Where Was Sky High Filmed? Explore The Locations Of Spain


Thriller movies are the favorite genre of many individuals. And if you’re interested in watching similar kinds of movies, then Sky High(2020) is the movie for you. Be sure to follow this entire article to learn about the movie and where was Sky High filmed.

Spanish thriller movie Sky High was directed by Daniel Calparsoro. The movie centers on Angel (Herrán), a young man from a working-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Madrid who turns to crime to fulfill his dream. As he advances from his impoverished neighborhood to Ibiza’s yacht parties and Madrid’s upper society, his lifestyle costs more as his heists become riskier.

The movie shows Madrid from two very distinct perspectives. Audiences get a glimpse of what people are ready to go through in order to live a life of prosperity, even if it means giving up on their freedom. So, Sky High is a blazing blend of adventure, passion, and betrayal, all bound together by daring heists and finished off with a surprise.

To get a better idea of the storyline, read the plot that is given below. Also, scroll down to learn where was Sky High filmed.

The Plot Of Sky High| What Is The Movie About?

Sky High begins with a dejected-appearing Angel driving a high-end vehicle. He pauses on the highway, muses briefly, and then rams his automobile into a jewelry store with great force. The movie then flashes back four years to when Angel was a mechanic, and it starts out by explaining how he came to be in this position.

In a club, Angel meets Estrella (Carolina Yuste) and develops feelings for her right away. However, she is already dating Poli, an affluent but conceited punk. Angel teams up with Poli to rob a jewelry store to make quick cash and impress Estrella. Nevertheless, Angel gets detained for the offenses. Through his most devoted attorney, Mercedes, Poli aids Angel in being released from jail.

The lord of the suburbs is Don Rogelio (Luis Tosar). When Angel first meets Rogelio, he develops a desire to be like him, and Rogelio’s daughter Sole (Asia Ortega) serves as his stepping stone. In order to gain control, Angel not only deserts Estrella and weds Sole, but he also founds his own gang. Angel becomes a victim of the police and other punks because of the new group, and everyone rushes after him with their weapons drawn.

Where Was Sky High Filmed? Find The Locations Below!

Where Was Sky High Filmed? Explore The Locations Of Spain

While certain scenes were filmed in Valencia and on the island of Ibiza, the majority of Sky High was shot on location in Madrid. The main backdrop of the film is the city of Madrid, which is depicted in various portions of its urban core. Sky High was filmed from June 2019 until November of the same year. Let’s dig in and examine the filming locations in more detail.

Madrid, Spain

Where Was Sky High Filmed? Explore The Locations Of Spain

Both the city’s heart and its outskirts are depicted in “Sky High.” The film’s scenes were filmed across the city’s neighborhoods and streets, particularly for the first jewelry store heists that we see. Scenes showing the early residences of Angel and his gangs were shot outside of the city in Madrid’s suburbs.

The fact that Angel and his friend are first shown in the movie standing in their run-down neighborhood, from whence they can see the skyline of Madrid’s city center, is an intriguing feature of one of the suburbs. When they glance at the skyscrapers, they ponder whether the occupants of those structures think of them as ants.

Angel finds himself inside one of such skyscrapers near the end of the film, peering down at people who, in his words, “look like ants.” The sequence is significant because it shows how far the film’s ambitious protagonist has come.

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Spain

Where Was Sky High Filmed? Explore The Locations Of Spain

Scenes showing the characters’ time on the island of Ibiza were filmed in the western Ibiza settlement of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. The village is a very well-known location for filmmaking and provides stunning seaside vistas, especially at sunsets. The party on the yacht and other shots were shot on location off the coast of Ibiza.

Valencia, Spain

Where Was Sky High Filmed? Explore The Locations Of Spain

Valencia also makes a brief appearance in the film. When the main character and his group are traveling by ferry from Ibiza to Valencia, it is first brought up in the movie. But it isn’t actually depicted until much later in the movie when they plot a theft close to the port of Valencia. These sequences were filmed in a location close to Valencia Port, one of the busiest ports in Europe.

Final Words

Well, after reading the entire article, you might be aware of the movie’s storyline and where was Sky High filmed. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then give it a try to explore the amazing filming locations.

If you liked the locations, then you can plan your next trip to Spain! For more entertaining articles, check out our updates daily. would also suggest you check out where Hellraiser, The End, and Home Team filmed.

Who Is The Director Of The Film Sky High?

Daniel Calparsoro is the director of the film Sky High.

Who Is The Writer Of The Film Sky High?

Jorge Guerricaechevarría is the writer of the film, Sky High.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Sky High?

Borja Pena is the producer of the film Sky High.

Who All Acted In The Movie Sky High?

The cast members of the movie include Miguel Herrán, Luis Tosar, Carolina Yuste, Patricia Vico, Fernando Cayo, Richard Holmes, Asia Ortega, Ayax Pedrosa, and Dollar Selmouni.

Which Production Company Worked On The Movie, Sky High?

The production company that has worked on the movie is Vaca Films.

Who is The Editor Of The Movie, Sky High?

Antonio Frutos is the editor of the film, Sky High.

Who Is The Distributor Of The Film, Sky High?

The distributor of the movie is Universal Pictures International Spain.

What Is The Duration Of The Film, Sky High?

The runtime of the movie is 2 hours.

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