Where Was Game Set Love Filmed? A Complicated Love Story!


Life is a game of tennis. It keeps serving you aces and you try to return the service the best you can. Sometimes you get happy surprises and sometimes bad ones. If you liked the tennis metaphor then let us introduce you to the movie Game Set Love. We also want to tell you all about where was Game Set Love filmed, so keep reading!

The movie is directed by Jessica Harmon and has been written by Duane Poole and Alex Wright. The TV movie features Davida Williams (yes, the one from Lizzie McGuire) and Richard Harmon in lead roles. While we don’t know about their sporting skills in real life, their onscreen chemistry was sure on point!

So, where was Game Set Love filmed? It seems like for the movie only one location was chosen. The filming of Game Set Love took place in Vancouver, British Colombia. There have been a few shots that have been filmed in Maple Ridge, which is just a few miles off Vancouver. 

The filming locations of most of the Hallmark movies are almost always set in Canada. That’s why this doesn’t really come as a surprise. Another Hallmark movie that you need to check out is Unthinkably Good Things. Is it also shot in Canada, you ask? Why don’t you read the article and find out?

The Plot Of Game Set Love | What Is The Movie About!

Before we move on to see where was Game Set Love filmed, let’s check out what the movie is about. If it wasn’t obvious by the title of the movie, the trailer, or the tennis-related puns in this article, then let me state clearly. The movie does indeed involve a lot of tennis. 

Game Set Love follows the life of Taylor, who is a tennis player. Taylor retired from the sport following the death of her mother. Feeling disconnected and sad, she wants to be there for her father. She moves back home and begins teaching tennis to kids at the local gym.

All seems to be going well until she runs into Ashley, her ex-double partner. Ashley wants Taylor to coach and her new partner Will instead. The two need to rebuild their reputation as Will has gotten famous for all the wrong reasons. He is known to be theatrical and full of rage.

As Taylor reluctantly agrees, she soon finds herself in a lot of disagreements with Will. While the two have a rocky start, things eventually settle down. While there is scope for love to bloom, do the two really give it a shot? Well, watch the movie and find out for yourself!

Where Was Game Set Love Filmed | All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Hallmark’s venture into wholesome movies in the form of Game Set Love makes the movie a sweet one to watch. Game Set Love was released exclusively on the Hallmark channel on August 27, 2022, and if you live in Canada you can easily watch it on through your cable TV!

Now, since most of the movie is set in a city and has tennis courts to show, many fans have questions. The main one is where was Game Set Love filmed, so here lie the details.

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Where Was Game Set Love Filmed? A Complicated Love Story!

Like all other Hallmark movies, Game Set Love has been set entirely in Canada. So that is exactly where the filming of the movie has taken place. We see Vancouver, its ports, and its architecture in all its glory. This includes showcasing local touristy spots as well as the not-so-touristy spots in the movie. 

According to the cast, shooting in Vancouver has been a dream for them. Williams, who plays the role of Taylor in the movie could be seen up all over Instagram posting happy pictures. We see her wearing the local sports jerseys and engaging in cute pottery making too. 

Apparently, she herself is a fan of Drake and wanted to be in the area of British Colombia where he lived. Hoping to run into him while shooting for the film, but looks like that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, there have been happy moments for them indeed.

Vancouver is also known for its tennis culture. While we might associate sports like ice hockey and basketball extensively with the area, that is nothing but a stereotype. Some of the most famous tennis courts in the country can be found in the region.

They are –  Heather Park Public Tennis Court, Stanley Park Tennis Courts at Stanley Park Drive, and Granville Park Public Tennis Courts. Though there is no official news about which one was used for the movie, it is more than likely that one of these tennis courts ended up being chosen as a filming location too.

Maple Ridge, Canada

Where Was Game Set Love Filmed? A Complicated Love Story!

While Vancouver is known as the Hollywood in the North, there are other locations that need to do their job just as well. Some of the casting as well as shooting with stunt doubles apparently took place in Maple Ridge. 

The tennis doubles needed to be fit athletes who could do a good job of replicating the actor’s mannerisms. And on seeing the movie, we can very well say they have done a very good job at casting as well!

Final Words

So there you have it, folks! All the things you need to know about where was Game Set Love filmed! The movie is quite refreshing to watch. If you’re planning a nice movie night with the family on the weekend, this is the kind of movie you would want to watch. Meanwhile, if filming locations intrigue you, check out where movies like Morbius and Revenge of the Nerds have been filmed.

Also, if you have a favorite movie or series you would want to be covered then let us know that as well. We will try to cover it for you, to the best of our abilities!

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