Where Was The Waltons Filmed? A Historical Tv Series From The Early ‘70s!!


Do you enjoy watching historical drama series? If you do, then this article is tailor-made just for you. Read this piece, to find out everything about the epic Tv series, The Waltons, starring Jon Walmsley, alongside Mary Beth. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in where was The Waltons filmed.

The American intense drama series, The Waltons premiered on the CBS television network, in 1972. This historical drama series was primarily inspired by a popular Tv movie, released in the summer of 1971. This award-winning series aired a total of 212 episodes between 9 successful seasons.

The basic premise of The Waltons revolves around an American family, who persevere through the horrific events of the Great Depression and World War II. The impact of these tough times on the lives of average American families is depicted through the story of The Waltons.

As mentioned, The Waltons successfully continued for 9 long seasons, from 1972 to 1981. Over the years, this drama series earned multiple nominations and won 20 major awards, including 13 Primetime Emmys. The critics and audiences rated the show positively and acclaimed the stunning performances of the actors in the lead roles.

Now, without any delay, let’s quickly explore where was The Waltons filmed. So that you can analyze the filming locations up close. Plus, later in this article, I’ll also give you an overview of this vintage show.

Where Was The Waltons Filmed? Let’s Know This Historical Drama Series Closely!

Earl Hammer Jr, the creator of the show, wanted to shoot the first season of The Waltons on location. However, after Earl visited the potential filming locations in Virginia, he wasn’t satisfied with the overall look of the sites.

Thus, without wasting any more time scouting for other locations around the southeastern region of America, Earl decided to shoot the series elsewhere. He then asked the production members to scout various locations in and around the state of California.

After conferring with other creative heads of the unit, Earl finally arrived at the conclusion to film the first season of The Waltons in California. Important to mention that, the other seasons which followed in the later years, were also filmed more or less, near the same locations.

The majority of the sequences were captured in and around the city of Burbank, while some minor sequences of the show were also filmed in the city of Port Hueneme.

The principal photography for the pilot season of The Waltons began in the summer of 1971 and continued for 6 weeks. The shooting of other seasons which followed was also completed in less than 6-7 weeks, as well. 

Even though the production members ran into a major problem while capturing the sequences of the first season, they managed to stay on top of the filming dates. Now, let’s discuss in detail, where was The Waltons filmed and find out more intriguing facts about the shooting spots.

Burbank, California | USA

Where Was The Waltons Filmed? A Historical Tv Series From The Early ‘70s!!

The pilot episode of the show, where we see the family estate of the Walton family in Jefferson County, was actually filmed in Burbank. The production members used the famous Warner Ranch Facilities located at the heart of this Californian city, to depict the Walton family estate.

As the majority of the stables and other fixtures of the ranch were already present, the production members weren’t required to construct anything. Although, the crew had to install special lighting equipment to capture the outdoor sequences during the night.

Other pivotal scenes in Burbank, were captured inside Warner Brothers Burbank Studios. In fact, most of the pivotal sequences from almost every season of the show was filmed inside this studio.

The production members used Stage 26 of Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, located at 4000 Warner Boulevard, to recreate the interior sequences of the show. Although important to mention, Stage 20 was later used to capture interior sequences of the seasons which followed.

Port Hueneme, California | USA

Only a handful of sequences of the show were filmed outside of Burbank. The outdoor sequences from seasons 5 and 7 were captured in the city of Port Hueneme. The production members used a sparsely populated area located on the outskirts of the city, to shoot these sequences.

Now, allow me to give you an overview of The Waltons in brief. So that you can get a fair idea about the basic premise of this show. In the meantime, you can check out The Love Witch, House Party, and Step Brothers as well.

Plot Of The Waltons | What’s It About

Where Was The Waltons Filmed? A Historical Tv Series From The Early ‘70s!!

The story of The Waltons is set during the 1930s, in Virginia. The premise of the show revolves around an affluent American family, whose lives drastically change because of the Great Depression.

With each passing episode, the adverse effect of the Depression Era in America, on the lives of the Waltons is depicted. The financial turmoil and the aftermath of World War II on the American economy are vividly showcased, through the declining lifestyle of the Walton family. Watch The Waltons to witness the perseverance of an average American family through tough times.

Final Words

Ok friends, I hope now you finally know where was The Waltons filmed. If you haven’t watched this historical series yet, do give it a shot. Do let us know if you liked the read and found what you were looking for. To read similar pieces, you can check out other articles on Viebly, as well.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show The Waltons?

The cast members of the show The Waltons include Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, and Ellen Corby along with many others.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show The Waltons??

The show Dead to Me has a total of 9 seasons, with 221 episodes in total.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Dead To Me?

Joe Conley and Leslie Winston were the producers of the show The Waltons.

What Is The Rating Of The Show The Waltons??

The show The Waltons has a TV-G rating

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show The Waltons??

Jerry Goldsmith composed the theme music of the show The Waltons.

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