Where Was Fall Filmed? Push Your Limits To Overcome Challenges!


Watching Fall is no less than experiencing a life-threatening situation. Well, the filming locations will not let you experience such a tragic situation. So, I would suggest having a look at where was Fall filmed!

Fall (2022) is an upcoming thriller that showcases the friendship between Becky and Hunter. Interestingly, both of them do not withdraw themselves from conquering fears and pushing limits. As a result, they decide to climb a 2,000 feet long radio tower. But when they reach the top of the tower, they find no way down. How are they going to survive? Will they be able to overcome such a challenging situation? 

Although the makers have not shared the filming locations for Fall, many movie scenes in the trailer resonate with the locations of the U.S.A and Canada. Those locations are Arizona, Barren Land, Mohave, and many more. 

By now, you must be all set to note down the answer for where was Fall filmed. So, keep reading to know where was Fall filmed!

Where Was Fall Filmed? Would You Like To Visit These Unique Locations?

Where Was Fall Filmed? Push Your Limits To Overcome Challenges!

Fall is an unconventional movie with lessons embedded at its core. That’s not it, the locations for Fall are also uncommon. Moreover, most of you must not have visited them. So, if you are excited to know more about these intriguing locations, find out where was Fall filmed!

Release Date: August 12, 2022

Genre: Mystery

Caste: Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding, Grace Fulton

Running Time: 1h 47m

Arizona, The U.S.A | Visit A Place Full Of Mineral Deposits!

Where Was Fall Filmed? Push Your Limits To Overcome Challenges!

Arizona is located in the southwest of the U.S.A., known for the charm of the Colorado River. Other than this, Arizona is known for its pine-covered mountain town. Also, Saguaro National Park is one of the natural sites known for its captivating beauty. Interestingly, this place is perfect for those planning to relocate to a new place. 

Most importantly, the quality of life you get here is undoubtedly the best. The state offers adventure seekers endless activities, stunning landscapes, and much more. So, keep Arizona on the top of must-visit places, similar to the filming location of Umbrella Academy!

In terms of the movie, maybe Arizona was the spot for filming the outdoor scenes. I think the makers were not required to make an artificial setup to film the movie. That’s why a similar place is there in the movie’s trailer. Well, we need to know the truth of the matter.  

Barren Grounds, Canada | A Must-Visit Location!

Where Was Fall Filmed? Push Your Limits To Overcome Challenges!

Barren Grounds is not a well-known place because it’s a large area of tundra (biome). Further, these grounds are located in mainland Nunavut in Northern Canada. Although you can’t expect lush green because of the short growing season of trees, still, it is a beautiful place that cannot be described in words. 

Interestingly, this place is not home to many people. Only a few coastal villages are there as of now. Simply put, you can perceive this place to be nearly uninhabited. But in terms of beauty, I don’t think there is any other place that can beat Barren Grounds. It might sound weird to visit a barren land, but this place is worth visiting. 

Due to the barren nature of this place, many makers opt to film their movies here. The dessert in the movie resonates a lot with Barren Grounds. So, there is a high possibility of Barren Grounds being one of the filming locations for Fall

Mohave County, Arizona | An Unforgettable Location Is Here!

Mohave County is one of the largest counties located on the northwest side of the United States. The main highlights of this county are Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and many more. The main location of the movie was the abandoned B67 TV tower which is one of the highest buildings in the United States and twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. 

Unlike Barren Grounds, Mohave county is home to more than 2 million people. The beauty of this county is worth noticing. Some other famous areas in Mohave County include The Kaibab, Fort Mojave, and Hualapai Indian Reservations. Also, the rural area of Mohave County comprises 23% of its total population. 

Mohave County is one of the favorite filming locations of producers. And I am very much sure that the filming of some scenes took place in Mohave County. That’s because the trailer features a similar place!

Interesting Facts About Where Was Fall Filmed | Filming Rules In The U.S.A

Where Was Fall Filmed? Push Your Limits To Overcome Challenges!

Although there is not much known about the challenges the makers had to face, we can have a rough idea after going through the rules of filming in the U.S.A. 

  • Getting a permit is a prerequisite for filming in the U.S.A. Interestingly, there are different types of permits for different locations like public, private, and government. 
  • The damage to any public property is not bearable by the higher authorities. So, one needs to be very careful while filming in public places. 
  • In Arizona, it is not allowed to film any cop at a distance of a minimum of eight feet. 
  • Other than permission, one must have an insurance certificate and a traffic control plan. In case of the unavailability of any of these, filming is not permitted at any cost. 

By now, you must have got an idea of the challenges that the makers had to face while filming Fall. But stay in touch with me to get more information on how the filming of Fall took place. I will update you about the same as soon the makers decide to share the information in public. Till then, you can know about the filming location of Resurrection!

The Plot Of Fall! Don’t Look Down!

Where Was Fall Filmed? Push Your Limits To Overcome Challenges!

Two friends Becky and Hunter decide the climb a 2,000 Ft abandoned radio tower located in the middle of nowhere After they are finished climbing, they find themselves stranded with no way down to go.  Now, they must use their expert climbing skills with the ultimate test to fight and survive without any supplies at a height that induces vertigo.

Final Words 

Over and above these were the locations for where was Fall filmed, a movie filmed by Scott Mann. If you are ready for an adventurous vacation, you should surely visit these locations. And in case you are ready to uncover the filming locations of another survival movie, go through the filming locations of Keep Breathing

1. Is Fall Yet To Be Released?

Yes, the movie is scheduled to be released on 12 August 2022.

2. Who Is The Director Of Fall?

Scott Mann is the director of Fall.

3. Who Is The Writer Of Fall?

Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann are the writers of Fall.

4. Is Fall Based On A True Story?

No, Fall is not based on a true story and is completely fictional.

5. Fall Is Available In Which Language?

Fall is available in English.


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