Where Was Drum Beat Filmed? A True 1950s Classic!


Gun battles, pure hand-to-hand combat, and smoking out of pipes. These aren’t random things in a random order, but the perfect recipe for making a Western! The fifties and sixties saw some of the best Westerns ever made, and among them happens to be Drum Beat. A movie that had all three in it. Today, we’re going to tell you all about where was Drum Beat filmed, so keep on reading!

Drum Beat has been written and directed by the legendary Delmer Daves and stars some of the biggest actors of the time. The golden age of Hollywood had no shortage of talent, but starring in the movie, we have Alan Ladd, Audrey Dalton, and Marisa Pavan. Alan Lad also helped produce the movie!

So where was Drum Beat filmed? While the movie is based on events in California and Oregon, all of the filming for the movie took place in Arizona. With filming taking over a month, Drum Beat has been filmed mostly outside. A few shots of the movie have also been filmed in LA, California.

The filming locations of the movie capture the essence of the movie. Writing and acting are only half the battle, a movie or a show can make or break depending on where they’ve been filmed. Some of our favorite instances of perfect spots for perfect movies happen to be Toscana, Kong Skull Island, and Black Panther.

The Plot Of Drum Beat | What Was The Movie About?

Now we know you’re here to find out where was Drum Beat filmed, but there is another thing we need to get to first. It’s the plot of the movie and what Drum Beat is about. Since most of you weren’t even born when the movie was released, here is a summary of the plot of the movie.

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Drum Beat follows the life of Johnny MacKay in 1872, California. Johnny has served his life as a fighter and now has been appointed as a peacekeeper in the volatile native American areas of California. During the late 1800s, the regions were going through what we know today as the Modoc War. A rebellion by the native Americans against the government. 

As the President of the US appointed a new peacekeeper, things soon got out of hand. Johnny is given the responsibility of escorting Nancy, the niece of a retired colonel, to her ranch in Sacramento. But the Modoc rebels attack their convoy and kill their carriage driver. 

After they manage to reach the ranch, Nancy and Johnny find the ranch has been burned down. Her relatives living on the farm have also been murdered. Behind this is the rebel leader known as Captain Jack. Now with a presidential decree on his side, Johnny is now tasked with bringing Jack to justice no matter what it takes.

Where Was Drum Beat Filmed | All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Drum Beat is counted as one of the best Westerns of its era. The movie opened to positive reception from audiences and critics alike. Drum Beat also happened to be the first movie that was made under the label of Jaguar Productions. 

Drum Beat was also one of the first movies to have completely been shot as a cinemascope. Making the watching experience a truly unique one. So where was Drum Beat filmed? Read on to find out.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

Where Was Drum Beat Filmed? A True 1950s Classic!

Going back in time isn’t easy, and the western regions of Cali and Oregon were truly unique. Drum Beat tells the story around these border regions and ranches. As such, Sedona and adjacent areas were used as the stand-ins for the filming of the movie.

Sedona has a rich variety of natural spaces. The red rocks and red soil give it a distinct vibe that is enough to suit any Western. Sedona also has a lot of greenery going around for itself. The cast and crew would be able to use it as they would see fit. The diverse landscapes made it possible for Drum Beat to be filmed in one location only.

Slide Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona, USA

As Captain Jack and his rogue gang are getting increasingly difficult to control, Johnny needs to figure out a way to stop him. While the west might be wild, as a mediator and peacekeeper, Johnny needs to follow protocol.

As he communicates his issues with President Grant, he is given permission to bring Jack under control no matter what. Following the crackdown on the Modoc men, most start to surrender and give up arms. The conflict is to be resolved peacefully, and the tribe is obliging. 

This leaves Captain Jack alone and on his own. Finally, in the end, scene, Johnny and Captain Jack come face to face against each other in a final battle. This epic battle where the two draw guns at each other has been shot at the iconic Slide Rock State Park, Sedona.

Coconino National Forest, Arizona, USA

Where Was Drum Beat Filmed? A True 1950s Classic!

Some of the scenes in Drum Beat take place out in the wilderness with nothing but barren lands in sight. But most of the movie has actually been shot within the jungle. As we see Johnny and Nancy make their way to the ranch, they have to pass through treacherous lands.

The filming for the jungle scenes has been done in the Coconino National Forest, Arizona. The forest also falls in the region of Sedona. The tundra and the forests give a western feel to the movie. Also, as with other regions in Arizona, the red rocks are ever-present too.

Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

Where Was Drum Beat Filmed? A True 1950s Classic!

The ranch where Nancy is supposed to go to with Johnny escorting her plays a pivotal part in the movie. The burning down of the ranch and murder of Nancy’s family leads Johnny to seek revenge and bring Captain Jack to justice. The scenes for that have been filmed at a ranch in LA known as Iverson Ranch.

Final Words

We now hope you know where was Drum Beat filmed! The movie is one of those westerns that deserves to be on your watchlist. So you should definitely give it a go! We also recommend you to check out where other westerns like To Hell And Back and Cattle King have been filmed!

Is Drum Beat a true story?

Drum Beat is based on word of mouth and folklore.

Where to watch Drum Beat in 2022?

You can watch Drum Beat on Amazon Prime or Apple TV.

What is Drum Beat rated on IMDb?

Drum Beat is rated 6.3/10 on IMDb.

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