Where Was Supermarket Stakeout Filmed? Food Network’s Reality Tv Series!!


Do you watch reality shows like Kitchen Nightmares? If yes, then you’re going to enjoy watching Supermarket Stakeout too. Today we’ll let you in on where was Supermarket Stakeout filmed and other details of this reality show.

The popular American series Supermarket Stakeout premiered on Food Network back in 2019. The basic premise of this entertaining show is about 4 incredibly talented chefs who battle against each other in procuring food ingredients and cooking a delicious meal.

At the beginning of the pilot episode, each contestant gets $500 and has to source the best raw materials from farmers’ markets and local delis. Later they compete against each other and cook a nutritious and tasty meal inside individual pop-up kitchens.

American celebrity chef Alex G. is the host of the show. Whereas several other talented Michelin-starred chefs like Emilio Falbo, Aaron Sanchez, and others make guest appearances from time to time.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of this food series, let’s first find out where was Supermarket Stakeout filmed.

Where Was Supermarket Stakeout Filmed? Let’s Know This Reality Series Closely!

Supermarket Stakeout premiered on Food Network Channel in the second week of August 2019. Iron Chef Alex has been the showrunner for the past four years and has hosted over 51 episodes.

The latest season of Supermarket Stakeout was released last year, which was one of the most successful seasons of all time. The fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth season of this cook-out show, which is all set to release later this year.

But the question lies, where was Supermarket Stakeout filmed? To find the answers, let us first understand the show’s basic concept.

So before the filming of each season begins, a number of talented chefs are auditioned across various places in America. After the initial round of screening, the participants face a trade test, passing which qualifies them to go to the next round.

Then the shortlisted contestants cook a 7-course meal for the moderators, with limited resources inside a commercial kitchen. Finally, the last 4 contestants with the best dishes are selected for the show.

The basic concept of Supermarket Stakeout is to cook inside a pop-kitchen, which is set up by the production members outside a supermarket. So to capture America’s thriving street food scene, a number of places were scouted by the crew.

Eventually, the makers decided to shoot all episodes from the pilot season of Supermarket Stakeout in Phoenix, Arizona. The principal photography commenced in the summer of 2019 and continued for 4 weeks.

During the shooting process, the production members ran into major challenges with the authorities of Phoenix. But, after the makers intervened and de-escalated the situation with the help of the legal team, the filming crew was able to resume shooting.

Let us now take a closer look at where was Supermarket Stakeout filmed.

Phoenix, Arizona | USA

Since I’ve mentioned the basic concept of Supermarket Stakeout, I won’t go over it again. But, I do need to mention that since the series advertises a select group of supermarkets that are used by the contestants, the makers thought of drafting a special contract with Fry’s Marketplace.

This modern grocery store is located in a number of places in Phoenix. But the shop, which is situated at 4707 East Shea Boulevard, Phoenix, was used by the makers to shoot the Supermarket Stakeout episodes.

The entire first season of this show was filmed in and around this location in Phoenix. In fact, some other episodes from the following seasons were also filmed at Fry’s Marketplace.

The production members turned around the pop kitchens in no time and later used them to shoot the episodes. Several cameras were also mounted inside the store, capturing the contestants’ movement and shopping carts.

Special lighting equipment had to be used for filming the outdoor sequences during the evening. The filming of Supermarket Stakeout lasted for a month or so, after which the filming crew wrapped the entire shooting process.

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And now, let me walk you through the plot of Supermarket Stakeout. Meanwhile, you can also read WCE on Snapchat, How To Hide Mutual Friends On Facebook, and Top 7 Fastest Female Anime Characters.

Plot Of Supermarket Stakeout | What’s It About

Where Was Supermarket Stakeout Filmed? Food Network’s Reality Tv Series!!

Supermarket Stakeout is a reality game show that pits 4 talented chefs against each other. The showrunner, Alex G., gives $500 to each contestant and challenges them to procure the best item from Fry’s Marketplace.

After sourcing the ingredients, the contestants use their individual pop kitchens and cook a delicious meal for the audience and judges. At the end of each round, the contestant with the lowest rating gets eliminated from the show. Conversely, the winner is prized with $10,000 and a chance to run their own pop-up kitchen.

If you’re interested in making delicious recipes for family or friends, watch Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network now.

Final Words

Ok, friends! I’ve mentioned all the filming locations of this exciting television show. Plus, I’ve also added a number of iconic places in Phoenix, which you can visit at any time of the year and be totally amazed. So be sure to check them out.

If you have any other questions regarding where was Supermarket Stakeout filmed, let us know in the comments section below. However, if you’d like us to cover the filming locations of any other series or film of your choice, you can mention that as well.

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