Where Was The Hating Game Filmed? Unlikeliest Of Loves!


Do you know what is more exciting than love at first? Hate at first site! We don’t know about you, but have you ever hated someone with such a passion that the hate turned into love? No? Just in the movies then? Be that as it may, The Hating Game is a movie that has exactly the same storyline! And if you’re wondering where was The Hating Game filmed, then you’re at the right place!

Originally written by Sally Thorne, The Hating Game is based on a book of the same name. The movie is directed by the talented Peter Hutchings and shows us how everything is fair in love and ‘job’. Starring in lead roles we have Lucy Hales, Austin Stowell, and Damon Daunno.

So, where was The Hating Game filmed? The movie is based in a corporate office located in New York and that is where the movie has been filmed as well! Locations are spread across the city and include places like the Hudson River and Upstate New York. Filming for the movie started in late 2020 and wrapped up quickly as the pandemic surged.

The Hating Game has interesting filming locations as New York is always a difficult place to film. Directors often choose to film the movie elsewhere even if the story is based in New York. The movie Morbius is a classic example of that!

The Plot Of The Hating Game | What Is The Movie About?

As we move on to see where was The Hating Game filmed, let’s first take a moment to understand what the movie is about! The Hating Game was first supposed to start filming in March 2020 but was delayed due to the lockdowns. It finally got a green signal to film in November 2020 and wrapped up the shoot quickly.

The Hating Game follows the lives of two executive assistants, Lucy and Josh, who hate each other. The two are looking to the corporate ladder in their company and the only thing standing in their way is each other. With both hating each other with a strong passion, things soon go out of hand.

The romantic comedy sees the two engage in a war of words, silly fights, and petty revenge. With a new position on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. That is until Lucy starts to have feelings for each other. The two stop the cat-and-mouse game and plan to call a truce.

That is until Lucy finds out Josh doesn’t actually feel the same way but is only doing it as a part of his ‘game’. But what Lucy feels is real and now she must consider what is more important to her. The job or her heart. The Hating Game will definitely make you LOL hard but it’s going to make you feel mushy as well!

Where Was The Hating Game Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

The Hating Game received a limited theatrical release, again, thanks to the covid lockdowns. This meant the movie quickly moved on to Video On Demand services. While the onscreen chemistry has been the one everyone is talking about, the locations cannot be ignored either!

So then, where was The Hating Game filmed? Let’s take a look at all the places!

Upstate New York, New York, USA

Where Was The Hating Game Filmed? Unlikeliest Of Loves!

The Hating Game doesn’t just have indoor scenes of the actors confined in their offices. Oh no, the movie does take place mostly outside. The location where most of the movie has been shot in Upstate New York. The place is as the name suggests, up the state. 

Located to the north of bustling New York City, the region is known for its diverse cultures. Upstate also has constantly changing landscapes. Filled with mountains, rivers, and nice lakes the location is the ideal place to be. 

Upstate New York also provided a safe space for the cast and crew during the pandemic. While there were fewer restrictions, the crew still needed to operate at a safe distance. The open areas in the region made the job easier for the crew during filming.

One of the prominent scenes that have been shot here is towards the end of the movie. As Lucy and Josh reconcile, they are standing on a deck. Which is adorned by snow in all directions. The wintery vibe gives the movie a wholesome and complete look.

New York City, New York, USA

Where Was The Hating Game Filmed? Unlikeliest Of Loves!

The city that never sleeps has this name for a reason. It’s a concrete jungle where dreams are made of and Lucy and Josh will do whatever it takes to achieve their own dreams. The Hating Game has an awesome backdrop of buildings and modern architecture in it. That is all thanks to the scenes that have been shot in the city.

The main focal points of attraction that are normal to a common New Yorker are the scenes of the Empire State building, the Met museum, and Central Park. The scenes set in these locations have actually been shot there and not in a stadium hundreds of miles away!

Ulster County, New York, USA

Where Was The Hating Game Filmed? Unlikeliest Of Loves!

Due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns, some of the previously scouted locations had to be changed. This is where Ulster County was used to film some of the shots for The Hating Game. With a rich history and strong colonial past attached to it, Ulster County is an interesting place to visit. It is definitely one of the counties you should go to when you’re visiting New York!

Final Words

These are the locations for today. We hope now you know where was The Hating Game filmed! While there is no doubt of the movie is hilarious, it is also a cute romance movie. Seeing someone actually choose love over a superficial position in a company. Now, we don’t get to see that every day, do we?

If you found these locations interesting, then check out where shows like Pretty Little Liars has been filmed. It features Lucy Hale too! You should also check out where Line of Duty has been filmed! 

Where to watch The Hating Game?

You can watch The Hating Game on Amazon Prime

Why is The Hating Game movie rated R?

The Hating Game is rated R for adult content and adult language.

Who plays Lucy in The Hating Game?

Lucy Hale plays the role of Lucy Hutton in The Hating Game!

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