Where Was Midnight Club Filmed? Is The Spooky Hospital Real?


Who doesn’t like to be spooked by scary shows every now and then, right? We can’t always surround ourselves with comedy shows or drama movies filled with sunshine and rainbows. So say hello to the new spooky show on the block called Midnight Club! Today, we will tell you all about it, and also tell you where was Midnight Club filmed! Don’t be scared so soon, and stick with us until the end!

Based on the book of the same name and written by Christopher Pike, Midnight Club is the perfect show to kick off the Halloween season! The brilliant Mike Flanagan takes charge of the series and has helped create the show for TV. If you’re wondering where you have heard his name before, then here’s a hint – he’s the brains behind horror shows like The Haunting Of Hill House! And if we go by his previous records then Midnight Club is going to be really good!

So, where was Midnight Club filmed? The series takes place in a fictional town but has been filmed entirely in Canada. The specific locations used for the filming of Midnight Club include Burnaby and Metro Vancouver in British Colombia, Canada. Some of the series has been filmed on sets created in studios as well.

The filming locations of Midnight Club play a pivotal role. Why? That is because the series is set to be filled with horror and thrill. Generally, any stereotypical spooky locations in Canada weren’t used for filming, instead, Burnaby and Vancouver did the job. We have mostly seen Canada in Hallmark productions like Unthinkably Good Things, Sister of the Bride, and The Perfect Catch!

The Plot Of Midnight Club | What Is The Series About?

Now, before we move on to see where was Midnight Club filmed, let’s check out what the series is going to be about. After all, if you’re going to invest yourself for several episodes, you need to know what the show is about! As previously mentioned, the show is based on a novel. Mike Flanagan has written the show besides being the showrunner.

Midnight Club follows the lives of eight terminally ill patients living in the Brightcliffe Hospice. The place is known for finding unconventional healing methods and everyone wants to try their luck in it. The eight stars of our show are – Illonka, Kevin, Anya, Sandra, Spencer, Natsuki, Cheri, and Amesh. Most of them have cancer, AIDS, or some other form of terminal illness.

Living in the hospice can be boring and with nothing to do, the eight decide to form a club. They call it the ‘Midnight Club’ and plan to meet every night as the clock strikes 12. Every night the group meets and talks and shares spooky and ghost stories with each other. This is a nice way to keep their minds occupied from what looks like imminent death.

One night during their regular meets, the group decides to make a pact with each other. They decide that whoever dies first, will have to try and speak or communicate with the rest of the group beyond the grave. All this seems for fun, but when one of them actually dies, strange things start to happen, making the other put their belief in the supernatural!

Where Was Midnight Club Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know!

Where Was Midnight Club Filmed? Is The Spooky Hospital Real?

Midnight Club was picked up by Netflix and production was started on the show in early 2021. Reportedly, Midnight Club finally finished filming in September of 2021. Netflix released Midnight Club on October 7, 2022, and has received positive reviews overall. Many praised the story and the actors, but most have been in awe of Mike Flanagan’s production. 

This has made the show an absolute must-watch on everyone’s list! So does the Brightcliffe Hospice really exist? Where in Canada has the series been filmed? Check out all about where was Midnight Club filmed down below!

Metro Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Where Was Midnight Club Filmed? Is The Spooky Hospital Real?

Filming for most of Midnight Club has taken place in Metro Vancouver. Areas like Delta, which houses the Ladner United Church also found a feature in the show. According to several reports, filming for Midnight Club was also done along the Spanish Banks which is one of the famous shorelines of Vancouver.

The filming for the Brightcliffe Hospice was done in Ladner predominantly, which is a suburb of Vancouver. The area checked most of the boxes that the filming crew was looking for in a location. The area needed to have somewhat of a spooky feel to it, and it is as if the film gods answered their prayers.

The location which was ultimately chosen for the Hospice had been left abandoned in 2019. That is because a major fire had broken out in the region which left many of the establishments vacant. So the suspense-filled scenes are spooky in real life as well!

Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada

Where Was Midnight Club Filmed? Is The Spooky Hospital Real?

After filming was wrapped up in Metro Vancouver, the cast and crew moved places down to Burnaby. Though there are a number of outdoor scenes that have been filmed in Burnaby which includes the Central Park of Burnaby. The park is located at Imperial Street in Burnaby so if you’re around the area, you should definitely go visit the park.

The rest of the filming for Midnight Club has been done at the iconic Bridge Studios in Burnaby. The series includes many scenes which needed to be filmed on a set. So the producers constructed various sets at Bridge Studios. You can find the place at Boundary Road in Burnaby!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know where was Midnight Club filmed! The series will take you on a ride filled with a variety of emotions. While it is supposed to be a spooky horror series, you will feel emotionally connected with the main stars of the show. Empathizing with people who have no hope left and wishing the supernatural really heal their problems!

Also, if you liked knowing about the filming locations of Midnight Club, then make sure you check out other movies and shows too! We are sure you would love to know where were shows like Pretty Little Liars, Line Of Duty, Heartland, and Billy The Kid filmed!

Is The Midnight Club a horror show?

Yes, The Midnight Club is a show that is categorized into the young adult horror genre.

What is The Midnight Club age rating?

The Midnight Club is rated TV-MA which means it requires mature supervision while watching.

Where to watch The Midnight Club?

You can watch The Midnight Club on Netflix!

How many episodes are in The Midnight Club?

There are a total of 10 episodes in The Midnight Club.

How many seasons of The Midnight Club are there?

Currently, as of writing this article, there is only one season of The Midnight Club.

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