Where Was Roma Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Best Drama Film Of 2018!!


Have you outgrown the predictable plotlines of exhilarating action flicks? Are you looking for an exquisite drama film to watch this weekend? Well, then continue to read this article where I discuss the Academy-award-winning film, Roma, starring Yalitza Aparicio. And later let you in on where was Roma filmed.

The intense drama flick, Roma, released in 2018 was inspired by the true events of director Alfonso Cuaron’s life. In this film Cuaron, who also wrote the screenplay, presents the story of an indigenous Mexican maid, taking good care of an affluent family based in Colonia Roma.

Roma, upon its release, went on to bag over 250 awards including 3 Oscars. However, this unorthodox film, failed to achieve commercial success, grossing just north of $5 million, against the filming budget of $15 million. Nevertheless, the critics absolutely adored this cinema, for its cohesive storyline and the phenomenal on-screen performance by the actors.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s discuss where was Roma filmed. And as mentioned earlier, I will give you an overview of this awe-inspiring film later in this article as well.

Where Was Roma Filmed? Let’s Know This Intense Drama Film Closely!

Director Alfonso Cuaron was hell-bent to shoot Roma on location. Thus after writing the script of the film, he started scouting for idyllic filming locations in Mexico City. Soon a number of locations in the capital of Mexico were finalized.

The principal photography commenced in June 2017 and was completed in more or less 11 weeks. The original filming schedule was delayed due to the mismanagement of the crew and legal altercations with the local authorities. The unit later maneuvered through the problems with the help of high-ranking Mexican government officials. So without further ado, let’s discuss where was Roma filmed in-depth, and find out more about the specific shooting sites.

Mexico City | Mexico

Where Was Roma Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Best Drama Film Of 2018!!

The opening scene of the film, where we are acquainted with the characters of Cleo and Adela, was filmed on the outskirts of the city. The municipality area of Puebla, located in the East-central region of Mexico, was used to depict Cleo’s humble abode. Although the unit ran into a major problem with the local authorities while shooting in this location. 

This incident forced the director to halt shooting for a few weeks until the situation was sorted. After which the crew moved to the other part of the city to capture some pivotal exterior sequences. The house in which Cleo is shown to work in the film, is located at 21 Tepeji, Roma Sur. The crew extensively captured the outdoor scenes of this house, after renovating its structure to make it look posher. 

Interestingly the interior sequences were also filmed inside the same house, as the production decided to refrain from filming inside a make-believe home in the studio. The unit added a couple of paintings and fixtures inside the house, to create the look of an extravagant home. A beautiful chandelier was brought in as well, to enhance the inside decor. 

The majority of the sequences were filmed in and around the house after which, the unit moved to other filming locations inside Mexico City. The sequence in which Sofia is shown to find out about her cheating husband was filmed inside an actual theatre. The Teatro Metropolitan was booked by the unit for 5 days to capture the interior sequences of the cinema hall.

Veracruz | México

Where Was Roma Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Best Drama Film Of 2018!!

The unit then moved to the state of Veracruz to shoot the remaining scenes of the film. The final sequence of the film, in which Cleo is shown to save the children from drowning in the sea, was filmed on location in Tuxpan. The crew traveled to the Palapa Beach located on the outskirts of Tuxpan city, to capture this outdoor sequence. A few other exterior shots of the city were filmed around the downtown area, after which the production wrapped up the filming process.

Ok guys, let us now briefly discuss the plot of Roma so that you can get a better grip on the actual storyline. Plus, in the meantime you can also check out The Last Dolphin King, Don’t Worry Darling, Girl Picture and The Son which I think would amaze you equally.

Plot Of Roma | What’s It About

Where Was Roma Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Best Drama Film Of 2018!!

The story of Roma is set in the year 1970 in  Mexico, where a young Mexican girl named Cleodgaria Guiterrez is shown to live with her family. Cleo, coming from a humble background, chose to work as a maid, to sustain her living.

Later in the film, we are introduced to the owners of the house in which Cleo worked as a maid. The upper-middle-class family based in Colonia Roma was headed by Antonio, a medical practitioner and his wife, Sofia. The four children loved Cleo with all their hearts and enjoyed her company. But, the growing tension between Antonio and Sofia affected the young children emotionally.

Midway through the film, Cleo is shown to be pregnant with the child of his boyfriend Fermin, but when the female lead confronts him about it, he refuses to take any responsibility. Broken-hearted Cleo is soon comforted by Sofia amidst handling her own share of misfortune. 

In the final quarter of the film, the female lead is rushed to the hospital, after Sofia learns about the infidelity of her husband. Antonio somehow makes it to the hospital, to find out the young born child is dead, and bids final goodbye to his wife. 

Eventually, Sofia and her children take Cleo for an outing, to bring her out of the grief stage. The female lead gets emotionally attached to the children, after saving them from drowning in the sea.

Final Words

Alright friends, now that you know where was Roma filmed, it’s time for me to part ways with you. But I hope you enjoyed the read, so don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. And be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Roma?

The cast of the film Roma includes Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cotrina Autrey, Carlos Peralta and Marco Graf along with some other notable actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Roma?

Alfonso Cuaron is the cinematographer of the film Roma

What Is The Rating Of The Film Roma?

The film Roma has an R rating.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Roma?

2h 15m is the runtime of the film Roma.

Who Is The Costume Designer Of The Film Roma?

Anna Terrazas is the costume designer of the film Roma.


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