Where Was The Story Of Us Filmed? A Classic Romantic Drama From 1999!!


Have you watched too many intense movies lately and are looking for something lighthearted? Then we recommend The Story of Us, starring Bruce Willis. Follow this article to find out where was The Story of Us filmed, along with some interesting details.

The Story of Us is a romantic comedy film that was co-produced and directed by Rob Reiner. This movie became widely popular after it was released in the summer of 1999. Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer featured in the lead roles, while Colleen Renninson played the supporting role.

The basic premise of The Story of Us revolves around the characters of Ben and Katie Jordan, a loving American couple married for 15 years. The story gets interesting when a third person enters Ben and Katie’s life, which eventually puts their relationship to the test.

The makers of this comedy-drama film were not satisfied with the commercial performance of The Story of Us.

This lighthearted movie only managed to surpass the production budget of $50 million by $8 million. Over the years, The Story of Us collected several nominations and also won a prestigious award.

If you are wondering where was The Story of Us filmed, then without waiting anymore, let’s check out the shooting locations of this multi-starrer flick.

Where Was The Story Of Us Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Drama Film Closely!

The story of The Story of Us is set in California. Although surprisingly enough, when Rob Reiner was looking for ideal filming locations, he decided to check out the international filming locations first.

Since Rob had the liberty of working with a high shooting budget, he thought it would be best to shoot the outdoor scenes in and around exotic locations. But, soon, this idea was trashed by the director as the production members couldn’t find the sort of location which Rob was looking for.

Consequently, Rob instructed his team members to come back to America and look for filming locations on and around the East Coast. As per reports, the locations which were scouted by the production members in and around the city of New York were also not approved by Rob.

Eventually, the director arranged a special meeting to get a final breakthrough. After a couple of weeks, Rob and a couple of members of his team scouted through the state of California, looking for ideal shooting sites.

After months of searching, Rob Reiner and his team were finally able to locate a number of picturesque shooting locations within the state of California. Soon, the shooting process began.

The principal photography of The Story of Us commenced in the first week of November 1998 and continued until the end of February 1999. During the entire filming process, the majority of the outdoor shots were filmed in America, specifically in and around the state of California.

However, the production members also had to travel to Italy to shoot some outdoor scenes from the final quarter of the movie. The filming process of The Story of Us went on smoothly, for the most part.

However, the filming crew ran into minor issues while filming the outdoor scenes in Italy. But, thankfully, none of the issues were serious enough to keep the production members from filming.

Let us now take a closer look at where was The Story of Us filmed.

California | USA

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the characters of Ben and Katie inside their sweet home, was filmed in California. The production members used a medium-sized house located on the outskirts of Santa Clarita to film the interior scenes of Ben’s previous home.

The sequences depicting Ben’s new apartment, however, were filmed in a different location. Since the director wanted to depict the upgraded lifestyle of the lead actor, he decided to showcase Ben’s new home in West Hollywood.

So the scenes depicting Ben and Katie’s new apartment were filmed outside of Harper House, located at 1334 North Harper Avenue, West Hollywood, California.

A couple of other important outdoor scenes of the movie were captured in the city of Los Angeles. After the interior scenes of The Story of Us were filmed in Culver Studios, located at 9336 West Washington Boulevard, the crew traveled overseas.

The ending scene of the movie was then filmed in the city of Venice, Italy, after which the shooting process was wrapped.

Guys, these were all the filming locations that were used in the making of The Story of Us. Now, let me give you an overview of this romantic movie. Meanwhile, you can also read True Beauty, Smallville, and Wonder Woman.

Plot Of The Story Of Us | What’s It About

Where Was The Story Of Us Filmed? A Classic Romantic Drama From 1999!!

The basic premise of The Story of Us revolves around the characters of Ben and Katie Jordan, a loving American couple married for 15 years. At the beginning of the movie, the character of Ben appears to be in a good mood while romancing his wife.

But as the story progresses, Katie and Ben’s relationship turns out to be a total facade, which they put up for the happiness of their kids. In reality, the male and female leads hate each other’s guts. When the character of Shaiman emerges, the female lead eventually decides to end the marriage for good.

Watch The Story of Us and find out more about the complex relationship between Katie and Ben.

Final Words

Friends, we’ve reached the end of this article. I hope you’ve noted the filming locations of The Story of Us, which I’ve mentioned above. If you have any questions regarding where was The Story of Us filmed, let us know in the comments section below.

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Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film The Story Of Us?

Michael Chapman is the cinematographer of the film The Story Of Us.

What Is The Rating Of The Film The Story Of Us?

The film The Story Of Us has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film The Story Of Us?

Eric Clapton is the music director of the film The Story Of Us.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film The Story Of Us?

Rob Reiner and Jessie Nelson are the producers of the film The Story Of Us, amongst a few other.

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