Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed? The Wedding Hijack!


Who does not like a typical romantic comedy filled with amazing action scenes? There is already a plethora of action comedies online for viewers to explore, however, the latest addition to the genre is the movie Shotgun Wedding. If you have watched the trailer for the movie, you must surely be intrigued to know where was Shotgun Wedding filmed.

Shotgun Wedding is a typical rom-com with an added twist of action-packed excitement. The movie presents the turmoil of a soon-to-be wedded couple when their destination wedding goes awry. As their wedding ceremony is hijacked, the duo works together to save their families from the goons, while trying to stay with each other.

Shotgun Wedding was filmed in Boston and Dominican Republic. The scenes of the movie where the couple’s day-to-day lives are presented are filmed in Boston. But the creators felt the need to film the movie in an exotic location to capture the essence of the movie and to present a crazy action-packed plot.

We will be taking a look at where was Shotgun Wedding filmed and the general plot of the movie. If you want to check out the filming locations of other titles like Land Of The Lost and High Water you can also do that on Viebly.

Shotgun Wedding | Rediscover Love Through Calamity!

Let us take a look at the general plot of the movie before we go into detail about where was Shotgun Wedding filmed.

Shotgun Wedding is the journey of Darcy and Tom, as they plan their destination wedding while juggling between their families. The duo are very much interested in each other but find their families overbearing and intrusive. This conflict results in both of them reconsidering their decision to go through with the wedding.

However, before they could take a firm decision about their wedding, they get to know that their families have been held, hostages. Darcy and Tom are now forced to work together in an attempt to keep their friends and families safe. 

Will Darcy and Tom be able to rescue their family while working together? Will they realize the reasons why they fell for each other, or will this be the end of their relationship? You will be able to check out what happens to the duo once the movie releases on January 27, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video.

IMDb RatingNA
Director(s)Jason Moore
Writer(s)Mark Hammer
CastJosh Duhamel, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Coolidge
Release DateJanuary 27, 2023 (United States)
Production(s)Mandeville Films, Maximum Effort, Nuyorican Productions

Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed? 

Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed? The Wedding Hijack!

Shotgun Wedding seems like an interesting movie with a unique plot. We hope you are as interested in the movie as we are. 

While waiting for the movie, you can engage yourself with information related to shotgun wedding film location, as well as the locations of other movies like La La Land and La Brea.


Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed? The Wedding Hijack!

Some of the scenes of the movie Shotgun Wedding were filmed in Boston. Even though which scenes of the movie were filmed in the city will be known after the movie is out. However, it can be expected that the lives of the couple and their families will be explored in the scenes. As most of the plot of the movie is actually filmed elsewhere, there is not much to explore yet about the places where the movie was filmed. 

However, if you plan to travel to the city we can tell you a lot of places you should not miss out on. Places like Freedom Trail, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum are some of the most famous attractions in the city. Other locations that you should check out in Boston are Boston Harbor Islands State Park, Boston Public Garden, Samuel Adama Brewery, the Museum of Science, and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.

If you are a huge movie nerd, you might also be excited to know that the city of Boston has been home to a lot of films and shows as well. Some of the best films that were filmed in Boston are Knives Out, Barista, The Catcher Was A Spy, Patriots Day, Ted, The Unholy, and Zookeeper.

The Dominican Republic

Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed? The Wedding Hijack!

The major filming of the movie Shotgun Wedding happened in The Dominican Republic. Since the plot of the movie revolves around a destination wedding, the creators chose to use exotic locations for the filming of the movie. However, which regions of the country were used for the filming of the movie is not known yet.

If you are a fan of scenic locations and beautiful landscapes, you should for sure plan your next vacation to The Dominican Republic. If you don’t know where to start your journey, we can suggest you the best places to travel in the country. The most amazing locations you should visit in the Dominican Republic are Saona Island, Lake Enriquillo, 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua, Bavaro Beach, and Altos de Chavon. Besides these locations, the country has a lot of beaches and natural places for travelers to explore as well.

You might also be shocked to know that there are multiple Hollywood movies that have been filmed in the Dominican Republic as well. Some of the best movies that you must have already seen are Old, Miami Vice, and The Lost City. Other than these movies, titles like 47 Meters Down, The Feast Of The Goat, Finding Ohana, and Apocalypse Now were also filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Final Words

We have compiled all the information related to where was Shotgun Wedding filmed for you to explore. However, if you want the watch new movies, you can also find streaming platforms to explore movies like The Flight Attendant and The Dropout online.

We hope you enjoyed this read on where was Shotgun Wedding filmed. If yes, you are welcome to tell us your favorite movies and shows so that we can also cover their filming locations in the future.

When was Shotgun Wedding filmed?

The movie Shotgun Wedding was filmed in the early months of 2021 and the principal photography of the movie concluded on 22 April 2021.

What is the cast of Shotgun Wedding?

The cast of the movie Shotgun Wedding is Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Sônia Braga, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, and Cheech Marin.

Is the trailer of Shotgun Wedding available on Youtube? 

Yes, the trailer for the movie Shotgun Wedding is available for streaming on Youtube.

Who was supposed to be in the movie Shotgun Wedding?

Initially, Ryan Reynolds was considered for the lead role in the movie Shotgun Wedding, but Armie Hammer was cast for the role. However, Hammer also quit the project due to some controversial issues.

Who was the cinematographer of Shotgun Wedding?

The cinematographer of the movie Shotgun Wedding was Peter Deming.

Who wrote the script for Shotgun Wedding?

The movie Shotgun Wedding was written by Mark Hammer.

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