Where Was House Party Filmed? Locations You Can’t Miss Visiting!


Watching a comedy movie is a perfect stress buster after an exhausting day, that’s why I love watching such movies. And if you are up with the idea of watching the same, I would recommend House Party. That’s not it, I am here to acquaint you with the plot and filming locations of the movie. So, let’s start unveiling where was House Party filmed!

House Party is an upcoming movie that is scheduled to release in the United States Of America on January 13, 2023. The movie was set to release in July on HBO Max in 2022 but its release got canceled due to some reason. The theatrical release was also scheduled for December 9, 2022 but it got delayed. Now, finally, the movie is about to get released so let’s wait for its arrival!

I know you are highly excited to know about the premise and where was House Party filmed. Note these locations to calm your excitement!

Where Was House Party Filmed? Trace All The Locations Here!

The principal photography of the movie commenced in July 2021. When everything was going well, suddenly the makers had to stop the shooting. This happened because a few cast and crew members tested positive for COVID-19. When all of them got back to their feet, the filming resumed and was wrapped up in September 2021. Because the production team was short of time, they decided to shoot the movie at local spots in California and Georgia. They wanted to travel to other countries but it was not possible at that time. 

While filming House Party, the maker came across many hurdles. But they were determined to overcome all of them. The directors and producers found solutions to all the problems and produced the movie within the decided time frame. 

After learning about so much that the makers faced, it’s time to shed light on where was House Party filmed. Let’s proceed to know about it!

Los Angeles, California 

Where Was House Party Filmed? Locations You Can’t Miss Visiting!

Los Angeles was one of the main locations where the makers shot many pivotal sequences. The entire production team had an amazing time shooting the movie here. To capture perfect shots, the team decided to make a setup at South Central Los Angeles. In order to prevent the wastage of time in traveling, the team decided to stay in camps near the location. According to locals, the crew members would laugh and party sometimes to get rid of tiredness. 

One of the main reasons for selecting Los Angeles was Hollywood as a neighbor. This offered the availability of more ideal locations to the production team. That’s why Big Shot was also filmed here. Apart from this, the cast members were spotted at various spots in Los Angeles.

Today, Los Angeles is not only a famous holiday destination but also a top-filming location. You can explore many iconic studios like Paramount Pictures. Clubs and casinos are also some of the highlights of this city. So, plan your trip to Los Angeles soon!

Atlanta, Georgia 

Where Was House Party Filmed? Locations You Can’t Miss Visiting!

After filming the decided shots in California, the cast and crew members went on to film in Atlanta. The remaining significant sequences were filmed here. The makers wanted to shoot outdoor sequences at a lush-green location so they found Atlanta perfect for it. The mesmerizing backdrops in Atlanta stole everyone’s heart. That’s why Ozark was also filmed here

Upon reaching here, the team had to wrap up filming on time so they used extras. Also, some crew members were still recovering from infection (COVID-19) so the makers had limited professionals. Somehow, all of them managed to conclude filming on time. And the shooting was witnessed by locals.

 Atlanta is known for its rich history and transformation. If you happen to be here someday, make sure you explore the National Historic Site and Centennial Olympic Park. Also, you get to enjoy some lip-smacking dishes at affordable restaurants. In addition to this, Atlanta is a perfect place to live if you are planning to relocate here. 

Plot Of House Party | What’s It About?

Where Was House Party Filmed? Locations You Can’t Miss Visiting!

House Party is said to be a reboot of a 1990 movie of the same title. The basic premise deals with two young boys and makes the movie perfect for teens. 

The movie narrates the life of aspiring club promoters, Damon and Kevin. Unfortunately, they don’t have money and have been fired from their current job. Their life is mundane and they seek to have some fun in the coming days. For this, they decide to host a party in the house where they are soon going to have their last working day. 

As the day comes, the young boys welcome their friends and a lot of surprising things happen at the party. But does the owner of the house know about the fun? What happens at the party? Watch the movie to catch up with the answer!

Final Words 

Now that you know about where was House Party filmed make sure you watch the movie as well. So, be ready with your tickets because it’s going to be a houseful. Keep visiting our website to know more about various filming locations. Until we come up with a new article, check out where was White Lotus filmed

When Was The Production Of House Party Announced?

The production of House Party was announced by New Line Cinema in February 2018.

Who Are The Cast Members Of House Party?

The cast members of House Party are Jacob Latimore, Melvin Greg, Tosin Cole, Rotimi, Karen Obilom, Bill Bella, Snoop Dogg, and many more.

Were Some Cast Members Added To House Party After Everything Was Finalized?

Yes, DC Young Fly and Karen Obilom were added among the other cast members.

Who Replaced Lendeborg Jr In House Party?

Jacob Latimore replaced Lendeborg because he wanted to focus on his mental health. 

How Many Production Members Tested Positive For COVID-19 On The Set Of House Party?

Nine members tested positive for COVID-19 on the sets of House Party.

Who Are The Producers Of House Party?

The producers of House Party are LeBron James and Maverick Carter.

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