have a perfect action series waiting for you. Follow this article to know all about the Amazon original series, and find out where was Wheel of Time filmed.

The American fantasy television series, The Wheel of Time was inspired by an epic novel by Robert Jordan, published a couple of years prior to the series. The pilot season of this adventure fantasy was released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video last year with 8 exciting episodes. The central story of The Wheel of Time showcases a magical world, which can only be accessed by a chosen few. The drama unfolds when a mysterious woman named Moiraine, comes in contact with 5 individuals, to change their lives, forever.

The Wheel of Time received a positive response from audiences and critics, upon its release in 2021. This action-drama series has already earned a number of nominations and also won the ReFrame award in 2022.

So, without taking any longer, let’s explore where was Wheel of Time filmed so that you can analyze the filming locations up close. Furthermore, I’ll also discuss the plot of this nerve-wracking series in brief.

Where Was Wheel Of Time Filmed? Let’s Know This Fantasy Adventure Series Closely!

The makers of The Wheel of Time wanted to choose historical and idyllic locations as the backdrop of the series. Thus, right from the initial stages of pre-production, the creative heads were determined to scout for perfect shooting sites in Europe, which were beautiful and historic at the same time.

Soon, the production members scouted a bunch of gorgeous filming locations in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Spain. The creators of the show were pretty satisfied with the medieval look of the sites and eventually decided to use them for filming. 

The principal photography began in the first week of September 2019 and took one and a half years to finish. The filming schedule was majorly due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, which literally brought the world to a stand-still. Luckily the filming of only the second last and final episodes were left, which were captured in April 2021, after the restrictions were uplifted.

No other incidents impacted the overall shooting of the series, as the filming crew stayed on top of the schedule for the most part. The production unit also received tax exemptions of $16 million from the government of the Czech Republic, which immensely helped the makers to utilize the finances in other areas of filmmaking.

So without stalling any longer, let’s discuss where was Wheel of Time filmed, and find out more about the specific shooting sites.

Segovia, Spain

Where Was Wheel Of Time Filmed? An Action-Adventure Tv Series Of 2021!!

The opening sequence from the pilot season of The Wheel of Time was filmed in Spain. The beautiful Spanish city of Segovia, located in the autonomous community of Castille and Leon was used to shoot the exterior shots of the first episode. The sequence where we see the mysterious character of Moiraine, searching for suitable candidates to access the supernatural world, was actually shot here.

The production members captured the outdoor shots of the Romanesque and Gothic churches located in Segovia and then moved to the next shooting location. Filming in Spain lasted for about a month or so.

Zagreb, Croatia

After capturing the establishing scenes in Spain, the production members traveled overseas to the capital of Croatia. The majority of the shooting for season 1 of this fantasy series was done in Zagreb. The production members extensively filmed near the region of Medvednica Hills. Sequences depicting the meeting of Nynaeve with the villagers in the series were filmed here.

The filming crew also captured the shots, featuring Logain Ablar harnessing the One Power, on the outskirts of Zagreb. All other pivotal sequences till episode 8 were captured in and around this beautiful and historical city.

Prague, Czech Republic

In order to film the scenes of the final episodes from season 1, the production crew arrived in the medieval city of Prague. However, as soon as the filming crew prepared to start filming in Prague, the government laid down strict laws, with respect to global restrictions because of Covid-19.

The shooting stopped for an entire year, but in April 2021 the production members acquired filming permission from the government of the Czech Republic successfully. The remaining sequences were then filmed on the banks of the Vltava River. The crew finished the entire filming process by the first week of May 2021 and returned to the United States. Reportedly, other works related to the promotion of the series were later done in America.

Alright, guys, it’s time for us to discuss the plot of The Wheel of Time in brief, so that you can get a fair idea about the basic premise of this fantasy series. In the meantime, you can check out A Christmas Story, Gremlins and Fit for Christmas too.

Plot Of The Wheel Of Time | What’s It About

Where Was Wheel Of Time Filmed? An Action-Adventure Tv Series Of 2021!!

The story of The Wheel of Time is centered around the character of Moiraine, a mystical woman, who has the ability to transcend space and time. At the very beginning of the show, the female lead visits a village, searching for worthy individuals to access the mystical world.

The backstory of the supporting actors are established in the later episodes, minutely exploring the source of their super-human abilities. Soon the lead character of Moiraine comes in contact with the chosen few and teaches them how to harness the “One Power”. Watch The Wheel of Time to witness the mystical journey of the chosen ones with Moiraine.

Final Words

Ok friends, now it’s for me to bid adieu, but I hope you enjoyed the read and finally know where was Wheel of Time filmed. Tell us about your experience of this entertaining show, in the comments section below. You can also read other intriguing articles on Viebly, which are amazing as well.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show The Wheel Of Time?

The cast members of the show The Wheel of Time includes Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zoe Ribbons and Barney Harris along with some other actors.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show The Wheel Of Time?

Liz Feldman and Will Ferell were the producers of the show The Wheel of Time.

What Is The Rating Of The Show The Wheel Of Time?

The show The Wheel of Time has a TV-14 rating

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show The Wheel Of Time?

Lorne Balfe is the music director of the show The Wheel of Time

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Show The Wheel Of Time?

David Luther is the cinematographer of the show The Wheel of Time.

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