Where Was Dreamer Filmed? John Gatins’ Exciting Sports Flick From 2005!!


Are you a fan of sports drama films? Do you like watching exhilarating sports action flicks? Well, then, you should definitely watch Dreamer. Read this piece to know everything about this special film, and also find out where was Dreamer filmed.

Dreamer is an American sports-drama film that was released back in 2005. John Gatins not only made his directorial debut with this super-inspiring movie, but he also wrote the screenplay. Kurt Russell featured as the lead actor, while Dakota Fanning gave a stellar performance in the supporting role.

The basic premise of Dreamer revolves around the character of Cale Crane, a young American sports enthusiast and an animal lover. The story gets interesting when Cale finds an injured racehorse and tends to its full recovery. The female lead eventually rehabilitates the beautiful beast and makes her father proud.

Dreamer was an overall success at the box office. The commercial performance of this awe-inspiring movie was decent enough to satisfy the makers. Dreamer grossed over $39 million in total collections against the shooting budget of $33 million.

Before I let you in on other interesting facts about this incredible sports flick, let us first find out where was Dreamer filmed.

Where Was Dreamer Filmed? Let’s Know This Sports Drama Flick Closely!

The story of Dreamer is set in and around a major Californian city. Yet, despite having a decent amount of production budget ready at his disposal, the director thought of filming elsewhere.

Gatins was making his directorial debut with this film, but somehow he wasn’t shy of experimenting with the filming locations. The director was willing to take a chance by not filming in California and instead shooting around a place that was less familiar to the audience.

So, after Gatins was done writing the screenplay for this project, he started looking for potential filming locations in America. The director visited a number of locations in person, yet somehow he wasn’t satisfied with the overall look of the background.

The director soon began to question his former decision and started second-guessing it. But after conferring with other skilled and experienced filmmakers, Gatins decided to stick to his conviction and vision.

Gatins and his team kept looking for potential filming locations until they finally arrived in the southern state of Kentucky. The sort of setting that the director was looking for perfectly matched the backdrop of this southern state.

Shortly after, Gatins asked his crew to commence shooting. The principal photography of Dreamer began in the second week of September 2004. The filming process lasted for two months or so, during which the majority of the shooting was done in and around the state of Kentucky.

However, during the final phase of shooting, some sequences of Dreamer were also captured around the neighboring state of Louisiana. During the course of the shooting, the production members didn’t face any major issues.

However, the crew paid extra attention while filming outdoor sequences with the farm animals and saw to it that none of the animals were injured.

Now let’s dive deep and take a closer look at where was Dreamer filmed.

Kentucky | USA

The opening sequence of the movie was filmed in the capital of Kentucky. The production members took special shooting permission from the authorities of a public school located near the downtown area of Frankfort.

The sequences depicting Cale’s elementary school were filmed inside the premises of this institution. The school authorities allotted a separate classroom for shooting, which was later turned around by the crew.

Some other outdoor scenes, like the sequence where Cale goes to a local eatery along with her father, were filmed inside a diner in Frankfort. Shortly after these scenes were captured, the production members moved to Lexington.

The sequences depicting Cale’s family farm and her house were all captured in and around the city of Lexington. The filming crew used a medium-sized house located near the famous Horse Park in Lexington and captured the interior scenes of Cale’s home.

The outdoor scenes of the farm, however, were filmed near a local ranch located on the outskirts of Frankfort.

Louisiana | USA

The final phase of filming commenced in the state of Louisiana. The sequences depicting the final horse race in the movie were filmed in New Orleans. But before capturing this scene, the production member also filmed a couple of other outdoor scenes in Lafayette and Folsom.

Let us now take a closer look at the plot of Dreamer. Meanwhile, you can also check out Top 10 Strongest Male Anime Characters, How To Add A Profile On Netflix, and Glamour Girls.

Plot Of Dreamer | What’s It About

Where Was Dreamer Filmed? John Gatins’ Exciting Sports Flick From 2005!!

The story of Dreamer is about a special relationship between a little girl and a racehorse. At the very beginning of the film, the character of Cale and her father find an injured racehorse who was about to be put down by the owner.

As the story progresses further, Ben and his little daughter decide to rescue the horse and tend to its rehabilitation. After consistent effort and care, Cale and her father are finally able to cure the injured horse. The female lead eventually participates in a race, without her father’s consent.

Watch Dreamer and witness the awe-inspiring story of a little girl and a champion racehorse.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading the summary of Dreamer’s plot. Do watch this film if you haven’t watched it yet. Other than that, I’ve listed all the filming locations of this incredible film, you can note them down as well.

If you have any other questions regarding where was Dreamers filmed, let us know in the comments section. But, before you leave, don’t forget to check out the FAQs I am listing below.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Dreamers?

The cast of the film Dreamers include Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Oded Fehr along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Dreamers?

Fred Murphy is the cinematographer of the film Dreamers

What Is The Rating Of The Film Dreamers?

The film Dreamers has a PG rating.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Dreamers?

1h 46m is the runtime of the film Dreamers.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Dreamers?

No, there are no sequels to the film Dreamers.


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