Where Was Walking Tall Filmed? The Rock’s 2004 Action Flick!!


Do you like to spend most of your time watching the biggest wrestling superstars fight it out? Because if you do, you are going to love reading this article, where I discuss the action film, Walking Tall, starring Dwayne Johnson! Plus I will also share with you where was Walking Tall filmed.

The American flick Walking Tall, appealed to the masses upon its release in 2004! The engaging action movie starring “The Rock”, portrays the story of an American ex Special Force soldier. The lead character in the film, Chris Vaughn, beats the living daylights out of criminals, on his return! When he finds his neighbourhood wreathed with felons and junkies!

Walking Tall, is a remake of the action drama movie with the same name released in 1973. Furthermore, this film stands as the prequel to Walking Tall: The Payback released in 2007. Commercially this action flick did pretty well! But, the critics reviewed the movie uncharitably, declaring it as straight up boring!

Now, to make the storyline of the film lucid for you. I will briefly discuss the basic premise of the film. And later in this article, I’ll fill you in on, where was Walking Tall filmed, too.

Plot Of Walking Tall | What’s It About

Soon after in the film, Chris appears to run into his old friend Hamilton. Who introduces himself as the owner of a popular casino in town and invites him to drop in and unwind. Later that night, the protagonist arrives at the establishment, and gets involved in a serious altercation.

The rekindled friendship with Hamilton, turns into bad blood real quick! As Chris discovers his old pal to actually run a meth lab, staged as a casino! His report to the authorities gets quickly dismissed by the deceitful sheriff, Stan Watkins. The protagonist then decides to take matters into his own hands, and declares to run as a sheriff.

In the wake of victory after the election, Chris dismisses the corrupt police officers, who aided Hamilton to run the drug racket, and subsequently forms a special task force. The male lead actor then goes for a drug bust, and catches the trap lord. Credits roll, as the new sheriff finally brings the criminals to justice and restores law and order in his town!

Right, let’s quickly proceed to know, where was Walking Tall filmed. So that you can enjoy the filming locations of this superb action flick!

Where Was Walking Tall Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Film Closely!!

Even though Walking Tall is set in Kitsap County, Washington, the actual filming took place in Canada! Director Kevin Bray in the first instalment of the Walking Tall film series, decided to travel along with the cinematographer Glen MacPherson to British Columbia. The decision came naturally to Kevin as many directors like himself, often choose the scenic locations in Canada, as the backdrop for their film.

Additionally, the filming tax in British Columbia is much less (33% tax credit) as compared to the tax amount the production unit has to pay in America. Of course, barring a few states like Georgia, which is considered to be a “tax haven” for filmmakers. Coming back to Walking Tall, considering the handful of locations the crew filmed in Canada, the filming schedule was pretty long. The principal photography began in June 2003 and was completed in 3 months. 

Okay, so without waiting any longer, let’s cut to the chase and discuss where was Walking Tall filmed, in depth!

Squamish, British Columbia

Where Was Walking Tall Filmed? The Rock’s 2004 Action Flick!!

Kitsap County in Washington which was portrayed in the film as Chris’ hometown, was actually Squamish, a district municipality of British Columbia. With Mount Garibaldi on the horizon, this location was perfect to capture the scenic views that featured in the film. A small house located at Cleveland Ave in Squamish was selected to film the outdoor scenes of Chris’ home. Other outdoor scenes were shot in the outskirts of Squamish.

Here’s a list of other notable films and shows that you should watch, such as Big Sky, Arrow, Lost in Space, Final Destination, Legion, Star Trek Beyond, and Insomnia which shared the same filming location as Walking Tall.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Where Was Walking Tall Filmed? The Rock’s 2004 Action Flick!!

The production team then arrived at the bustling city of Vancouver in British Columbia to shoot the urban outdoor scenes. Hamilton’s casino which was shown in the film, in reality was a local establishment located in the downtown area of the city. The interior scenes of various locations in the movie were shot in a studio in Vancouver.

Apart from the filming locations in the city of Vancouver, you can also check out places such as, Stanley Park, Granville Island, Vancouver Aquarium, and Vancouver Art Gallery should you plan to visit this place any time soon.

Other filming locations of Walking Tall are Richmond and Sea to Sky Corridor which are also located in British Columbia. The filming crew reached at this filming spot to shoot the remaining scenes in the film. The final sequence was also shot here!

Final Words

Alright ladies and gents, now that you’ve gone through the basic premise of this action flick. And are fully aware about, where was Walking Tall filmed. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! To know where to watch the latest films and shows and read other entertaining articles, be sure to visit Viebly.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Walking Tall?

David Klass and Channing Gibson wrote the screenplay of the film Walking Tall.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Walking Tall?

1h 26m is the runtime of the film Walking Tall.

Who Produced The Film Walking Tall?

Ashok Amritraj and Jim Burke were the producers of the film Walking Tall.

Is The Film Walking Tall Based On A True Story?

Yes the film Walking Tall is based on a true story, although most of the events in the film are exaggerated.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Walking Tall?

The film Walking Tall is rated as PG-13.

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