Where Was Psycho Filmed? Hitchcock’s Iconic Mystery Thriller Movie From 1960!!


If you prefer watching riveting psycho-thriller movies instead of romantic dramas, then you’ve come to the right place. Read this article to know all about Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Psycho filmed.

Psycho is an American horror thriller film that was released in 1960. This riveting film was directed and produced by none other than Alfred Hitchcock. However, Joseph Stefano was the main screenplay writer for this project.

The basic premise of Psycho is Marion Crane, a middle-aged American woman who goes on a run after stealing from her boss. The plot thickens when Marion is held captive by the demented owner of a motel where she decided to take refuge.

Psycho is considered to be one of the best films ever made by Hitchcock. This nail-biting thriller film grossed over $50 million in worldwide collections. Needless to say, Psycho was a huge commercial success. Apart from that, this mystery thriller movie won 7 major awards and collected a number of nominations.

Are you wondering where was Psycho filmed? Then without stalling any longer, let’s take a closer look at the filming locations of this award-winning horror-mystery film.

Where Was Psycho Filmed? Let’s Know This Mystery Thriller Movie Closely!

The story of Psycho is set in and around the city of Phoenix. However, not all major outdoor sequences of this film were captured around this city. Hitchcock wanted to film some scenes elsewhere. 

Thus, during the starting stages of production, Hitchcock and a handful of other members of his team began looking for suitable filming locations in America. The director was primarily looking for shooting locations that could be used to capture the sequences from the second half of the movie.

Plus, the fact that Hitchcock had a minimum production budget to work with also constricted the number of choices he could make with regard to the secondary filming locations. After a couple of weeks, the production members were finally able to locate a number of ideal shooting spots in California.

However, Hitchcock was hell-bent on shooting the second part of the movie in and around the city of New York. But after reviewing the shooting budget for the second time, the director decided to film the final half of Psycho in California.

After the filming locations were finalized, the director instructed the shooting crew to commence filming.

The principal photography of Psycho began in the second week of November and continued till the end of January 1960. The shooting schedule lasted for two and a half months or so. During this time, the production members filmed the outdoor scenes in Phoenix, without any issues.

But, while capturing the sequences in California from the second half of the movie, the production members faced major difficulties. However, the situation was later resolved after Hitchcock intervened, and the filming process was completed without any problems.

Let us now discuss in detail where was Psycho filmed so that you can take a closer look at the filming locations.

Phoenix, Arizona | USA

Where Was Psycho Filmed? Hitchcock’s Iconic Mystery Thriller Movie From 1960!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Marion Crane for the first time, was actually filmed in the state of Arizona. The scene where we see the character of Marion inside her office in Phoenix was captured inside the Title and Trust Building, located at 114 W Adams Street. 

Additional outdoor scenes of the movie were captured in and around Monroe Street and Central Avenue in Phoenix. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of Hotel San Carlos, located at 202 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix. 

Other important outdoor scenes of the movie were captured around the downtown area of Phoenix, however, during the editing process, they were snipped. After these scenes were captured, the production members moved to the next filming location.

California | USA

Sequences from the second half of the movie were filmed in and around the state of California. The scene where we see the lead actress taking refuge inside a cheap motel after stealing from her boss was filmed in Universal Studios.

The production members filmed the exterior shots of Bates Motel and House inside this famous studio, located at 100 Universal City Plaza, California. In fact, the interior scenes of the motel were also captured inside the same studio, specifically on Stage-9.

Additional outdoor scenes from the second half of the movie were filmed in and around the beautiful state of California. Finally, by the last week of January 1960, the shooting process of Psycho was wrapped by the filming crew.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the plot of this psychological thriller movie. In the meantime, you can also read No Country for Old Men, Singin’ in the Rain, and An American in Paris.

Plot Of Psycho | What’s It About

Where Was Psycho Filmed? Hitchcock’s Iconic Mystery Thriller Movie From 1960!!

The basic premise of Psycho revolves around the character of Marion Crane, a middle-aged American lady, and a psychotic motel owner, Norman Bates. At the very beginning of the movie, the female lead appears to be on the run after stealing a lump-sum amount of money from her boss.

As the story progresses further, Crane decides to spend the night at a nearby motel while trying to hide from the authorities and her former boss. But, little did Marion know what was in store for her. Soon, the psychotic owner of the motel starts hacking other guests to death. Marion witnesses all of this with her own eyes and attempts to make an escape.

Watch Psycho and find out whether the female lead eventually escapes the bloody motel or not.

Final Words

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