Where Was Me Time Filmed? Welcome To Hollywood, LA!


Do you like to watch comedy movies? Do you plan on watching the movie Me Time? Are you curious about where was Me Time filmed?

Me Time is a comedy that will be released on August 26, 2022. The movie is a typical comedy movie and features some of the best comedians like Kevin Hart and Jimmy O. Yang in its cast. A lot of fans are expecting the movie to be one of the best comedies this year solely because of its cast which includes some amazing comedians of present times. 

Me Time was filmed primarily in the regions of Los Angeles. The movie is a comedy movie set in the city of Los Angeles, and most of the scenes for the movie were shot in Hollywood and the streets of LA. All the interior filming for the movie was done in the Sunset Gower Studios which is also situated in Los Angeles only. 

We will be taking a look at where was Me Time filmed, and any prospective filming locations where you can travel to. If you liked the backdrop of the movie Me Time, you need not worry for we have covered all the filming locations of the movie.

Where Was Me Time Filmed? 

Where Was Me Time Filmed? Welcome To LA!

Me Time started filming in July 2021 and finished filming in July 2021. All the filming of the movie was done in one city only. However, the premise of the movie presents a unique and interesting concept. But there are some viewers who speculate that the movie derives inspiration from the Hangover movies.

We will be exploring where was Me Time filmed, and if you like the locations mentioned in this read. You can also check out the filming locations of Locke And Key and Django. We hope you will find the perfect place to have a relaxing weekend with the help of these film locations. 

Me Time | Fun Time Gome Wrong!

Before we discuss further where was Me Time filmed, let us first take a look at the plot of the comedy movie.

Me Time is a fun and light-hearted movie that follows the life of a man named Sonny Fisher. Sonny is a stay-at-home and does not have time for himself. The man is heavily busy handling the matters of his home to go out and live his life. However, suddenly he gets a weekend free because his wife and kids go on a small vacation. 

Me Time presents the fun that Sonny has with his friend Huck while the duo tries to do stupid stuff. However, soon their chaotic shenanigans turn bad for them and they are stuck with unexpected consequences of their actions. 

Will Sonny be able to return everything the way it was before his family comes back? Will the duo be able to redeem themselves after their crazy weekend? If you want to find out the story of the movie, you should definitely check the movie out on Netflix.

IMDb RatingNA
Runtime1 hour 41 minutes
Director(s)John Hamburg
Writer(s)John Hamburg
CastKevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall
Release DateAugust 26, 2022 (United States)
Production(s)5150 Action, Hartbeat Productions

Hollywood, California, the USA

Where Was Me Time Filmed? Welcome To LA!

As expected, most of the filming of the movie Me Time was actually done in Hollywood only. The storyline of the movie is based in the city of Los Angeles, so it is expected that parts of the movie will be filmed in Hollywood.

If you are planning a relaxing vacation then there is nothing better than Hollywood. You will be able to go on a hike up to the Hollywood sign. You can also find multiple other places like the Walk of Fame and other such places in the city.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Where Was Me Time Filmed? Welcome To LA!

The story of the movie Me Time is supposedly set in Los Angeles, plus the bustling city provides a perfect backdrop for the shenanigans of the duo. The movie is primarily a comedy movie, and a lot of unexpected events happen during the span of the supposed Me Time of Sonny Fisher.

You will be able to find the filming locations and sets of so many iconic movies. Additionally, if you want to visit California, you can also stay in Los Angeles for a couple of days. The city is undeniably the best vacation spot for people who are movie geeks.

Sunset Gower Studios

Where Was Me Time Filmed? Welcome To LA!

Even though the exterior scenes of the movie Me Time were filmed in Hollywood, and the streets of Los Angeles. All the interior and special effects parts of the movie were filmed in Sunset Gower Studios. But the studio itself does not make for a huge vacation place until and unless you are into VFX.

The filming of the movie started after July 2021, and all the stunts and other shoots were done within the controlled environment of the studio. There were also reports of a crew member suffering from a high fall, resulting in severe injuries.

Final Words

We hope you have found the answers to where was Me Time filmed. If you found this read on where was Me Time filmed helpful, you can also find other similar content with us. You will be able to check out the filming locations for movies and TV shows like The Old Man and Look Both Ways.

If you are interested in streaming some new and upcoming titles, you can also find streaming options for Selling The OC and Royalteen. You can also tell us about any movie and TV shows that you would want us to cover. Stay tuned with us for more of such entertaining content.

What is the cast of Me Time?

The cast of Me Time consists of Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, Jimmy O. Yang, Luis Gerardo Mendez, Andrew Santino, and John Amos.

Where can you watch Me Time?

You will be able to stream Me Time on the streaming platform Netflix.

What is the name of the protagonist in Me Time?

The protagonists in the movie Me Time are Sonny Fischer and Huck Dembo. The roles were respectively played by Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg.

Can you watch Me Time on Youtube?

No, you will not be able to watch the full movie Me Time on Youtube. You can watch the trailer for the comedy movie on Youtube.

Who is the cinematographer of Me Time?

The cinematographer for the movie Me Time is Kris Kachikis.

Who are the producers for Me Time?

The producers of the movie Me Time are John Hamburg, Kevin Hart, and Bryan Smiley.

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