Where Was The Help Filmed? An Oscar-Winning Period Drama!


Are you looking to take a break from rom-com and action movies and watch an inspirational period drama? If yes, I suggest you watch the brilliant period drama The Help (2011). It is one of the best movies released in 2011 and a film worth a watch. So, to learn more about this amazing drama and where was The Help filmed, follow the article till the end.

The period drama movie The Help is based on the novel of the same name written by Kathryn Stockett and published in 2009. Tate Taylor worked on the script and directed the film. The Help features multiple actors, including Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer, and Allison Janney.

The basic premise revolves around an aspiring white writer, Skeeter. To become the best journalist, she writes a book from the perspective of two black maids. The book mainly exposes the racism they encounter while working for white families.

The Help received positive reviews from critics, and the actors received massive appreciation for their impeccable performance. The film was also a commercial success and grossed over $216 million against a production budget of $25 million. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, keep your expectations high because the film will take you through a roller-coaster of emotions like happiness, crying, and laughing.

Now, are you excited to know more about the filming locations of this heart-touching movie? If yes, continue reading the article about where was The Help filmed.

Where Was The Help Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

The movie’s pre-production began in early 2010, and the team announced the cast members in March 2010. The movie is set in 1960, and the production team was clear about filming in the exact locations than using the studios to make the best visuals and give an authentic experience to the audience.

So, the team selected Greenwood city and nearby places for filming. The filming of The Help movie began in July 2010 and continued till October 2010. So, many famous locations were used in this movie. Now, without any delay, let’s discuss the exact details of where was The Help filmed.

Greenwood, Mississippi | USA

Where Was The Help Filmed? An Oscar-Winning Period Drama!

The movie is centered around household work, and the team used real homes for filming. Skeeter house scenes were filmed at Whittington Farm, located at County Road. To shoot the interior scenes of the home, the production team used another house located at River Road.

Many pivotal scenes were filmed in houses on different streets, including West Taft Street, Poplar Street, Stephens Road, and Grand Boulevard. The Little Zion MB Church was used to shoot the church scenes. Next, the team used the Mississippi Garden Club, Old Greenwood Elks Lodge, and Leflore County Courthouse for filming a few movie sequences.

A Pocket Full Of Poises is the bookstore at Howard Street which serves as the backdrop for one scene. So, the team covered the maximum areas of Greenwood to shoot the vital sequences. Till is another popular movie that was filmed in the regions of Greenwood.

Jackson, Mississippi | USA

Where Was The Help Filmed? An Oscar-Winning Period Drama!

Next, the production team decided to film a few sequences in the capital city of Mississippi, Jackson. It is the most populous city and is famous for its numerous museums.

The team used Brent’s Drugs to shoot the sequences where Skeeter finds her old friends. The Mayflower Café, located at North Roach, was used to film the dating scene of Stuart and Skeeter. Some scenes were filmed in the State Capitol Building and Shell gas Station.

Clarksdale, Mississippi | USA

Where Was The Help Filmed? An Oscar-Winning Period Drama!

The team traveled to Clarksdale to film a couple of movie sequences. In one scene, Skeeter visits Jackson Journal to apply for a job, but this scene was filmed at Clarksdale Press Register. Another pivotal scene of the movie was filmed at Wong’s Foodland.

Well, these are all the details you need to know about where was The Help filmed. On our website, you can also check out the details of other movies, like Wild and The Heat Of The Night, that were filmed in the Mississippi region. Now, let me tell you the plot of The Help.

Plot Of The Help | What Is The Story About?

Where Was The Help Filmed? An Oscar-Winning Period Drama!

In the movie The Help, Skeeter, an aspiring writer, decides to write the struggles of black women maids. So, first, she starts to hear the story from one of her housekeeper friends, Aibileen. After this, many women from the black community came forward to talk about their issues in their work. So, do you want to know what impact the book creates in society after its publication? If yes, then watch this powerful movie as soon as possible.

Final Words

Alright, readers! I hope now you know where was The Help filmed. If you visit Mississippi, visit the locations mentioned above and spot the filming site. If you enjoyed this article, read the other filming location articles on our website.

Who is the cinematographer of The Help?

The cinematographer of the movie is Stephen Goldblatt.

Who is the distributor of The Help?

The distributor of the movie is Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture.

What is the IMDb rating of the movie The Help?

The Help has an IMDb rating of 8.1/10.

What is the runtime of the movie The Help?

The runtime of the movie is 2 hours 26 minutes.

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