Where Was Ice Station Zebra Filmed? Rock Hudson’s Crime Thriller Flick From 1968!!


If crime thriller films are your favorite kind of movie to watch, then we have a perfect film recommendation waiting just for you. Continue to read this article, where I discuss a gripping mystery-thriller film, Ice Station Zebra, starring Rock Hudson. And later let you in on, where was Ice Station Zebra filmed.

The American spy-thriller film, Ice Station Zebra, released in 1968 was inspired by a novel by Alistair MacLean, published five years prior to the film. John Sturges also took some cues from real-life events, while directing Ice Station Zebra. The central story of the film revolves around the character of James Ferraday, a Commander of the USS Tigerfish submarine. James along with a few other crew members is deployed on a mission to reach Ice Station, a strategic location at the North Pole before the Russian spies.

Commercially, Ice Station Zebra did not perform well, as it only managed to collect $6 million at the box office, against a production budget of $10 million. Nevertheless, this hypnotic crime-mystery film was nominated for several awards, including two Oscars.

Now, let’s find out where was Ice Station Zebra filmed, to take a look at the filming locations of this movie up close. As mentioned earlier, later in the article I’ll also discuss the plot of the film.

Where Was Ice Station Zebra Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Mystery Film Closely!

The makers of Ice Station Zebra, faced major setbacks while trying to commence the filming in 1965. Right after the filming rights were acquired from MacLean in 1963, the production unit began researching different types of submarines, which took almost 2 years. But as the unit approached to shoot, the American Defense Ministry strongly opposed the peculiar portrayal of the naval officers on-screen. Which forced the makers to rewrite the script of the movie.

Finally, in the summer of 1967, the unit managed to bring everything in its place and started shooting the film. Most of the sequences were captured in the MGM studios in Culver City, while the exterior scenes were filmed at different locations in San Diego. So, without waiting any further, let’s discuss in-depth where was Ice Station Zebra filmed.

Culver City, California

Where Was Ice Station Zebra Filmed? Rock Hudson’s Crime Thriller Flick From 1968!!

The majority of the sequences in the film featured the interiors of a nuclear-powered submarine, the production unit constructed a set to film the same. The Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, located at 10202 West Washington Boulevard was used. The interior space of a Skate-class nuclear submarine was built, to portray the inside area of the USS Tigerfish, shown in the film. The crew took a considerable amount of time to construct and shoot the sequences here, as some of the cast members were claustrophobic and could only shoot for certain hours at a stretch. However, after the majority of the sequences depicting Ferraday’s mission was completed, the unit moved to the next location. 

San Diego, California

The historic and beautiful hilltop area of Point Loma in the city of San Diego was used to portray the Scottish locations shown in the film. The Holy Loch and the Orkney Islands, which appear in the final action sequence of the film, when Ferraday was about to reach the Ice Station, were filmed here. Also, the Submarine Support Facility at Ballast Point in San Diego was used to capture the exterior shots of the USS Tigerfish.

Alright guys, now let me give you an overview of this movie so that you can understand the actual storyline of Ice Station Zebra. Meanwhile, you can also check out The Good Son, Fatal Attraction and Inheritance which I believe will entertain you as well.

Plot Of Ice Station Zebra | What’s It About

Where Was Ice Station Zebra Filmed? Rock Hudson’s Crime Thriller Flick From 1968!!

The film begins by introducing us to the character of James Ferraday, the commanding officer of the USS Tigerfish, a nuclear-powered submarine. The American government at the peak of the Cold War era, instructed the naval bases and the fleets to increase the surveillance around the strategic locations. Later in the film, James is shown to receive a similar message from the high-commanding officers on shore, to reach a significant location at the North Pole, quickly.

However, midway through the film, the lead actor spots a major fault in the submarine and commands other crew members to fix it immediately. After a while, James suspects one of the members to be a Russian spy, who has intentionally damaged the ship. 

In the final quarter of the film, Ferraday eventually gathers enough evidence against the prime suspect but decides to stay quiet. Despite the precautions that the commander took, the villain gets alarmed about the situation and tries to abort the entire mission. Finally, Ferraday somehow manages to make it near the arctic sub-post and contacts the Ice Station personnel. 

Now, in order to know what happens next, I’d implore you to watch the film. As I don’t think you would want me to give all the spoilers.

Final Words

Ok guys, now that you know where was Ice Station Zebra filmed, and got other interesting information related to this film. I hope you enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for. Do let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments section below. And be sure to check out other entertaining articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Ice Station Zebra?

The cast of the film Ice Station Zebra includes Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan and Jim Brown along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Ice Station Zebra?

Daniel L. Fapp is the cinematographer of the film Ice Station Zebra.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Ice Station Zebra?

The film Ice Station Zebra has a G rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Ice Station Zebra?

Michel Legrand is the music director of the film Ice Station Zebra.

Is The Film Ice Station Zebra , Based On A True Story?

No, the story of Ice Station Zebra is based on a novel by Alistair MacLean, published with the same name in 1963.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Ice Station Zebra?

2h 28m is the runtime of the film Ice Station Zebra.

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