Where Was Secret Garden Filmed? A Family Drama Flick From 2020!!


When was the last time you watched a good family drama film? If it’s been quite a while, then we recommend you watch The Secret Garden this weekend. Today, I’ll discuss everything about this amazing film and also let you in on where was Secret Garden filmed.

The Secret Garden is a British adventure film that was released in the first week of August 2020. The story of this amazing movie was inspired by Frances Hodgson’s novel, which was published back in 1911.

The basic premise of The Secret Garden revolves around a young orphan girl who is tormented by her nefarious uncle. The plot thickens when the female lead gains access to an enchanted garden, where she meets mythical creatures and fairies.

Another version of this film was released in 1993, with the same title, which was also inspired by the same novel. However, the commercial performance of that adventure film was way higher than Marc Munden’s version.

I’ll share other important details of this fantastical film with you, but before that, let’s find out where was Secret Garden filmed.

Where Was Secret Garden Filmed? Let’s Know This Adventure Fantasy Flick Closely!

The production budget of The Secret Garden was close to $21 million. The majority of it was spent getting some of the brilliant actors to play the supporting roles. While the other half of the production budget was spent on using beautiful filming locations in England.

As the story of The Secret Garden is set in England, Munden thought it wouldn’t make much sense to capture the scenes of this movie outside of England. Plus, the fact that Munden was well acquainted with iconic shooting sites in England also helped him to choose the final filming locations for The Secret Garden.

So, after Munden joined this project back in 2018, other great actors like Colin Firth and Julie were selected to play some important roles. After the auditioning process was over by the end of the second week of April 2018, Munden and a select few members of his team began searching for filming locations.

Right after the filming locations were decided, the director double-checked the shooting dates and then asked his crew to commence shooting in England.

As per reports, the principal photography of The Secret Garden commenced in the last week of April 2018 and continued for two and a half months. During the course of the shooting, a number of outdoor scenes were captured in Cornwall, Wiltshire, and Lincolnshire.

But you’d be amazed to know that the majority of the outdoor scenes were filmed in and around North Yorkshire. Plus, after the shooting process was over in England, the director asked the filming crew to capture some outdoor scenes in Wales too.

By the final week of June 2018, all outdoor scenes of The Secret Garden were shot, after which the production members filmed the interior scenes inside Pinewood Studios. But, even though the entire filming process was over before the end of 2018, the release of this fantastical movie was delayed.

The makers were able to release this film in the theaters after almost 1 and a half years from the original release date.

Let us now take a closer look at where was Secret Garden filmed.


The first phase of shooting started on 30th April 2018 in England. The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Mary Lennox in her uncle’s home in Yorkshire, was actually filmed near Duncombe Park.

The production members also used an old manor house located near Duncombe Park, Helmsley, North Yorkshire, to capture the scenes of Mary’s new home. Other pivotal scenes of the film in North Yorkshire were captured near Fountains Abbey, Studley Royal, after which the production members moved to the next filming location.

Interestingly enough, Munden decided to shoot the exterior shots of the manor house at a different location. So, in reality, the scenes depicting the exterior shots of the burning manor house were actually captured outside of Harlaxton Manor House, located in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire.

A couple of other scenes depicting the forest were shot near the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. After these scenes were captured, the production members moved to Wales and filmed the sequences depicting the enchanted garden.

As I mentioned earlier, the remaining interior scenes of the movie were filmed inside Pinewood Studios after all outdoor shots were captured. 

If you’re really interested to know more about these places, then you can search the exact locations which I’ve mentioned and find out if any other blockbuster films or shows were shot here as well.

And now, let me give you an overview of this fantastical movie.

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Plot Of The Secret Garden | What’s It About

Where Was Secret Garden Filmed? A Family Drama Flick From 2020!!

The basic premise of The Secret Garden revolves around the character of Mary Lennox, a 9-year-old British girl who lost her parents during his early childhood. At the very beginning of the movie, the female lead moves into her uncle’s home in Yorkshire after her parent’s demise.

As the story progresses further, the demented uncouth uncle of Mary starts torturing her on a daily basis and does not let her go out. This sort of mental torture takes a toll on the mental health of Mary, and she gets into depression. But, one day, she finds access to an enchanted garden while exploring the manor house.

Watch The Secret Garden and find out how the little orphan girl is able to change her life with the help of mythical creatures.

Final Words

Friends, we’ve reached the end of this piece. I’ve mentioned all the filming locations of this movie, so the next time you watch The Secret Garden, try to identify them. If you have other questions regarding where was Secret Garden filmed, let me know in the comments.

Apart from that, if you wish to find out the filming locations of other popular films and shows, then you can browse through other entertaining blogs on Viebly.

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