Where Was Hubie Halloween Filmed? Scary Salem Locations!


Here’s something you didn’t think you needed this Halloween, but you absolutely do – a mystery comedy that stars Adam Sandler! While Sandler has been the talk of the town with serious movies like Hustle, he does comedies the best. So check out his movie Hubie Halloween for some laughs. Today, we will tell you all about it and also tell you where was Hubie Halloween filmed! So don’t laugh until you reach the end, okay?

Hubie Halloween has been directed by Steven Brill, with Adam Sandler also coming in as a writer for the movie. Think of the movie as the old-school Sandler comedies that we all grew up watching. Hubie Halloween has also been filmed in some interesting locations. Some of which you might want to visit and feel like a part of the movie yourself!

So, where was Hubie Halloween filmed? The movie is based in the Salem region of Massachusetts, where some of it has been filmed. Other regions in Massachusetts include Marblehead, Danvers, Beverly, Hopedale, Gloucester, and Mendon. Filming for Hubie Halloween took place in 2019, but some scenes were left to be shot in 2020 too.

It’s nice to see that the filming locations of the movie are actually where the movie is set in. We don’t often see that due to lots of reasons like logistics or scheduling. More often than not, we see one location work as a stand-in for another. As seen in movies and shows like The Midnight Club, Shirley, and Billy The Kid.

The Plot Of Hubie Halloween | What Is The Movie About?

Now, before we move on to see where was Hubie Halloween filmed, let’s take a brief pause. First, let’s see what the movie is about. Along with Adam Sandler, a huge ensemble of actors appear in the movie. We have Julie Bowen, Kevin James, Ray Liotta, Rob Schneider, and even Shaquille O’Neal. 

The movie follows the life of Hubie Dubois, a small-time worker at the local deli in Salem. He is not particularly smart and is often made fun of for being stupid. Hubie is so naive that he doesn’t even register those insults that are directed at him like that. One thing that Hubie is really passionate about is Halloween.

Every year on the 30th of October, Hubie gets on the self-proclaimed duty of being the ‘Halloween Helper.’ He has to make sure that all preparations for the town’s Halloween nights go smoothly. (Spoiler alert: they don’t) Just a day before Halloween, a notorious convict has escaped from the mental institution, and Hubie fears he may kidnap people.

Hubie is suspicious of his new neighbor for strange noises and reports him to the police. With the police also treating Hubie as dumb, they don’t pay heed to what he has to say. All hell breaks loose as the domino of one thing falls onto another. With a random sequence of events taking place, the movie is hilarious and full of chaos! No wonder the filming locations for Hubie Halloween has to be chosen with careful consideration.

Where Was Hubie Halloween Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Hubie Halloween was released on October 7, 2020, right in time for the Halloween season. It’s obvious from the name of the movie that every year since then, there will be a rewatching of Hubie and his antics. The film received mixed reviews overall, but if you’re in the mood for something light to watch on Halloween, then you shouldn’t miss out on it!

What about where was Hubie Halloween filmed? Well, that’s the next thing on our agenda, so check the locations down below!

Massachusetts, USA

Where Was Hubie Halloween Filmed? Scary Salem Locations!

Hubie Halloween is based in Salem, and the location is based in Massachusetts. So the filmmakers made the decision to film the entire movie in the state itself. While Salem was used for most of the filming, other parts of the region also made it into the movie! To commemorate his time in Massachusetts for filming, Adam Sandler put out a heartfelt tweet. The tweet itself must have helped get lots of eyeballs for the movie!

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Where Was Hubie Halloween Filmed? Scary Salem Locations!

Hubie and his strange life take place in Salem, and that is where the movie has been filmed. The region is famous (or infamous?) for its insane witch trials back in the 1600s. While the events are centuries old now, it seems fresh in everyone’s memories. Besides the filming of the movie Hocus Pocus, Salem doesn’t really get a lot of film tourism in its direction. 

So, it was a conscious decision by the crew to film the movie in Salem as much as possible. Several casting calls were sent out for scenes that included lots of people. The crew wanted to include as much of the local population as possible. Filming also took place over a period of several months. This meant that several neighborhoods in Salem looked full of Halloween decorations for the entirety of summer 2019!

Danvers, Marblehead, and Beverley, Massachusetts, USA

Where Was Hubie Halloween Filmed? Scary Salem Locations!

Although Hubie Halloween was filmed mostly in Salem, other regions in Massachusetts were used for filming as well! Filming actually began in Danvers, with many residential houses getting the Halloween treatment like Salem. 

Some other interesting locations that were used for filming were in the Marblehead region. Some prominent places include the Marblehead Community Center as well as the Marblehead Historic District on Washington Street. Sets depicting Halloween were created and, according to reports, were a massive hit within the local community as well!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope you know now where was Hubie Halloween filmed! The movie is a feel-good movie that will also have you second-guessing yourself. The weird twists in the movie will get you hooked for sure! 

Also, if you liked finding out about the filming locations of Hubie Halloween, then check out our other articles as well! Some of our current favorites are shows like The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and more! If you have a personal favorite, then drop us a comment down below!

Was Cameron Boyce in the movie Hubie Halloween?

Cameron Boyce was supposed to star in the movie Hubie Halloween but unfortunately passed away before the filming for the movie began.

Is Hubie Halloween a true story?

According to various reports, Hubie Halloween is inspired by some real events in the life of actor Adam Sandler.

Where to watch Hubie Halloween in 2022?

You can easily watch Hubie Halloween on Netflix in 2022.

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