Where Was My Cousin Vinny Filmed? A Dark Comedy Flick From The Early ‘90s!!


The best way to relax during the weekend is by watching a famous comedy flick. Now, if you happen to agree, then be sure to read this article where I acquaint you with the Oscar-winning film, My Cousin Vinny. And also let you in on where was My Cousin Vinny filmed.

The American comedy-drama flick, My Cousin Vinny, released in 1992, was inspired by a fictional story by Dale Launer, who also pitched in as a producer. In this film, Director Jonathan Lynn, masterfully presents the story of Vinny Gambini, an eccentric criminal lawyer, practicing in the southern state of Alabama. He takes on the responsibility to defend two teenagers from New York, charged with double homicide.

My Cousin Vinny received a fantastic response from the audiences upon its release and even gathered high praises from the critics. This hysterical crime drama flick, commercially performed well, grossing over $64 million in total box office collection, against a production budget of $11 million. My Cousin Vinny also won a couple of prestigious awards including the coveted Academy Awards in 1993.

So, before I discuss the plot of this film, in brief, let’s find out where was My Cousin Vinny filmed. So that you can enjoy the gorgeous filming locations of this critically acclaimed film.

Where Was My Cousin Vinny Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Flick Closely!

Despite the story of My Cousin Vinny being set in the southern state of Alabama and New York. Director Jonathan Lynn decided to shoot the entire film in Georgia.

The majority of the sequences of this movie were captured in and around the city of Monticello, while some scenes were filmed in Putnam County and Covington. The principal photography began towards the middle of February 1991 and was completed in just two months. Now, without waiting any longer, let’s discuss in-depth, where was My Cousin Vinny filmed.

Putnam County | Georgia

The opening scene of the film, where we see the character of Bill and Stan rejoicing, after getting the scholarship, was filmed in the city of Eatonton. The production unit scouted a renowned studio, located in the downtown area of this seat, and used it to recreate the scenes of New York University. Also, the sequence in the film which features the Putnam Motel was captured in Eatonton, as well. Interestingly enough, the motel actually existed and was often visited by fans, after it was featured in the movie. After filming a couple of other scenes, the production unit moved to the next location.

Monticello | Georgia

Where Was My Cousin Vinny Filmed? A Dark Comedy Flick From The Early ‘90s!!

Right after reaching the city of Monticello, the filming crew readily began shooting, as they were running behind on the filming schedule. The sequence where Vinny Bambino and his secretary Mona Lisa Vito are shown to have a deep conversation was filmed at GA-16 & Forsythe St. Also the sequence where Stan and Bill appear to visit the convenience store was filmed at GA-16 & Towee St. After which the production unit moved to the outskirts of the city to capture the courtroom scene.

Covington | Georgia

Finally, the filming crew arrived at the city of Covington. The remaining sequences of the courtroom were filmed here, along with the denouement of the film. The production unit decided to capture several exterior shots of the city, before completing the entire filming process.

Alright, guys, it’s time for us to discuss the plot of the film, in brief. So that you can get a better understanding of the actual narrative of this film. And in the meantime, you can check out Overdose, Jeopardy and Mysterious Island, which are entertaining as well.

Plot Of My Cousin Vinny | What’s It About

Where Was My Cousin Vinny Filmed? A Dark Comedy Flick From The Early ‘90s!!

The film opens by introducing us to the characters of Stan Rothenstine and Bill Gambini, two young and talented freshmen from the University of New York, who decide to travel to the southern state of Alabama, after receiving full scholarships to join UCLA.

Soon after, as the two students began their journey from New York, Bill expressed his wish to travel by road, and basically convert the boring journey into a fun road trip. Later in the film, Bill and Stan take out the 1964 convertible car and reach the state of Alabama after a tiresome yet exciting journey.

Now, as they stop at a local gas station to get some snacks, the shop owner gets brutally killed, right after they leave. Soon a police patrol car intercepts them and accuses them of killing the owner of the store. Confused at first, Billy and Stan plead their innocence to the officers, but the investigating officers readily decline the appeal. Then Bill gets the idea to contact his cousin, Vinny, the only lawyer in his family, and requests to defend the false case that has been filed against him.

Vinny, an experienced criminal lawyer, who passed the bar exam after multiple attempts, arrives at the scene with his secretary Mona Lisa Vito. Vinny takes on the case and presents the defense council in front of the court. Now, in order to know what happened next, I’d implore you to watch the movie, as I don’t want to give away the climax.

Final Words

Alright guys, now that you know where was My Cousin Vinny filmed, it’s time for me to say bye! But I hope that you enjoyed reading this article, and found what you were looking for! Be sure to tell us about your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film My Cousin Vinny?

The cast of the film My Cousin Vinny includes Joe Pesci, Ralph Machhio, Marissa Tomei, Michelle Whitfield and Fred Gwynne.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film My Cousin Vinny?

Peter Deming is the cinematographer of the film My Cousin Vinny.

What Is The Rating Of The Film My Cousin Vinny?

The film My Cousin Vinny is an R-rated film.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film My Cousin Vinny?

Randy Edelman is the music director of the film My Cousin Vinny.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film My Cousin Vinny?

Dale Launer and Paul Schiffl were the producers of the film My Cousin Vinny.

Is The Film My Cousin Vinny , Based On A True Story?

The story of My Cousin Vinny is based on a fictional story by Dale Launer, it is not based on a true story.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film My Cousin Vinny?

2h is the runtime of the film My Cousin Vinny.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film My Cousin Vinny?

No, sadly there is no substantial news about the sequel of the film My Cousin Vinny, although you can let us know in the comment section below, if you have reports about the sequel of this hysterical film.

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