Where Was Breakheart Pass Filmed? A Western Flick From The 70s!


Do you like to spend your evening watching good old Western dramas? If you do, then you can find an endless choice of Western movies to watch and enjoy. So, in this article, I’ll introduce you to one of the popular Western dramas Breakheart Pass (1975), and other exciting details like where was Breakheart Pass filmed.

The American Western film Breakheart Pass is based on Alistair Maclean’s novel of the same title. The film was produced by Jerry Gershwin and Elliott Kastner and was directed by Tom Gries. The film received favorable reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.7/10. The visuals in Western films play a vital role in elevating the movie’s experience for the audience. This is why many people prefer to know the details of the Western movie’s filming location.

So, if you also prefer to know the location details, follow this article till the end to find out where was Breakheart Pass filmed.

Where Was Breakheart Pass Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

The movie Breakheart Pass revolves around John Deakin, an undercover agent who travels on a train as a prisoner to stop the shipment of U.S. weapons to India. The movie’s plot is engaging with twists and a blend of actions.

Unlike many Western movies set in ranch and dry lands, this film is set on a train. The film showcases the incidents that happen on the train. However, the production team created beautiful settings inside the train, and the aerial snow views give the audience the authentic Western drama experience.

The production team selected regions like Lewiston and Arizona for the filming. To shoot the train sequences, the team hired the train tracks and carriages for $500,000. So, the filming of Breakheart Pass began on February 24, 1975.

Now, let me tell you the exact location details where was Breakheart Pass filmed.

Lewiston, Idaho | USA

Where Was Breakheart Pass Filmed? A Western Flick From The 70s!

The primary location that served as the movie’s backdrop is Lewiston, the second-largest city in the Idaho region. This city has many outdoor areas to explore and is also known as the entertainment center. The production team of Breakheart Pass constructed a set outside the Arrow junction to film the opening sequences.

The movie’s vital scenes, including Railroad and some fight scenes, were filmed on the Camas Prairie Railroad. The team could shoot all the sequences without any issues in this region. Some other movies filmed in and around Lewiston include Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, The River Thief, and Diesel Brothers.

Lewiston is also the best vacation destination where everyone can find something that caters to their needs. It is the charming northwest paradise in Idaho where you can visit the attractions like Hells Gate State Park, Hells Canyon, Lewis-Clerk Valley, Snake River, Glass Park, and Historical Society & Museum. 

For fun and relaxation, you can go Tubing and Rafting, taste your favorite foods at the best restaurants, and visit one of the main tourist attractions, Locomotive Park.

Arizona | USA

Where Was Breakheart Pass Filmed? A Western Flick From The 70s!

Next, the production team moved to Arizona state for filming. Arizona is one of the popular locations that served as a backdrop in many Western genre films, including The Stalking Moon, Three Amigos, and Chisum.

The production team utilized Williams City, located in the northern region of Arizona. The team used the Grand Canyon Railway to shoot some train sequences. Williams, Arizona, has many historic landmarks, Museums, and Stunning mountain sceneries. This is why many filmmakers used this region for filming. Some movies filmed in Williams include Midnight Run, The Canyon, and The Day Of Wolves.

This region has many attractions to explore, including the Bearizona Wildlife Park, Canyon Dave, Elephant Rocks Golf Course, and Sycamore Canyon. Some movie scenes were also filmed in the Kaibab National Forest.

Interesting Production Details

The director changed the plot from the original story, which the lead role, Charles Bronson, did not like. So, he asked the team to make some changes to the script. However, the team did not change the script, and Bronson, with half-heart, completed the production.

One of the famous crash scenes of caboose and troop carriages in the movie was choreographed by the stuntman Canutt. To shoot this scene, the team used six cameras across the canyon. The Lapwai Canyon region was used for filming the crash scene.

Well, these are all the interesting details of where was Breakheart Pass filmed you need to know. Now, let me explain to you the plot of Breakheart Pass.

Plot Of Breakheart Pass | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Breakheart Pass Filmed? A Western Flick From The 70s!

The military camp people suffer from the sudden epidemic of diphtheria infection. So, the authorities send a train with medical supplies and reinforcements to help them. Along with the other passengers, The Governor, and his fiancée Marica, travel in the same train. U.S. Marshal Pearce and his Prisoner, John Deakin, are on board when the train stops at one stop.

As the train passes, the mysterious group kills the passengers one by one. Now, the twist is that John Deakin reveals his identity as a detective and says that the train does not carry medical supplies but rifles and other U. S. arms. He also finds that Governor and Marshal are part of this crime.

Marica and Army major agree to help John to stop the arms shipment. Will they be able to prevent the delivery? To find out, watch this Western drama today.

Final Words

Well, the above are all the details you need to know related to where was Breakheart Pass filmed. If you found this article helpful, check other filming location articles, including The Shootist, Casablanca, and Seraphim Falls.

What is the primary element that has changed in the movie from the original story?

The original identity of John Daiken is revealed only at the end of the story, but in the movie; the script reveals Daiken as a detective earlier.

Who played the Marshal Pearce role in the film?

Ben Johnson played the Marshal Pearce role in the film.

What is the budget for the film Breakheart Pass?

The budget of the movie is $ 6 million.

What is Williams City also known as?

William City is popularly known as Gateway to The Grand Canyon.

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