Where Was Hart Of Dixie Filmed? A Refreshing And Light-Hearted Medical Rom-com!


Are you looking for a refreshing laid back medical romantic comedy show to watch with your family? Well, the Hart Of Dixie can be that show that fulfills your binge-watch need and makes you fall in love with the characters. If you haven’t watched this one yet, then we recommend you to go and watch it. For the people that came here to find the locations of the drama series, please stick with us a little longer as we tell you where was Hart Of Dixie filmed.

Hart Of Dixie is a feel-good, comfort show as the viewers describe it often, and with an ensemble cast, the show never bores you and never lets you forget to catch another episode after one. The show ended its four-season run in 2015. The show stars Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Cress Williams, Wilson Bethel, Scott Porter and Tim Matheson in the lead roles. If you have been a fan of shows like Gilmore Girls then this one will definitely suit your taste as well.

Taking you back to the filming locations of the show, Hart Of Dixie was majorly filmed in Warner Brothers Studio backlot in California. Only the plot of the show was filmed in another location which is in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Plot Of Hart Of Dixie | The Story OF Zoe And A Small Town Bluebell!

The story of Hart Of Dixie revolves around a recently graduated New Yorker, Zoe Hart, who topped her medical school, now following in her father’s footsteps of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. When her dreams seem to fall apart, she accepts the offer from Dr. Harley Wikes to work with him in a small clinic in bluebell, Alabama. As soon as Zoe arrives in town, she comes to know about the passing of Dr. Wikes who has left half of his medical practice to her in her will. 

After feeling not so pleased with the southern hospitality and the other practicing doctor in town, she decides to leave. As she tries to deal with her not-so-pleasing small-town life, she makes some connections with the people. Finally, Zoe decides to stay in the town after a surprise visit from her mother, who persuades her to stay for a while. Soon she starts to discover a new side of herself and plans to extend her stay and continue the medical practice.

Where Was Hart Of Dixie Filmed? Know About All Locations!

Where Was Hart Of Dixie Filmed? A Refreshing And Light-Hearted Medical Rom-com!

If you are wondering about the filming locations of this heartfelt show, then let us take you through the tour of Bluebell town and tell you where was Hart of Dixie filmed. Bluebell, Alabama is a fictional town where the show takes place. A Gulf coast town that perfectly represents the southern vibe and makes you feel like part of the show. Let us discuss and tell you more about the filming locations in Hart Of Dixie

Wilmington, North Carolina

Where Was Hart Of Dixie Filmed? A Refreshing And Light-Hearted Medical Rom-com!

Wilmington is popularly known as the ‘East Hollywood’ because a plethora of movies and TV shows have been filmed here in the last decade. The makers found the perfect locations to match the southern vibe of the show with Wilmington and decided to film the pilot of the show here. The beautiful office where Zoe inherits the medical practice is actually a residential home on S Second Street.

The ‘Dixie Stop’ which was used as an eatery and convenience store in the show is actually a Village Market grocery shop. The scene of the area where Zoe gets dropped off when she approaches town Bluebell is Southport town at Moore Street in North Carolina. It’s a great stop where you can walk around and grab something to eat.

The Mayor’s Plantation is also an important location that is a significant part of the show. It is also a private residence located at 2609, Shandy Hill of Tannehill Estate in Wilmington that perfectly delivers the southern vibe of the show to the viewers.

If you are in and around North Carolina and Wilmington especially, you can check out these places. Don’t be shocked if you recognize some of these locations, and they remind you of some similar locations because they can also be seen in famous Netflix shows like Ozark and Stranger Things.

Warner Brothers Studios Backlot, Burbank, California

Where Was Hart Of Dixie Filmed? A Refreshing And Light-Hearted Medical Rom-com!

As we mentioned earlier, everything on the show except the pilot episode was filmed in the Warner Brothers Studios Backlot in California. Although the locations were created using sets in the studios, it is still open for people to go and check out these locations in the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour along with various other film and TV show sets. You can find everything from a midwest town, a Jungle, and a lagoon, with sets that can resemble any time period in a controlled environment.

One of the most prominently featured locations in the show was the town square. It is famously called Midwest Town by the Studio and is one of the familiar sights that you will find when you take the studio tour. The filming of Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls also took place in this town square location of studio. If you ever plan to have a tour of the studio, you can check out other locations of the show there as well, such as Rammer Jammer, Bluebell Community Church, and Wade and Zoe’s pond.

Various popular movies like The Perfect Storm and La La Land were also filmed in the Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed finding out about the filming locations and now you know where was Hart Of Dixie Filmed. If you like the article, then do share your opinions about it or the show with us in the comments section below. Be sure to check out these beautiful locations and sets, the next time you take of tour of North Carolina or Warner Bros. Studios Backlot. Until then keep reading our filming locations article, and find similar articles on our website as well.

For instance, you can check out the latest published filming location articles about The Marksman and The Truman Show.

Where can we watch Hart Of Dixie?

You can currently watch and stream Hart Of Dixie by renting it or purchasing it on VUDU, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

How many seasons and episodes does Hart Of Dixie have?

The show ran for four seasons from 1011 to 2015  and had a total of 76 episodes.

Who is the creator of the show Hart Of Dixie?

The show was created by Leila Gerstein. She is an American producer and screenwriter.

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