Where Was The Hunters Filmed? A Hallmark Original Sci/Fi Adventure Film!


Hallmark Channel is mainly known for its romantic comedies and drama films. But let us tell you that the platform also offers a number of adventure movies as well. The 2013 sci/fi adventure film The Hunters is all about surprising twists and turns with thrilling action sequences. We can call this movie a complete entertainment package. However, we found out that a lot of people are interested in the movie’s filming locations. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the movie and tell you where was The Hunters filmed. 

The Hallmark original television film was released on 25th October 2013. The sci/fi adventure film is super entertaining with a highly engaging plot line. It stars talented actors like Robbie Amell, and Alexa Vega, who is widely known for her role in the Spy Kids movie franchise. 

Now, to answer your question about where was The Hunters filmed, the science fiction adventure movie was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, and Thailand. 

Plot Of The Hunters (2013) | Let’s Meet The Flynn Family! 

Where Was The Hunters Filmed? A Hallmark Original Sci/Fi Adventure Film!

The story of The Hunters revolves around the characters of Paxton played by Robbie Amell and Tripp played by Keenan Tracey. Both brothers belong to the Flynn family of archaeologists. Their job is to track and find age-old artefacts from fairy tales that have been hidden in certain places all around the world.

When Paxton and Tripp’s parents all of a sudden mysteriously go missing, both the brothers take matters into their own hands. Soon, they find out that they are successors of an ancient order which was meant for finding out and protecting various kinds of magical objects.

Where Was The Hunters Filmed?

Where Was The Hunters Filmed? A Hallmark Original Sci/Fi Adventure Film!

Instead of receiving mixed reviews from critics, the Hallmark original sci/fi drama film The Hunters received quite the attention and created its own fan base over a period of time. The movie is based on the graphic novel named Mirror Mirror by Joshua Williamson. However, now that you have a little idea about where was The Hunters filmed, let’s move forward and find out in detail about the filming locations.

Vancouver | British Columbia, Canada

Where Was The Hunters Filmed? A Hallmark Original Sci/Fi Adventure Film!

The majority of the sci/fi adventure movie, The Hunters was shot in the Canadian city of Vancouver in British Columbia. The city is located in the western part of Canada, in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. It is one of the most populated cities in the province with an estimated population of 662,248. And the population in the Greater Vancouver area is over 2.6 million.

It is commonly believed that Vancouver is one of the most livable cities not only in Canada but also globally. It goes without saying that it is also one of the most expensive cities in the country as well as in the world. The urban planning design philosophy of the city is known as Vancouverism and it is moving towards its goal of becoming the greenest city in the world.

The city was previously named Gastown. In 1886 it was renamed Vancouver, because of a deal with the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1887, The Canadian Pacific Transcontinental railway was finally extended to the city. 

Vancouver being a major global city has been home to several international events and different types of conferences. Some of the important and notable events that took place in the city include the UN Habitat I, Expo 86, the 1954 Commonwealth Games, APEC Canada 1997, and the 1989 and 2009 World Police and Fire Games. Sports events like the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2010 Winter Olympics were also held in the city of Vancouver. The Ted conference also takes place in this city.

Forestry is the largest industry in Vancouver followed by tourism which is the second largest industry. The city has become home to a number of big production companies and film studios. Interestingly, Vancouver has received a nickname and is often called the ”Hollywood North”. 

Popular movies like Bryan Cranston starrer Godzilla, Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo starrer The Adam Project, the action thriller flick Assault On Wall Street, and Seth Rogen and James Franco starrer action comedy movie The Interview were filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Where Was The Hunters Filmed? A Hallmark Original Sci/Fi Adventure Film!

This is where the rest of the filming of The Hunters took place. Thailand which is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand was previously called Siam. It is a country in Southeast Asia and is located at the centre of the Indochinese Peninsula. The country has an estimated population of 70 million.

Thailand borders Myanmar and Laos to the north, Laos, and Cambodia to the east, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south and the Andaman Sea to the west. Thailand being a middle power in international affairs and one of the founding members of ASEAN certainly ranks quite high in the Human Development Index. It happens to be the second largest economy in all of Southeast Asia. Thailand’s leading and largest industries are agriculture and tourism.

Popular movies like Danny Boyle’s adventure drama film The Beach, David Lean’s Oscar-winning movie The Bridge On The River Kwai, the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, and Ron Howard’s latest movie Thirteen Lives are filmed in Thailand.

Final Word

So, now you know where the Hallmark original sci/fi adventure film, The Hunters were filmed. We would suggest that you visit the filming locations, especially Thailand as it offers a number of exotic beaches and has a name for being one of the notable international tourist spots. However, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, make sure you do as soon as possible. The movie is currently streaming on the Hallmark channel. And also, if you wish to explore more such fascinating filming locations then do not forget to check out where was A Royal Christmas and Hart Of Dixie filmed.

Who Directed The Film, The Hunters?

Nisha Ganatra directed the film, The Hunters.

Who All Acted In The Movie, The Hunters?

The cast of The Hunters includes actors like Robbie Amell, Alexa Vega, Keenan Tracey, Kira Clavell, Michelle Forbes, and Victor Garber.

Who Produced The Film, The Hunters?

Heather Puttock produced the film, The Hunters.

Who Wrote The Movie, The Hunters?

Matthew Huffman wrote the film, The Hunters.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, The Hunters?

Matthew Huffman and Jeffrey Schechter wrote the screenplay of the film, The Hunters.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie, The Hunters?

1h 29m is the runtime of the movie, The Hunters.

Which Production Company Backed The Film, The Hunters?

Arc Entertainment, Raindance Entertainment, and Eh-Okay Entertainment Productions backed the film, The Hunters.

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