Where Was Ready To Love Filmed? A Romantic Reality Tv Series!!


Do you love watching shows like The Real Love Boat? If you do, then follow this article to know more about a similar dating show, Ready To Love. Plus, later in this article I’ll also share with you where was Ready To Love filmed.

The American reality TV series, Ready To Love which is also known as Prepared To Love originally premiered on Oprah Winfrey Network back in 2018. This super-entertaining show was conceptualized by Gary Little, who wanted to present a dating show to his audiences, which was exclusive to African-American men and women.

The basic premise of Ready To Love revolves around real contestants, who belong from African-American race. The invited gentlemen on the show get an exclusive opportunity to find their perfect match by spending time with beautiful women, alongside playing exciting game shows.

Ready To Love has released 7 fantastic seasons over the years. Interestingly enough, each season of this unconventional show strives to present different challenges with new twists at each level throughout the entire season. Celebrities like Joi Carter and Thomas Miles have been a part of this reality series.

Now, if you’re all set to find out where was Ready To Love filmed, then without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Where Was Ready To Love FIlmed? Let’s Know This Reality Dating Series Closely!

Throughout 7 successful seasons of Ready To Love, the filming took place in several parts of America. But, during the pre-production of the first season of Ready To Love, the makers didn’t have a higher shooting budget to work with.

Thus, while selecting the filming location for the pilot season, the production members were asked to scout around places which were comparatively cheaper to film in. After several weeks, the filming crew came up with a number of potential shooting places around the state of Georgia.

However, the shooting didn’t take place around the cities of Savannah or Athens. The makers instead chose to film the pilot and the second season of the show around some distinct areas of Atlanta and Hiawassee.

Important to mention that, some sequences from the second season of Ready To Love were also shot near Pequot Lakes in Minnesota.

The principal photography for the pilot season began in the second week of July 2018 and continued for 6 weeks. During the course of shooting no major incidents occurred on set, which halted the shooting. The production members were able to complete filming within the estimated timeline.

Alright, so are you excited to know where was Ready To Love filmed? Because we are about to dig deep and check out the filming locations of this reality series.

Georgia | USA

The opening season of Ready To Love, where we see the group of African-American contestants for the first time, was actually filmed inside a wine shop. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of the wine shop, which was located 339 Nelson St, Southwest.

Other pivotal sequences of the show were captured around various other romantic and picturesque locations of Atlanta. In fact one of the episodes was reportedly filmed inside a famous eatery, where a selected contestant took out a beautiful girl for a romantic dinner.

For the second season of Ready To Love the production members moved from the city of Atlanta to the town of Hiawassee. The sequences depicting the fun games in the show, such as the boat ride and evening wine-tasting sessions, were all captured around this picturesque town.

Minnesota | USA

Reportedly, during the course of shooting one of the main seasons of Ready To Love, the production members also traveled to Minnesota. Additional sequences were then captured around the gorgeous city of Pequot Lakes. 

A few other outdoor sequences were shot around the famous Crow Wing County, after which the entire shooting process ended.

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Alright, guys, it’s time for me to walk you through the plot of Ready To Love. Meanwhile, you can also check out True Detective, Something in the Rain and Kountry Wayne Strange Love as well.

Plot Of Ready To Love | What’s It About

Where Was Ready To Love Filmed? A Romantic Reality Tv Series!!

The basic premise of Ready To Love follows a group of single African-American men, who are looking to get into a steady relationship. The contestants who are invited on the show, get an exclusive opportunity to meet their perfect match, after dating several beautiful women.

With each passing season, the contestants get to face various challenges, which eventually tests their temperaments and compatibility. But when the contestant fails to complete the exciting task, the pair automatically gets eliminated from the show. Watch Ready To Love to find out which contestant comes out on top and wins the coveted title.

Final Words

Ok, guys, I hope now you finally know where was Ready To Love filmed. If you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for, do let us know in the comments section below. However, if you’re interested in checking out other articles on Viebly, you can do that too.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show Ready To Love?

The show Ready To Love has a total of 7 with 12-15 episodes in each season.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Ready To Love?

Mary Balser and John Neu were the producers of the show Ready To Love.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Ready To Love?

The show Ready To Love has a TV-MA rating

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show Ready To Love?

David Vanacore is the music director of the show Ready To Love

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Show Ready To Love?

James J. Duhon is the cinematographer of the show Ready To Love.

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