Where Was Kaleidoscope Filmed? Netflix’s 2023 Mini Crime Drama Series!!


Remember the iconic character of Gustavo Fring from the legendary show, Breaking Bad? Well, Giancarlo Esposito has returned with yet another crime drama series, Kaleidoscope, in the lead role. Follow this article to know all about this latest Netflix series and also find out where was Kaleidoscope filmed.

The American crime thriller series, Kaleidoscope has been released on Netflix, in the first week of 2023. This gripping show has a total of 8 episodes, but with an interesting concept. All episodes can be seen in the order of your choice, except the pilot episode titled “Black” and the series finale as “White”. Eric Garcia, the creator of Kaleidoscope, came up with this interesting idea to basically present his audience with something new. 

The basic premise revolves around the character of Leo Pap and his crew, who devise a perfect plan to rob $7 billion. However, the plot thickens when one of the members decides to turn against the crew.

The makers of Kaleidoscope are more than satisfied with the positive response from the audience. The critics have acclaimed the overall storyline of the show and liked the stellar performance of the actors as well.

So, before I give you an overview of this new mini-series, let’s explore where was Kaleidoscope filmed. So that you can analyze the filming locations of this engaging show, up close.

Where Was Kaleidoscope Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Series Closely!

Kaleidoscope was originally intended to be entirely filmed in Canada, by the makers. Initially, the production members were pondering over the prospect of shooting in Canada because of tax purposes. However, after a major production company backed the project, the makers decided to review the filming locations, as the shooting budget had drastically increased.

So, after scouting a few locations on the East Coast of  America, Garcia discussed with other members of the team and finalized to shoot in and around the state of New York. Apart from some minor sequences, the majority of the filming took place in and around New York City. 

The principal photography commenced back in September 2021 and continued till the summer of 2022. Even though the crew only had to shoot 8 episodes, they took a considerable amount of time to finish filming. The sub-zero temperatures of the East Coast almost made it impossible for the crew to film the outdoor scenes during the winter. The shooting had to be stopped for 6 weeks or so, to avoid filming during snowstorms and bad weather. So, without waiting any longer, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Kaleidoscope filmed and find out more about the specific shooting spots.

Bushwick, New York City, New York | USA

Where Was Kaleidoscope Filmed? Netflix’s 2023 Mini Crime Drama Series!!

The opening scene of the show was filmed around the outskirts of Bushwick in New York. This neighborhood in New York is considered an evolving Industrial area. Thus, the sequence depicting the male lead, engaging in a conversation with the crew inside a warehouse, was actually filmed inside a vacant storehouse in Bushwick. 

The production members took permission from the owner of the warehouse, before shooting the interior sequences inside the industrial property. Interestingly enough, the final sequence of the show from the finale was also captured inside the same place in Bushwick.

Other pivotal sequences from the first half of the show were all filmed in different parts of this neighborhood. A few scenes also depicted the thriving nightlife of this area. The crew then moved to the next filming location in New York City.

Manhattan, New York City, New York | USA

Where Was Kaleidoscope Filmed? Netflix’s 2023 Mini Crime Drama Series!!

The second half of the show featuring the scenes of the heist were captured in part of lower Manhattan. This busy area in New York City has been used by many filmmakers for shooting numerous breathtaking sequences.

The production members of Kaleidoscope had to take special filming permission from the authorities of a bank for some pivotal sequences inside it. Other important outdoor shots were captured near the iconic Empire State Building and Times Square area.

Important to mention that, all the interior sequences of the show were captured inside a studio in California. The crew had constructed a make-believe set of the bank and manor house depicted in the show, on a well-equipped sound stage.

Alright friends, now it’s time for me to acquaint you with the plot of Kaleidoscope. So that can get a fair idea about the basic premise of this exciting series. In addition, you can check out Murder She Wrote, Big Sky and Black Crab as well.

Plot Of Kaleidoscope | What’s It About

Where Was Kaleidoscope Filmed? Netflix’s 2023 Mini Crime Drama Series!!

The story of Kaleidoscope centers around the character of Leo Pap, an infamous master thief, who forms a crew to steal $7 billion. At the very beginning of the series, his notorious crime-infested past is depicted.

As the story progresses, further the master thief slowly forms a perfect team and devises a genius plan to attempt a serious money heist. But as Pap is about to execute the plan, one of the members decides to turn against the whole crew. Watch Kaleidoscope to witness the genius of Leo Pap.

Final Words

Alright, guys, I hope now you finally know where was Kaleidoscope filmed. Let us know if you enjoyed the read in the comments section below. To read similar entertaining pieces, you can check out other articles on Viebly, which are equally informative and intriguing.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show Kaleidoscope?

The cast members of the show Kaleidoscope includes Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, Paz Vega, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Tati Gabrielle and Peter Mark Kendall with some other notable actors.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show Kaleidoscope?

The show Kaleidoscope is a mini-series. Thus it only has 8 gripping episodes from season 1.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Kaleidoscope?

Brad Carpenter and Justin Levy were the producers of the show Kaleidoscope, along with some others.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Kaleidoscope?

The show Kaleidoscope has a TV-MA rating

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show Kaleidoscope?

Dominic Lewis is the music director of the show Kaleidoscope

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