Where Was Inheritance Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Lily Collins’ Thriller! 


If you’re into thriller movies (who isn’t?), then Inheritance (2020) is for you. In this article, we’re going to look at the filming locations of a movie that involves million-dollar inheritance, truths that should rather stay buried, sudden deaths, and a super cool and sharp-witted district attorney, played by Lily Collins. Excited? Curious? If yes, then keep reading to know where was Inheritance filmed. 

You will like Inheritance if you’re a fan of Lily Collins. The first film that I saw of the actress was To The Bone, and oh boy, I was blown away by her phenomenal acting skills! So, if it’s safe to expect something similar from this movie as well. Oh, and before we go any further, let me ask you to not expect spine-chilling plot twists, serial killers, homicides, etc. from Inheritance. Because this movie, despite belonging to the thriller genre, isn’t about that cliche stuff. 

Anyways, Inheritance was filmed entirely in Alabama, USA. To be more specific, the movie was shot in Birmingham and Mobile, located in Alabama. The production commenced the filming of Inheritance in February 2019 and wrapped it up by April 2019. However, the release date of the movie was postponed quite a few times because of the pandemic. 

There’s no particular reason why the production unit decided to film the movie in Alabama. Despite that, I know you’d want to know more about this filming location. Right? So, keep scrolling, because I’ll be describing each of the locations in detail!

The Plot Of Inheritance | What Is Inheritance About?

The plot of Inheritance revolves around the Monroe family. Archer Monroe is a business tycoon and the controlling patriarch of the family.  He and his wife Catherine have two children who are at equally successful positions in their careers. Although, Archer neither approves of Lauren’s choice of profession (district attorney) or husband.

After Archer dies, Catherine and Harold, the Monroe family’s attorney, try to convince Lauren that Archer loved both his children equally. But, the unequal distribution of wealth– Lauren getting 1/20th portion of what her brother got makes it clear who Archer loved more. 

However, Archer left something else for Lauren– a manila envelope and a video message. After the funeral was over, Harold took Lauren aside and made her listen to the message. Through it, Archer informs her about an underground bunker in a remote part of the estate. 

When Lauren goes there, she finds a disheveled man, tied with chains and a neck harness in the corner of the bunker. Slowly, Lauren starts questioning him. But, some secrets should rather stay buried, you know? She discovers that her father used his connections to help his children reach powerful positions and that he had a son from his mistress. 

And the man imprisoned in the bunker for over 30 years was Archer’s business partner. The two of them had accidentally killed a pedestrian. To keep the secret buried, Archer kept the man a prisoner. But now, Lauren has decided to set him free. What do you think will happen to the Monroe family now?

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release DateMay 22, 2020
Running Time1h 51m
Directed ByVaughn Stein
Produced ByRichard B. Lewis, David Wulf, Arianne Fraser
StarringLily Collins, Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford, Patrick Warburton, Rebecca Adams, Mariyah Francis, Joe Herrera
IMDb Rating5.5/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Inheritance filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Inheritance Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

I’ve always found summer estates with secure underground bunkers..fascinating. That’s because I’ve got a few enemies of my own. And bunkers can come in quite handy. Ahh, kidding. Anyways, it makes me wonder doesn’t anybody find out when such “hidden” places are constructed? What about all those people who construct these “secret” places? Questions like these make me want to know where was Inheritance filmed. And, I’m sure you want to know too.

Oh, and since you’re so curious to read about the filming locations of thriller films, why don’t you check out where The Good Son, The Princess, The Fugitive were filmed?

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Where Was Inheritance Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Lily Collins’ Thriller! 

Majority of Inheritance was filmed in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Although, it has not been revealed what scenes were filmed where. But, if you first watch the movie and then visit Birmingham, chances are you might recognize a few spots from the movie. 

And after you’re done checking out those spots, don’t forget to visit other tourist attractions in the city like the Birmingham Museum of Art, Vulcan Park and Museum, McWane Science Center, and Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark!

Mobile, Alabama, USA

Where Was Inheritance Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Lily Collins’ Thriller! 

Another part of Inheritance was filmed in Mobile, a gulf city located on the Alabama coast. Again, just like Birmingham, it is not clear what scenes of the movie were filmed where. But, in case you didn’t know, Mobile is where “America’s Amazon” — the largest wetland ecosystem in the world is situated. 

If you ever happen to find yourself in Mobile, Alabama, don’t forget to visit the USS Alabama, Mobile Museum of Art, Exploreum Science Center & Poarch Band, Mobile Carnival Museum, and History Museum of Mobile. 

Final Words

Alright, thriller lovers! I hope you all know where was Inheritance filmed! And now, after knowing the filming locations of the Lily Collin thriller, you can visit these places sometime in the future! Let me know in the comments, which of the two filming locations of the movie you’d like to visit first! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On Inheritance?

Ingenious, Southpaw Entertainment, Redline Entertainment, and Highland Film Group are the production companies that have worked on Inheritance. 

Is Inheritance Available On Netflix?

Inheritance is available on Netflix.

Is Inheritance Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Inheritance is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

Is Inheritance Available On HBO Max?

Inheritance is not available on HBO Max. 

Is Inheritance Available On Google Play Movies? 

Inheritance is available on Google Play Movies. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Inheritance?

The movie Inheritance was written by Matthew Kennedy. 

What Are Some More Movies Like Inheritance?

If you liked watching the movie Inheritance, then you can also watch The Silencing, The Weekend Away, Lou, I Came By, The Vanished, Human Capital, Windfall,  The Rental, No Exit, Intrusion, The Inheritance, and A House On The Bayou.

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