Where Was My Friend Flicka Filmed? Breathtaking Locations Of A Western Flick!


Western films are usually known for their gripping plot and locations. My Friend Flicka is one such movie that will leave you stunned with its filming locations. So, get ready as we unveil where was My Friend Flicka filmed!

My Friend Flicka was one of the most-watched movies of its time. You’ll be surprised to know that even the Prime Minister of America praised the movie for its plot and the performances of cast members. As a result, the movie made a box-office collection of $1.6 million. Because of the immense success, the makers decided to come up with a radio adaption of the movie at Lux Radio Theatre.  

Now, before I explain to you the plot, allow me to discuss all that we know about where was My Friend Flicka filmed!

Where Was My Friend Flicka Filmed? Locations You Must Visit!

My Friend Flicka was entirely shot at various backdrops in Utah. The makers tried to look for some other location but it was not complimenting the plot. After hours of discussion, they finalized Utah. While exploring it, creative heads helped the makers in selecting ideal backdrops. No issues were reported by the production team while filming in Utah.

After knowing how the makers decided on the location, it’s time to get back to the point. Keep reading where was My Friend Flicka filmed!

Navajo Lake, Utah 

A few lake scenes that appear at the beginning of the movie were shot at Navajo Lake. Filming here was easy in comparison to other places because the crowd was less. As a result, the team got ample space to shoot the movie. 

Aspen Mirror Lake, Utah

The remaining lake sequences were shot at Aspen Mirror Lake. The makers were in love with the picturesque view of the lake that’s why they thought of shooting some sequences here. 

If you love such places, plan your trip to Aspen Mirror Lake. It has a separate parking area and many Aspen trees. 

Duck Creek, Utah

Where Was My Friend Flicka Filmed? Breathtaking Locations Of A Western Flick!

The beautiful ranch you saw in My Friend Flicka was not a setup. It was a real ranch situated in Duck Creek. Before shooting on this ranch, the makers took special filming permission from the owner. Also, they signed some documents. While filming here, the makers made the entire setup to showcase McLaughlin’s house. 

Zion National Park, Utah 

Some most interesting sequences of the movie were shot at Zion National Park. The team was extra careful while filming here because of insects like Scorpios. They shot at all the attractive spots of the park like the Virgin River and the hanging garden. To enhance the beauty, the scenes were shot from various angles. You’ll be surprised to know that this was the same location where Jeremiah Jonson was filmed

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Where Was My Friend Flicka Filmed? Breathtaking Locations Of A Western Flick!

After wrapping up shooting at Zion National Park, the team traveled to Cedar Breaks National Park because it was located nearby. Here, they shot some pivotal outdoor sequences. Initially, it was tough to get filming permission from the authorities. Somehow the makers managed to convince them and filmed all the important scenes within a few days. 

Let me tell you that this is one of the most beautiful national parks in the USA. The stunning hiking trails are perfect to spend some time in the lap of nature. If you are planning to visit this place, take your children as well. 

Johnson Canyon, Utah

The last location covered by the production team was Johnson Canyon. Multiple spots of the canyon were used to shoot some interesting outdoor sequences. While filming here, the team members made many memories, they clicked pictures and uploaded them on their social media accounts. 

Stage 11, 20th Century Fox Studios, California

Reportedly, a few sequences were shot on the stage of 20th Century Fox Studios. The makers designed the stage as per the need of the plot. For this, a special team of designers was hired. Because the team had to conclude the filming on time, they thought of shooting the ending scenes in the studio. 

Well, some of you must be planning to have a tour of this studio. I would like to inform you that the studio is not open to the public. So, you can’t check it out with your family!

Plot Of My Friend Flicka | What’s It About?

Where Was My Friend Flicka Filmed? Breathtaking Locations Of A Western Flick!

My Friend Flicka is based on a popular children’s novel, Thunderhead, Son Of Flicka. The novel was written by Mary O’Hara in 1941. 

The plot revolves around Ken, son of  Rob and Nell McLaughlin. In order to make Ken realize his responsibilities, Rob and Nell give him a horse to raise. After meeting the one-year-old horse, Ken names her Flicka, which means girl.

After some time, rising debts make the situation worse for the family and they decide to sell Flicka’s mother. Unfortunately, the mare gets badly injured and Flicka also gets deep cuts because of barbed wires. Now, Ken must walk the extra mile to save Flicka. Watch the movie to know the rest about Flicka and Ken!

Final Words 

I hope you enjoyed reading where was My Friend Flicka filmed. If you want to know about the locations of any other movie, let us know and we’ll get back to you soon. You can also check our other interesting articles like where was Dukes Of Hazzard filmed and where was True Lies filmed!

Who Is The Director Of My Friend Flicka?

My Friend Flicka is directed by Harold D. Schuster.

Who Are The Cast Members Of My Friend Flicka?

The cast members of My Friend Flicka are Roddy McDowell, Rita Johnson, Preston Foster, Jeff Corey, James Bell, Arthur Loft, and many more.

Who Acquired The Distribution Rights Of My Friend Flicka?

The distribution rights of My Friend Flicka were acquired by Twentieth Century Fox.

When Was My Friend Flicka Released?

My Friend Flicka was released on May 26, 1943.

What Is The Running Time Of My Friend Flicka?

The running time of My Friend Flicka is 89 minutes.

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