Where Was Midsommar Filmed? You May Regret After Missing These Locations!


Have you watched Midsommar already? Then, I am sure you must be impressed with the stunning locations appearing in the background. And some of you must have already made rough guesses about them. Luckily, I have managed to find all the exact locations for you. So, shall we start discussing where was Midsommar filmed? 

Midsommar (2019) deals with the romantic relationship of an American couple, Dani and Christian. Unfortunately, their relationship is on the brink of falling apart, but there’s something that has kept them together until now. In order to mend things, Christain invites Dani to a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival in Sweden. Rather than becoming a carefree summer vacation, the trip takes a sinister turn when villagers invite some guests. What’s going to happen to Dina now? 

The entire shooting of Midsommar took place in Hungary and the United States of America. Within these countries, the target filming locations of the movie were Budapest, Brooklyn, and many more. 

Don’t worry, I am not going to leave you in confusion about these locations. Read on to learn all the information associated with where was Midsommar filmed!

Where Was Midsommar Filmed? Let’s Trace All The Locations!

You must be thinking that half of the movie has been shot in Sweden. Let me tell you, it’s time to have a reality check. Rather, another location was selected by the makers and a few adjustments were made to make it look like Sweden. Let’s catch up with more intriguing facts about where was Midsommar filmed!

Better pull up your socks because we are going to explore some spectacular places in the world. Don’t miss out on any information about where was Midsommar filmed!

Budapest, Hungary 

Where Was Midsommar Filmed? You May Regret After Missing These Locations!

The sequences of the village, its nearby areas, and the maypole dancing scene were shot in an empty field in Budapest. When it was next to impossible to find a unique village, the design team thought of building the setup of the farmhouse. And this farmhouse is the accommodation where Dani and Christian live in the movie. 

The director made his best attempt to turn Budapest into Sweden and to make this possible, he collaborated with Henrik Svensson. You’ll be astonished after learning that the duo traveled to Sweden and conducted extensive research to learn about its specialties. 

They landed at Halsingland, which became an inspiration for deciding the overall look of the farm area. In order to add an authentic touch to the movie, the director decided to cast Swedish actors. But the actors had a challenging time in Budapest. It was too hot to handle for them!

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and i divided by the River Danube. Upon reaching Buda’s Old Town, you get to read the pages of history at the Budapest History Museum. After traveling a few minutes away from it, you reach Trinity Square. Here you can explore the beauty of the 13th-century Matthias Church and the turrets of the Fisherman’s Bastion. 

Brooklyn, New York

Where Was Midsommar Filmed? You May Regret After Missing These Locations!

The sequence where you see a cramped apartment belonging to Dani in Brooklyn was actually in Brooklyn. Thankfully, the production team was not required to prepare another set like the above-mentioned location. The team members rented an apartment and wrapped up the filming within a few days. Some of them would even sleep there at night. 

Apart from this, a few opening sequences were also shot here. Yes, it’s right to say Brooklyn was the location where the filming of Midsommar commenced. Also, it was very convenient to shoot here as compared to other locations where the makers shot other sequences. Apart from this movie, John Wick was also shot in Brooklyn

A borough of New York City, Brooklyn is the second-most densely populated county in New York. Here, you can consider experiencing the beauty of Brooklyn Bridge Park and its iconic waterfront views. You can also watch a movie or play some outdoor games in the lush green parks. And yes, there are numerous affordable accommodations here that are pet-friendly. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Midsommar Filmed 

Where Was Midsommar Filmed? You May Regret After Missing These Locations!

You must be wondering why the makers did not shoot the movie in Sweden when the plot is based there. The first reason shared by the makers was the restriction of shooting hours. In Sweden, production companies are not allowed to shoot for more than eight hours. And if someone violates the law, a huge penalty stands as a punishment. 

Secondly, the movie did not have a big budget, which acted as a hindrance in traveling to distant places. After finishing half of the filming, they realized that they could not fly to Sweden and needed to look for another similar-looking location. 

Hungary was a perfect fit for the makers because it had versatile areas, urban downtowns close to fields, and picturesque backdrops. And all these elements fetched Hungary more brownie points as compared to other places. But in terms of filming experience, only the production team members had a nice time here. 

Final Words 

I hope I have successfully given you clarity on where was Midsommar filmed. Interestingly, all the filming locations of Midsommar are beautiful to the next level. And you can’t understand it without exploring them. I am all set to travel to these places. Are you ready?

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How Much Is Midsommar Accurate For The Swedish Culture?

Midsommar is not very accurate for Swedish culture.

When Did The Filming Of Midsommar Commenced?

The filming of Midsommar commenced on May 18, 2019.

Was Midsommar Filmed Somewhere Other Than Budapest And Brooklyn?

Yes, Midsommar was also filmed in and around Utah.

Which Sequence Of Midsommar Was Shot In Utah?

Some initial sequences where you see Dina and Christain were shot in Utah.

Was Dina Mentally Unstable In Midsommar?

After Dina reaches the village in Sweden, her mental state starts deteriorating.

What Was The Celebration In Sweden About?

The celebration in Sweden was a rare midsummer celebration that happens once every 90 years in the village of Harga, a fictional place.

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