What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? 4 Fun & Cute Meanings! 


Okay, people, it’s time to sharpen our Instagram lingo a little more. I know you have spent hours mugging up Internet slang, and it probably wasn’t easy, but there’s still more to learn. New abbreviations keep popping up on social media every now and then, and if you want to stay cool and trendy on platforms like Instagram, you’ve got to learn things like what does MCE mean on Instagram. 

Now, I know that understanding, learning, and then making use of the different types of lingo can be challenging, to say the least. Because, how do you understand where you’ve to use what, and when you have to use it? You may have many questions about the topic. But, don’t worry! In this article, I’ll be telling you what does MCE mean on Instagram in the simplest way possible!

Find Out What Does MCE Mean On Instagram Here | 4 Quirky Meanings Of The Abbreviation Decoded! 

Above I said that I’ll be simplifying the meaning of MCE for you. However, I must tell you that, just like all other acronyms on Instagram, MCE too has various different meanings that are used across a variety of situations. And, if you want to know what to use where, when, and how, you’ll have to know all the different meanings of the term!

This may look like a daunting task. And, it’s understandable why. But, the examples I’ll provide will make it easier for you to understand the meanings of MCE. So, put your worries aside and keep reading to know what does MCE mean on Instagram! 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Man Crush Everyday?

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? 4 Fun & Cute Meanings! 

The most popular meaning of MCE is Man Crush Everyday. MCE is both used as a popular hashtag and as an abbreviation. In fact, MCE is part of a popular trend on the platform! In this trend, people share pictures of men that they find attractive in their stories and use this hashtag. They may or may not tag the man, it doesn’t matter; the message is loud and clear to everyone– they have a crush on that man. 

There’s another hashtag similar to MCE, it’s called Man Crush Wednesday (MCW). The difference between the two is that MCW can only be used on Wednesday, whereas MCE can be used on any day of the week; it’s not limited to one.

Apart from being used as a cool hashtag, MCE is also used in conversations. If you don’t want to publicly show the man you have got a crush on, it’s fine. You can simply send a picture of him to your friend on Instagram with the acronym MCE. This too will pass the message to your friend. 

A conversation around the same may look like this:

Anne: Who is this guy in the picture?

Lara: He’s my MCE. Isn’t he cute?! 😍

Oh, and the usage of MCE is not limited to the strangers you find attractive or happen to have a crush on. People use MCE for their partners as well. For example, people may post a picture of their partner and use the hashtag MCE in captions. Isn’t this super wholesome? 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean My Crush Everyday? 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? 4 Fun & Cute Meanings! 

Another meaning of MCE is my crush everyday. It’s similar in meaning to the Man Crush Everyday, except man is being replaced by my in this one. This means you can use My Crush Everyday for anyone. It isn’t limited to one particular gender. 

So, you can post pictures of the people you like on your stories and use the hashtag my crush everyday. And not just crushes, you can also use this hashtag for your partner to remind them of the time you guys weren’t really in a relationship but used to admire each other from afar. It will be quite romantic. 

You can also use MCE in conversations with your friends and partners. Here’s how you can do it:

Jake: So, you still love Lara?

Tom: Yes, man. She’s MCE ❤️ always has, and will always be. 

Also, you will find that people do not use my crush everyday for their partners or crushes alone. Quite often, people use MCE for their best friends or close friends as well. It is a way of showing affection and appreciation for them. 

Here’s an example of the same:

Jean: You know I love you, right? You’re MCE. 🤗

Marie: Yes, I do. The feeling is mutual 🥰

So, yes, there are multiple ways you can use my crush everyday! Quite cute, right? 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Mass Contact Elimination? 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? 4 Fun & Cute Meanings! 

So what do you do after you have just broken up with someone? Cry and put in efforts to get them back after they have chosen to walk out of your life? No. We block them from Instagram and move on for good. Oh wait, there’s a special abbreviation on social media for the same. It’s called MCE, Mass Contact Elimination. 

MCE means cutting out/ eliminating all forms of communication (like calls, emails, Snapchat, Instagram, etc) with someone in an attempt to remove them from your life for good. Doing so provides you with the highest level of inner peace. Also, MCE is not just limited to getting over an ex-partner, it can also be used for someone who’s toxic/ causes you unnecessary stress/ is detrimental to your mental health. 

Here’s how you can use MCE in your conversations:

Jake: I heard you broke up with your girlfriend. 

Sam: Yeah, I did. It’s time for MCE now. 

Needless to say, MCE is one of the best things you can do to speed up the recovery process after a breakup. 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Minecraft Explore? 

What Does MCE Mean On Instagram? 4 Fun & Cute Meanings! 

Yet another meaning of the abbreviation MCE is Minecraft Explore. In case you don’t know what it is, well, it’s a YouTube series wherein a blue alien called Alien Waldo goes out to explore Minecraft mods. His journey is chronicled over several episodes. 

Now, you may be thinking about what Minecraft is doing on Instagram. Well, it’s more about fans of the series than the series itself. Fans may make fan accounts, post about it on their own accounts, etc. Plus, the abbreviation is also used in conversations on the app. 

Here’s an example of the same:

Peter: Hey, did you check out the latest MCE video?!

Pam: yes, I did! The cat lady was set on fire with a voodoo doll!! Alien Waldo is just insane! 

Final Words

Alright, people! We’ve reached the bottom of this post, and so, I hope you know what does MCE mean on Instagram! The abbreviation carries various different meanings on the platform and that’s why it can be used in a variety of ways. Above, I’ve discussed each of the scenarios in detail. But, if there’s some other meaning or usage of the acronym, kindly share it with everyone in the comments! 

What does MHM mean in dating?

It’s a positive response, however, and shows agreement with you as the acronym of ‘mm-hmmm’. Mhm is used the same way online or via text message as it is in real life. Generally speaking, mhm always means “yes,” but it’s not always as clear or enthusiastic sounding as a direct “yes”.

What does NAS mean on Instagram?

This stands for ‘No Strings Attached’. This is when people are looking for a relationship sans commitment. This is almost like an open relationship, but it does not always mean that people in an NSA relationship will also be seeing other people.

What does MCE mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, MCE means Merry Christmas Everyone, Modern Chess Endings, etc.

What does MCM mean in texting?

Man Crush Monday refers to a social media trend dedicated to posting pictures of and expressing affection for attractive or admirable men on Mondays.

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