Where Was Unprisoned Filmed? Latest Comedy Series On Hulu!!


Have you watched the latest comedy series on Hulu? If you haven’t, then you can read this article to find out where was Unprisoned filmed. Furthermore, I’ll also discuss other interesting facts about Unprisoned, in this article.

The American inspiring drama series, Unprisoned premiered on Hulu last week. Tracy McMillan conceptualized this hysterical show, after taking inspiration from Jae Braeden’s fictional story. Delroy Lindo and Kerry Washington later joined this project, to play the lead roles.

The basic premise of Unprisoned follows the life story of Paige Alexander, an African-American single mother, and her son. The story gets interesting when Paige’s imprisoned father finishes his due time in prison and returns home to live with Paige.

The first season of Unprisoned released a total of 8 episodes. This exciting show performed pretty decently and gained a considerable amount of viewership in the first week. Fans who like watching unconventional comedy series enjoyed the overall narrative of this show. The critics, however, reviewed this show, hard-heartedly.

So, if you’re intrigued to find out where was Unprisoned filmed, then I’d suggest you read this article till the end.

Where Was Unprisoned Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Series Closely!

The filming of Unprisoned took place in and around the state of California. However, a few sequences of the show were later captured across various locations in Minneapolis as well. But before selecting the ideal filming locations for this show, the makers scouted various places in America, for shooting.

During the early stages of production, the filming crew was asked to look for ideal shooting locations around the state of New York. However, before the shooting was about to begin, the makers arranged a special meeting, and eventually changed their former decision. 

The production members then traveled to California and searched for picturesque shooting locations around the city of Los Angeles. Then finally, principal photography began in the second week of May 2022. Reportedly the filming process continued till the last week of July, of the same year.

Now, let’s discuss in detail, where was Unprisoned filmed, so that you can take a closer look at the shooting locations. 

Los Angeles, California | USA

Where Was Unprisoned Filmed? Latest Comedy Series On Hulu!!

The opening sequence of the show, where we see the character of Paige and her young son, inside their home, was actually filmed on location. The production members used a small-sized home, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles. 

Thus, the pilot episode of the show, where we see the female lead preparing to leave the city along with her son, was filmed inside the same property. As per reports, the production members weren’t required to make any changes to the overall look of the house, as only a handful of sequences were filmed there.

The episode where Paige’s father, Edwin Alexander is shown returning from prison after completing his sentence, was filmed inside a different home. The production members located a medium-sized house situated near the east side of Los Angeles, specifically near Cypress Park.

Throughout the entire series, this same property was used to capture the exterior and interior scenes of the female lead’s home, where Edwin came and lived with her. The production members also filmed some outdoor sequences of the show, around various areas of L.A.

Then finally the crew moved to Minneapolis and filmed the remaining sequences of the show.

Minneapolis, Minnesota | USA

The sequences of the show, depicting the life of Edwin, before he was sentenced to be incarcerated for 17 years, were filmed in Minneapolis. Although shooting didn’t last for long around this city, the filming crew only had to capture a handful of outdoor shots.

Towards the end of July 2022, the filming process of Unprisoned reached the final stage. After the shooting was over, the production members returned to California and began working on other areas of the show.

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Alrighty, amigos, now let’s quickly take a closer look at the plot of Unprisoned. Meanwhile, you can also check out All Quiet on the Western Front, Life is Beautiful and Good Time.

Plot Of Unprisoned | What’s It About

Where Was Unprisoned Filmed? Latest Comedy Series On Hulu!!

The story of Unprisoned revolves around the character of Paige Alexander and her father Edwin Alexander, who struggled to turn his life around. At the very beginning of the show, Paige gets surprised after her father who was imprisoned for 17 years, suddenly stops by her house.

In the later episodes, the character Edwin reveals his wish to stay with her daughter and turn his life around. Although hesitating at first, the female lead eventually allows her father to stay inside the same house. Paige even goes out of her way, to help Edwin reform back to society, leading a normal life. Watch Unprisoned to witness the heartwarming story of Paige and her father.

Final Words

Alright, folks, I hope now you finally know where was Unprisoned filmed. But, if you still have any other questions, then you can let us know in the comments section below. We’d be more than glad to get that sorted for you. However, if you’re interested in knowing the filming locations of other films and shows, then you can check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Show Unprisoned?

The cast members of the show Unprisoned include Kerry Washington, Delroy Lindo, and Marque Richardson along with some other actors.

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show Unprisoned?

The show Unprisoned has released 8 exciting episodes in the pilot season.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Unprisoned?

Kevin Ray and Kerry Washington were the producers of the show Unprisoned

What Is The Rating Of The Show Unprisoned?

The show Unprisoned has a TV-MA rating.


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