Where Was The Fifth Element Filmed? An Action Adventure Movie From 1997!!


If you’re looking for a similar film like The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis, then read this article till the end. Because today, I’ll tell you everything about the sci-fi movie, The Fifth Element, and later let you in on where was The Fifth Element filmed.

The Fifth Element is an action-adventure film that was released two years prior to the dystopian movie, The Sixth Sense. Upon its release in 1997, this futuristic movie became super-popular amongst science fiction movie lovers.

The basic premise of The Fifth Element revolves around the character of Korben Dallas, a former special agent working as a taxi driver. The plot thickens when the male lead takes on the responsibility to defeat the evil overlord, Mr. Zorg, and save the world from the apocalypse.

The commercial performance of this movie was outstanding, to say the least. The Fifth Element grossed over $239 million at the box office and became a worldwide sensation. This engrossing film was also nominated for an Oscar, apart from collecting 38 other nominations. Over the years, The Fifth Element won 10 major awards.

Are you ready to find out where was The Fifth Element filmed? Are you excited to know more about this award-winning sci-fi film? Then without waiting any longer, let’s get started!

Where Was The Fifth Element Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Adventure Flick Closely!

The dystopian film was released in France before anywhere else in the world. The original title of The Fifth Element is Le Cinquieme Element. The story of this film was actually inspired by Luc Besson’s story, which he wrote a couple of years prior to the movie.

But, when it came to writing the screenplay for this project, Besson didn’t hesitate in collaborating with other screenplay writers. So before the filming locations were selected, Besson was having meetings with famous Hollywood scriptwriters.

Eventually, Besson reached an agreement with Robert Mark Kamen and decided to take him on board as a screenplay writer. After the narrative was set by the director and Robert, Besson started looking for ideal filming locations in America.

Since, the story of The Fifth Element is set in a dystopian future, Besson knew he had to use the best film studio to get the interior shots of the movie perfect. Special technicians and designers from Japan were also asked to join the unit.

The principal photography of The Fifth Element commenced in the final week of June 1996 and continued till the last week of November, of the same year. The majority of the sequences of this movie were shot in and around England.

Meanwhile, the outdoor scenes from the final quarter of the movie were captured in Iceland. Apart from these exterior scenes, the interior shots of The Fifth Element were filmed inside a famous film studio in Iver Heath.

Let us now take a closer look at where was The Fifth Element filmed. We will now discuss the specific filming locations of this movie one by one. Later, I’ll walk you through the plot of The Fifth Element as well. 

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The first phase of shooting started in London. The opening sequence of the movie was shot in Westminster, Greater London. The production members used a commercial building located near Westminster to capture the sequences depicting the holding cell.

But, before these shots were captured, the production members had to change a lot of things inside the same building. The director asked his crew to turn around the entire building to make it look like a futuristic jail.

As the production members had taken permission from the building owner before the shooting process started, they were able to make changes quickly. Other important outdoor scenes were filmed near Covent Garden, which is also located in Westminster.

After all these shots were captured, the production members moved to the village of Iver Heath. The remaining interior scenes were then captured inside Pinewood Studios on several sound stages.

Other Filming Locations

The outdoor scenes from the final quarter of The Fifth Element were filmed entirely in Iceland. The production members moved to Austurland and captured some brilliant shots near Vatnajokull.

By the final week of November 1996, all shots of The Fifth Element were captured. After that, the production members wrapped up the entire shooting process and started working on the promotion of the movie.

Friends, these were the specific filming locations that were used in the making of The Fifth Element. Now that I’ve revealed all of them let’s go a step further. I’ll now walk you through the plot of this dystopian movie so that you can easily decide whether you should watch The Fifth Element or not.

Plot Of The Fifth Element | What’s It About

Where Was The Fifth Element Filmed? An Action Adventure Movie From 1997!!

The basic premise of The Fifth Element revolves around the character of Korben Dallas, a former special agent working as a cab driver in a futuristic world. In the beginning, the Egyptian priests hand over a mystical artifact to the Mondoshawans to defeat an evil overlord.

Almost three hundred years later, the Mondoshawans establish an intelligent civilization on Earth and prepare to face the wrath of General Zorg. Meanwhile, the character of Korben Dallas takes the opportunity to save a mysterious girl from the prison and later trains her to use her supernatural powers.

Watch The Fifth Element and find out the full story.

Final Words

Alright, this is the final part. We’ve reached the end of this piece, friends, so let’s summarize what we’ve discussed today. In this article, I’ve mentioned the filming locations of this dystopian movie and let you in on some interesting facts.

So, if you think the plot was intriguing and you wish to know The Fifth Element’s full story, then do watch this film. Otherwise, if you’d like to read similar pieces like where was The Fifth Element filmed, then browse through our website. I’m sure you’d find a number of entertaining blogs on Viebly

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