Where Was A Summer Romance Filmed? Erin Krakow’s Romantic Drama Flick!!


If you love romantic movies featuring Erin Krakow, then you must see A Summer Romance. Follow this article until the end and find out where was A Summer Romance filmed, along with some other interesting details of this special movie.

The American romantic comedy flick, A Summer Romance, premiered on the Hallmark channel back in the summer of 2019. This Hallmark original film was David Winning, while Robert Miller wrote the original screenplay for this project.

The basic premise of A Summer Romance revolves around the character of Richard, a middle-aged wealthy American businessman. The plot thickens when the lead actor travels to Montana for a business meeting and later falls in love with a business associate.

The commercial performance of A Summer Romance was phenomenal. This Tv movie became super popular within the first month of its release. The makers of A Summer Romance were elated with the movie’s overall success. This romantic drama film won two major awards and has collected several other nominations.

If you’re ready to find out where A Summer Romance was filmed, then let’s get started without waiting any more.

Where Was A Summer Romance Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Drama Film Closely!

The story of A Summer Romance is set entirely in America. However, the shooting of this romantic film took place in Canada. David took this decision because he was well acquainted with the mesmerizing filming locations in British Columbia.

So after the project was announced in 2018, David and his team spent most of their time selecting the cast members. As soon as the audition process was over, David asked some production members to travel with him to Canada.

Then, the select group of team members headed by the director scouted around a number of places in British Columbia. At one point, David thought of shooting the entire movie in and around the city of Vancouver. 

However, after the director visited the jaw-dropping locations in Surrey, he was more than convinced to shoot his entire film there. Subsequently, he asked the production members to prepare for shooting.

The principal photography commenced in the third week of April 2019 and continued till the first week of May of the same year. As the makers were hoping to release the movie by August 2019, the production members had to work extra to stay on top of the shooting schedule.

David paid close attention to detail while the production designers were working. However, the director also made sure that no time was wasted on trivial stuff as he had to finish the project quickly.

The filming permissions, too, were acquired in advance to avoid any delay or confusion during the course of shooting. Let us now quickly go ahead and take a closer look at where was A Summer Romance filmed.

Surrey, British Columbia | Canada

Where Was A Summer Romance Filmed? Erin Krakow’s Romantic Drama Flick!!

The city of Surrey is an important part of British Columbia and is located between the Fraser River and the U.S. border. As the financial capital of Canada, this city holds the utmost significance in boosting the economy of the country through import and export.

The movie’s opening sequence, depicting Richard’s swanky office located in one of the high-rise buildings in America, was actually filmed in the financial district of Surrey. The production members filmed this sequence inside a corporate office in Surrey’s downtown area.

Other important sequences of the movie were filmed near Boundary Bay and Ocean Point Shoreline. The scenes showcasing Richard rowing with the female lead were filmed near Holland Park.

Additional outdoor scenes depicting the female lead’s 2500-acre ranch in Montana were shot on the outskirts of Surrey. The production members selected a place located near Bear Creek to film this scene.

But, the scenes showcasing Erin’s country-styled family were captured inside a medium-sized house located near the Cloverdale area. After the production members filmed the outdoor scenes, they returned to the downtown area of Surrey.

The remaining interior scenes were then captured inside a well-equipped studio located in the financial district of Surrey.

It’s time for me to walk you through the plot of A Summer Romance. Meanwhile, you can also read Hell On Wheels, Top 10 Manga For Beginners, and 5 Top-Rated K Dramas.

Plot Of A Summer Romance | What’s It About

Where Was A Summer Romance Filmed? Erin Krakow’s Romantic Drama Flick!!

The basic premise of A Summer Romance is centered around the character of Richard Belmont, a wealthy American businessman. At the beginning of the movie, the lead actor comes across a lucrative business opportunity to buy a big piece of land in Montana.

As the story progresses, Richard arrives in the city of Montana and meets the ranch owner. The lead actor is taken aback when he finds out that the seller is a female. But, the lead actor and Erin soon build a rapport and get to know each other.

Watch A Summer Romance and find out what happens when Richard expresses his true feelings before buying the ranch.

Final Words

Alright, guys! I hope you enjoyed the read. But if you have any other questions regarding where was A Summer Romance filmed, let us know in the comments section below. However, if you’d want us to cover the filming locations of any other film or show of your choice, you can mention that as well.

I am also adding a couple of FAQs below, you can check them out if you’re interested in knowing more about A Summer Romance.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film A Summer Romance?

Rob Massie and Tyler Walzak are the cinematographers of the film A Summer Romance.

What Is The Rating Of The Film A Summer Romance?

The film A Summer Romance has a TV-G rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film A Summer Romance?

Patrick Caird is the music director of the film A Summer Romance..

.Is The Film A Summer Romance, Based On A True Story?

No, the story of A Summer Romance. is based on a fictional story by Robert Tate Miller.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film A Summer Romance?

1h 27m is the runtime of the film A Summer Romance.

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