Where Was Mysterious Island Filmed? A Classic 60s Sci/Fi Adventure Drama! 


You must have watched a number of modern-day science fiction and adventure films. That is why let us suggest a classic film that was made during the 60s. Mysterious Island is a 1961 sci/fi adventure drama film which is a super entertaining movie with a number of old-school special effects. However, we got to know that many people are quite interested in finding out the movie’s filming locations so let us tell you where was Mysterious Island filmed. We can assure you, it would be a fun experience to witness how VFX and locations were used together back in the day.

The sci/fi adventure movie, Mysterious Island was released on 20th December 1961. The film is based on the 1874 novel named The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. The best part is that the movie stars a number of legendary actors like Michael Craig, Joan Greenwood, Michael Callan, and Gary Merrill.  

Now, to answer your question regarding where was Mysterious Island filmed, the adventure drama was shot in Catalonia, Spain, and at the Shepperton Studios in Shepperton, England.

Plot Of Mysterious Island (1961) | An Island Filled With Strange Creatures!

Where Was Mysterious Island Filmed? A Classic 60s Sci/Fi Adventure Drama! 

The story of Mysterious Island revolves around the character of Captain Harding played by Michael Craig. While the American Civil War is at its peak, Captain Harding along with Corporal Neb Nugent played by Dan Jackson, and Sergeant Pencroft played by Percy Herbert gets locked up in a Confederate prison camp. 

After numerous attempts, they finally manage to escape from the prison camp using a hot air balloon. But soon, they run out of luck and crash into the ocean. Later they wash up on a beach of a mysterious island. 

While exploring the strange island they come across gigantic crabs and primitive creatures which scare them to their core. Not being able to figure out how to get off the island, their situation gets worse when the island’s central volcano begins to erupt. 

Where Was Mysterious Island Filmed?  

Where Was Mysterious Island Filmed? A Classic 60s Sci/Fi Adventure Drama! 

Cy Endfield’s science fiction adventure drama, Mysterious Island was a box office hit back in the day. It received several positive reviews from critics and was praised for its special effects and direction. However, as you already have an idea about where was Mysterious Island filmed, without wasting any more let’s find out some more details about the filming locations.

Catalonia | Spain

Where Was Mysterious Island Filmed? A Classic 60s Sci/Fi Adventure Drama! 

Principal photography of this science fiction adventure film, Mysterious Island began on 21st June 1960. The majority of the exterior filming took place in Catalonia in Spain. And the rest of the scenes including a number of interior scenes were filmed in Shepperton Studios in England. 

Catalonia is a self-governing community of Spain that is designated as a nationality by its Statute of Autonomy. The territory of Catalonia is located on the northeastern side of the Iberian Peninsula, to the south of the mountain range known as the Pyrenees.

There are four provinces in Catalonia, Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. These provinces are divided administratively. Barcelona is the capital of Spain and happens to be the largest and the second most populous municipality. It is also the fifth most populated urban area in the EU (European Union).

Catalonia showcases some of the breathtaking European landscapes and with 12,000 square miles of land area, it hosts various substrates, soils, and climates. 

Shepperton Studios | Shepperton, England

Where Was Mysterious Island Filmed? A Classic 60s Sci/Fi Adventure Drama! 

After filming in Catalonia, the production team along with the cast moved to England. A number of scenes were filmed in the Shepperton Studios which is located in the urban village of Shepperton in Surrey. In recent times, it has become a part of the Pinewood Studios Group. 

The huge studio offers 15 soundstages ranging in size from 3,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet. Out of the fifteen stages, five are equipped with interior water tanks for filming underwater scenes.

The Shepperton Studios was founded almost 91 years ago, in 1931. Later it was taken over by the Pinewood Studios Group. In 2021 Netflix announced that it extended its long-term deal with the studios. Whereas Amazon Prime Video in February 2022 struck a multi-million pound deal with the studio owners for complete use of new production facilities.

Filming of numerous independent movies and British television series took place in this studio. Not to mention, big-budget films like Captain America: The First Avenger, Richard Donner’s 1976 horror film The Omen, and Emily Blunt starrer The Young Victoria were filmed in Shepperton Studios as well.

Final Word

So, now that you know where the sci/fi adventure film, Mysterious Island was filmed, we suggest you make a plan and try to visit these filming locations. However, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, make sure you do. You can stream the movie on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Apple TV. And, also, if you want to explore more such interesting filming locations then do check out where was The Truman Show and The Shining filmed.

Who Directed The Film, Mysterious Island?

Cy Endfield directed the film, Mysterious Island.

Who All Acted In The Movie, Mysterious Island?

The cast of Mysterious Island includes actors like Michael Craig, Joan Greenwood, Michael Callan, Gary Merrill, and Dan Jackson.

Who Produced The Film, Mysterious Island?

Charles H. Schneer produced the film, Mysterious Island.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Mysterious Island?

John Prebble, Daniel B. Ullman, and Crane Wilbur wrote the screenplay of the film, Mysterious Island.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, Mysterious Island?

1h 41m is the runtime of the movie, Mysterious Island.

Is Mysterious Island Available On Netflix?

Mysterious Island is not available on Netflix.

Is Mysterious Island Available On Disney+?

Mysterious Island is not available on Disney+.

Is Mysterious Island Available On HBO MAX?

Mysterious Island is not available on HBO MAX.

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