Where Was Girl In Room 13 Filmed? Human Trafficking Thriller!


Dramatic thriller movies and TV shows are quite engaging and exciting to watch. There have been multiple shows in the genre that have garnered huge attention. The TV movie The Girl In Room 13 is also one such film that was released recently. You might be interested to know where was Girl In Room 13 filmed.

Girl In Room 13 is a dramatic thriller that follows the life of a teenager who is addicted to drugs and her mother who tries to help her get out of her addiction. The series features the emotional conflict between the duo and their love for each other. The series also touches on the topic of human trafficking rings and kidnapping.

Girl In Room 13 was filmed in the city of Vancouver which is situated in Canada. The series needed a metropolitan region and Vancouver is one of the best places to film metropolitan areas. Since the city has an amazing skyline and beautiful landscapes it also has a lot of parks and open spaces, making it easier to film.

We will be discovering where was Girl In Room 13 filmed and other information related to the filming locations of the thriller series. If you are a fan of traveling around and want to go on a vacation, you can also find out where Major League and No Limit were filmed.

Girl In Room 13 | Escape From The Kidnapper!

Let’s take a look at the storyline of the thriller movie before we discuss where was Girl In Room 13 filmed.

Girl In Room 13 is a thriller movie that features the life of Grace and Janie. Grace is a former athlete who gets addicted to opioids while recovering from an injury. After indulging too heavily in drug abuse, she spirals out of control. However, she decides to give up drugs and leave that life behind with the help of her mother.

Janie is quite strict as a parent and loves her daughter to death like every mother. Despite having a seemingly strained relationship, the duo loves each other. As Grace gradually starts to go clean, she is trapped by her former boyfriend as he asks to meet up with her. But she is kidnapped by him and sold to a human trafficking ring. Janie tries her level best to get the authorities involved but they don’t take the case seriously and she is forced the resolve the situation on her own.

Will Janie be able to find her daughter and save her? Why did the law enforcement authorities choose to not help Janie? You will be able to check out the outcome of Janie’s quest by streaming the movie online.

IMDb Rating5.3
Director(s)Elisabeth Röhm
Writer(s)Maria Nation
CastAnne Heche, Larissa Dias, Max Montesi
Release DateSeptember 17, 2022 (United States)
Production(s)Johnson Production Group, Motel Productions Inc.

Where Was Girl In Room 13 Filmed? 

Where Was Girl In Room 13 Filmed? Human Trafficking Thriller!

Girl In Room 13 focuses on the dark truth behind human trafficking and the irresponsible behavior of law enforcement authorities. For travel enthusiasts, we have also covered the shooting locations for a lot of iconic movies and TV shows like A Winter Getaway and End Of The Road.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where was Girl In Room 13 filmed and the places that were used as a backdrop for the dramatic series.


Where Was Girl In Room 13 Filmed? Human Trafficking Thriller!

All the filming for the movie Girl In Room 13 happened in Vancouver. It is well known that Vancouver is called the Hollywood of the north and is one of the favorite places for creators to film. Since, the plot of the movie is set in a metropolitan area that has a lot of shady places and alleyways, the downtown area of Vancouver was used for filming most of the movie.

Vancouver is not only quite popular among creators who want to film their movies or TV shows in a likable and modern location, but it is also popular among tourists. The city has a lot of historically significant places that people can travel to. Besides that, the city is also considered a perfect amalgamation of the city lifestyle and the natural spaces as it is home to a lot of parks and lush green areas.

As we have already mentioned, Vancouver is a hub for filming. It should come as a surprise to you that some of the most popular movies have been filmed in the area. Some of the most famous movies that were filmed in the city of Vancouver are If I Stay, This Means War, Percy Jackson series, 50 Shades Of Grey, Fantastic Four, and Godzilla. 

If you plan to travel to Vancouver you will be able to visit a lot of local attractions that will make for an amazing vacation. Some of the places in Vancouver that you can visit are Canada Place, Chinatown, Vancouver Art Gallery, Prospect Point, Grouse Mountain, and Queen Elizabeth Park. There are also a lot of beaches and shopping streets in Vancouver as well that are quite fascinating to visit. So the next time you are in Canada, we hope you will for sure visit North Hollywood and enjoy your time there.

Final Words

We hope you have found all the information about where was Girl In Room 13 filmed. If you wish to watch some new titles, you might also want to explore the streaming platforms where you can watch Vampire Academy and The Human Centipede.

We will be discussing the filming locations of other movies and TV shows in the future as well. If you had fun reading about where was Girl In Room 13 filmed, you can stay tuned with us for more of such detailed and informative content related to movies and TV shows.

What is the cast of Girl In Room 13?

The cast for Girl In Room 13 is Anne Heche, Larissa Dias, Max Montesi, Saskia Wedding, Matt Hamilton, Brian Cyburt, Erika Bruci, Rhona Rees, and Taya Seaton.

What is the name of the protagonist in Girl In Room 13?

The protagonist in the series Girl In Room 13 is Grace and her mother Janie. The roles are portrayed by Larissa Dias and Anne Heche.

Is the trailer of Girl In Room 13 available on Youtube? 

Yes, you can watch the series trailer for Girl In Room 13 on Youtube.

What is the genre of Girl In Room 13?

The series Girl In Room 13 is a thriller drama.

Who are the producers for Girl In Room 13?

The producers for Girl In Room 13 are Yvonne Chotzen, Oliver De Cantigny, Tim Johnson, Stacy Mandelberg, and Navid Soofi.

Who was the casting director for Girl In Room 13?

The casting director of Girl In Room 13 was Judy Lee.

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