Where Was Teen Mom Family Reunion Filmed? Locations Of TV Series!


Are you a fan of Teen Mom series franchise? If yes, then you must be familiar with the series Teen Mom: Family Reunion. But do you know where was Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed? If not, don’t worry. Today I’ll discuss everything about this series’ filming locations and other interesting details.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion is a reality TV series. After the three successful reality shows Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and Young and Pregnant, the network MTV premiered Teen Mom: Family reunion series on January 11, 2022. This series has eight episodes and the team announced the second season of this series on February 16, 2022.

Teen Mom is a popular franchise since 2009. It shows the lives of young moms who struggle with parenting. The next series in this franchise also revolves around young moms and their parenting struggles. But after the last series, Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant, the team came up with a new series idea, Family Reunion in 2022.

So, the moms from different series come together and celebrate their life together. To know more about this series and where was Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed, continue reading the article.

Where Was Teen Mom Family Reunion Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know!

As discussed, Teen Mom is one of the favorite series of many people so the team decided to bring some of the most popular moms from different series. But it was not easy for the crew members to convince and bring back the old cast members of the series. Because many were with young kids, some with broken life and some pregnant. However, the crew was able to convince and bring a few old cast members.

In the Teen Mom: Family Reunion series, the moms from previous shows take a break from their routine life and go for a vacation. So, where did they go for vacation and where was Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed were the major questions among the fans. Because you can see beautiful backdrops, and waterfront property and also you can see young moms enjoying the outdoor activities.

If you are also curious to know where was Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed, then read the below section to know the exact locations. Before that, you can also check out other TV series’ filming locations like Fauda, and The Waltons on our website.

San Diego | California

Where Was Teen Mom Family Reunion Filmed? Locations Of TV Series!

The series was reportedly filmed in and around the regions of San Diego, California. San Diego is well-known for its beaches, and parks. This is why the team selected this location as it suits well for the vacation theme. The perfect property was selected to shoot the series. The cast members stayed and enjoyed the reunion on the waterfront property.

But the production team faced many issues while shooting this series. Because the local members were not satisfied with their shooting. Because of the noise of cast members and the filming ambience. The neighborhoods often complained about the noise as it disturbed their peace.

Also, the production team set up bright lights around the property for shooting. It greatly affected the resident’s sleep at the night. But the filming crew members were able to manage them and completed the shooting as soon as possible. So, the major filming was done only in and around this property. And a few shots of the series were filmed in idyllic locations in San Diego.

If you have any plans to visit San Diego, then you have amazing things to see and do. Because San Diego is one of the finest cities with a warm climate. So, this city is the perfect destination that you can visit year-round. If you are a beach lover, then there are many beaches in this city that will help you relax. Also, there are so many attractions like museums, parks, architectural buildings, and beautiful towns to visit.

Furthermore, if you love to do outdoor activities, then you can enjoy surfing, kayaking, and boating in this region. So, after knowing all the interesting details about this location, I guess you will add this destination to your next vacation list. It is a perfect place to visit with your family members and friends.

Well, that’s all about where was Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed. Now, it’s time to discuss the plot of the series. So, you can get an overall idea about this popular series. You can also check out other popular reality TV series, Drink Masters, and The Bachelor which is highly entertaining.

Plot Of Teen Mom: Family Reunion | What Is The Series About?

Where Was Teen Mom Family Reunion Filmed? Locations Of TV Series!

The Teen Mom: Family Reunion is the simple concept where the cast members of the previous series of the same franchise come together for a vacation, enjoy the trip, and share all their struggles. Here are all the cast members that you can see in this series,

  • Maci McKinney
  • Amber Portwood
  • Cheyenne Floyd
  • Leah Messer
  • Briana DeJesus
  • Jade Cline
  • Ashley Jones
  • Catelynn Baltierra
  • Kayla Sessler
  • Kiaya Elliott

Final Words

Alright, folks! Now you know where was Teen Mom Family Reunion filmed.  I hope you enjoyed reading this article and find some useful information related to the series, Teen Mom: Family Reunion. If you have not watched this series, you can find this series streaming on Amazon Prime. Also, if you have watched it before then do share us with your thought about this series.

Who Are The Executive Producers Of The Series?

The executive producers of the series include Morgan J. Freeman, Dia Sokol Savage, and Larry Musnik

Which Production Companies Have Worked In This Series?

The production companies that have worked in this series include 11th Street Productions and MTV Entertainment Studios.

Who Is The Distributor Of the Series?

The distributor of the series is Paramount Media Networks.

How Many Seasons Of Teen Mom: Family Reunion Are There?

It has two seasons. Another season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter was released on January 3, 2023.

What Is The IMDb Rating Of The Series, Teen Mom: Family Reunion?

The series has a 4.5/10 IMDb rating. 

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