Where Was Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filmed? Terrific Locations Of A Slasher Movie


Do you love watching thriller movies that give you scary experiences? If yes, then here is some great news. Because in this article, you will learn about the slasher movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022). The interesting aspect that everyone will look for when watching horror films is the filming locations. So, I’m here to help you know where was Texas Chainsaw Massacre filmed.

Directed by David Blue Garcia, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an American Slasher movie. This is the ninth film of the series and was released on February 18, 2022, on Netflix. Before you watch this movie, I would suggest you watch the series released in 1974 of the same name. Because it is a direct sequel, the series will help you understand the plot better.

The plot revolves around serial killer Leatherface, who targets a group of young people and clashes with an angry survivor from his previous crimes. Watch the film to know whether it is superior or inferior to other films in this franchise. If you want to watch a thriller movie after completing this one, then I recommend you watch Single Black Female.

The entire filming of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre took place in Bulgaria. Within Bulgaria, the filmmakers shot several scenes in different locations, like Sofia. The makers of the movie were very careful in choosing locations that will leave you stunned while watching the movie. So, I have a lot to say about the movie plot and Where was Texas Chainsaw Massacre filmed. Get ready to find interesting information below.

Plot Of Texas Chainsaw Massacre| The Story Of The Blood-Thirsty Killer

After the horrible events of 1973, entrepreneur Melody, who lives in San Francisco, plans a business trip to Harlow, Texas. She decides to go on the trip with her pals and Lila, her younger sister. But as soon as they show up, the legendary serial murderer Leatherface makes a comeback and starts hunting for the group.

Sally Hardesty, the lone survivor of Leatherface’s previous rampage, proves to be an odd adversary for him as he continues his murderous spree. His thirst for blood and her desire for vengeance now clash, further harming Melody and her allies.

The cinematography of the film, which is set against a rural Texas landscape, aids in raising the story’s suspense. The specific location of the ninth installment’s filming has piqued the interest of many franchise fans. Here is all the information on Where was Texas Chainsaw Massacre filmed.

Where Was Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filmed? Find Out The Locations Now!

Where Was Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filmed? Terrific Locations Of A Slasher Movie

The whole “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie was filmed in Bulgaria, mainly in Sofia. The movie’s main photography started on August 17, 2020, and ended in October of the same year. Working together and visiting the tranquil locations was enjoyable for the actors and crew. Let’s now take a deeper look at the locations used for filming.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Where Was Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filmed? Terrific Locations Of A Slasher Movie

The majority of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. The historic site in this city will provide you with a fresh perspective on Sofia’s turbulent past. Sofia Center Neighborhood is another filming location of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

If you love exploring historical places, then there is no better option than to visit Sofia. You will find many ancient buildings like St. George Rotunda, St. Sofia Church, Boyana Church, and many other historical places. So, when your vacation is ahead, it’s time to plan for Sofia with your family members.

When you visit Sofia, you could also get a chance to explore the filming locations for various movies like Texas Chainsaw 3D, True Grit, and Cool Hand Luke. It makes you remember a few interesting things.

Nu Boyana Film Studios

Where Was Texas Chainsaw Massacre Filmed? Terrific Locations Of A Slasher Movie

The makers of the movie used Nu Boyana Film Studios to shoot many of the scenes. This studio is situated at 84 Kumaran Street, Cinema Center Boyana. It is the main filming destination for many international films. The underwater scenes of The Princess movie were also shot in this studio.

The filmmakers of many other films also chose this studio because it fits well for all genres of movies. Popular movies like Hitman, Ninja, The Fourth Kind, Leatherface, and many other makers used this studio to complete their movie production.

Therefore, Sofia is the preferred filming location because of its unrivaled scenic splendor. The filmmakers mainly choose Sofia, especially for its reduction in tax and production costs. Furthermore, the city boasts a network of skilled artists and crew members.

Final Words

Thus, we’ve reached the end of the article. I hope the above information on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie plot and Where was Texas Chainsaw Massacre filmed is clear for you. Choosing to watch this horror flick can be the best option on your weekend night. For the best experience, watch the movie with your friends. It can be fun to scare your friend sitting near you while watching the movie.

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Who Is The Director of The Movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

David Blue Garcia is the director of the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Movie?

The screenplay writer of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Chris Thomas Devlin.

Who Wrote The Story Of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Fede Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues are the writers of the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Who All Acted In The Movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The cast members of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre include Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Moe Dunford, Nell Hudson, Jessica Allain, Olwen Fouéré, Jacob Latimore, and Alice Krige.

Is The Movie Available On Netflix?

Yes, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is available to watch on Netflix.

Which Production Companies Have Worked On The Movie?

The production companies that have worked on Texas Chainsaw Massacre include Legendary Pictures, Exurbia Films, and Bad Hombre.

How Long Is The Movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The duration of the movie is 1h 23m.

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