Where Was Outrageous Pumpkins Filmed? A Binge-Worthy TV Show!


Do you love watching shows on the Food Network channel? If you do, then you need to know about one of its super-entertaining shows, Outrageous Pumpkins. So, read here to know everything related to this show and where was Outrageous Pumpkins filmed.

The American reality TV show, Outrageous Pumpkins is a special show that streams every Halloween season on the Food Network channel. The first season of the series premiered back in 2019. The show has a total of three seasons, as of now. And all the seasons have received positive responses from the audience.

This exciting show is all about pumpkin carving competition between the contestants. Many people follow this show as the eye-catching pumpkin carvings give them ideas for Halloween decorations.

Before we discuss this fun show in detail, let me tell you where was Outrageous Pumpkins filmed.

Where Was Outrageous Pumpkins Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

The audience eagerly anticipates the Food Network’s Halloween-themed shows, which have been airing annually because of their unique show formats. So, the interesting challenges in the program will keep you glued to the screens.

Well, if you follow the shows of the Food Network channel, then you might also be wondering about its filming locations. Because all the backdrops of the show are colorful and visually appealing to watch. Now, without any further ado, let me explain where was Outrageous Pumpkins filmed.

Mattituck | New York

The show Outrageous Pumpkins was filmed in Mattituck, New York. The team selected Harbes Family Farm to shoot the entire show. It is an agricultural property and so it is well-suited for the theme of the show. The exact location of this farm is 715 Sound Avenue P.O. Box 1524, Mattituck.

You can also take a tour of this destination. There are so many fun things to explore in and around this region. If you plan to go with kids, then you can enjoy many activities like a hedge maze, hayrides, apple picking, and much more.

This farm is also famous for its production of organic fruits and vegetables. You can also get some festive treats on this farm that include fresh chocolate cookies, and apple cider donuts. Also, don’t forget to get pure honey and taste the freshly-made ice creams on this farm.

If you are a wine lover, then you can taste some award-winning wines on this farm. So, if you are around Mattituck, then plan a visit to this amazing destination.

Well, now it’s time to know about the plot of the show in detail. If you are curious to know about other reality shows’ filming locations, then do check out where was Ready To Love, and Buckhead Shore filmed.

Plot Of Outrageous Pumpkins | What Is The Show About?

Where Was Outrageous Pumpkins Filmed? A Binge-Worthy TV Show!

The basic premise of Outrageous Pumpkin follows a fun competition between seven talented pumpkin carvers. So, they compete with each other to win the title of Outrageous Pumpkin Champion and also the cash amount of $25000. Alyson Hannigan is the host of the show.

There are four episodes and in each episode, the carvers are given two tasks to complete. They must use their creative skills to carve the pumpkin. The judges’ Ray Villafane and Terri Hardin will select the best one based on different criteria and announce the winner in the final episode of the series.

Final Words

Alright, folks! I hope finally you know where was Outrageous Pumkins filmed. If you haven’t watched this show yet, then you can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video. You can also expect the new season of this show for this year’s Halloween Season. If you want to know more about the reality show and its updates, then follow the articles on Viebly.

Who Is The Director Of The Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

The director of the show is Michael Clevenger.

Who Is The Producer Of The Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

The producer of the show is Janelle McCracken.

Who Are The Cinematographers Of The Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

The cinematographers of this show include Jose Diaz and Michael Clevenger.

How Many Episodes Are There In This Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

There are three seasons and each season with four episodes.

Who Are The Cast Members Of This Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

The cast members of the show include William Wilson, Titus Arensenberg, Ryan Anderson, Kristina Marie Patenaude, Sunny Andreson, Leigh Henderson, Carli Ihde, Brian Edwards, Eric Jones, Danny Kissel, Monique Hawk, Willy Tuz, and David Smith.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of The Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

The IMDb rating of the show is 7.4/10.

What Is The Certification Of The Show Outrageous Pumpkins?

The certification of the show is TV-G.

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