TunesBank Music Converter Review – Your Best Music Downloader & Converter 


Apple Music and Spotify are the most popular streaming music service. If you are looking for a tool to convert Apple Music and Spotify music to MP3 for offline listening, don’t miss this review article. 

In today’s post, we’ll focus on two most-asked questions on Apple Music and Spotify Music– how to convert Apple Music to MP3 for listening on any device and how to download Spotify music to MP3 for offline listening. To help you convert Apple Music/Spotify Music to MP3, we’ve recommended two professional and useful music converters, which help you download Spotify Music as MP3 and convert Apple Music to MP3

Keep reading this post, and you will come to know the easiest way to convert your Apple Music/Spotify playlists and albums to MP3 files. In our daily life, music brings us rich colors; there are many music streaming platforms for us to choose from-  Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc. Most people choose Apple Music or Spotify. If you’re an Apple Music or Spotify user, you may need to have all your music playlists downloaded for offline listening. 

You may want to convert Apple Music and Spotify songs to MP3 format so that you take your songs outside of its music streaming platform. For example, you can play Apple Music and Spotify Music on an MP3 player, iPods, Android device, car player, PSP, Xbox, etc. A reliable streaming music converter is required to convert Apple Music/Spotify Music to MP3.

Your Best Apple Music Converter & Spotify Music Converter – TunesBank

TunesBank Music Converter Review - Your Best Music Downloader & Converter 

TunesBank keeps updating to make its software satisfy more users. Specifically designed for Apple Music subscribers and Spotify users, the latest version of TunesBank Apple Music Converter can perfectly support macOS 12 and Windows 11. It works well with the latest iTunes and Apple Music apps. 

TunesBank Apple Music Converter will be your best tool to convert Apple Music, iTunes Music, and Audible books to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, etc., for offline streaming anywhere. In addition, the Spotify Music Converter can download and convert Spotify music to MP3; neither a Spotify Free user nor a premium account user can use it; With this professional Spotify music downloader & converter, you can download Spotify Music without premium.

TunesBank Music Converter is your best music downloader and converter. After converting Apple Music, and Spotify songs to MP3, you can freely listen to music anywhere at any time. As we all know, all Apple Music tracks and Spotify songs come with DRM protection, TunesBank Music Converter supports removing DRM from Apple Music/Spotify Music; you can download the DRM-free music to a computer, or convert music to MP3 for offline listening on any devices. 

After that, you can offline playback music on any device without limits, even without the music streaming platform authorized.

Trusted Reviews About TunesBank Music Converter

Our technical team has tested TunesBank Music converters many times; both two programs work faster and smoother. It is worth mentioning that TunesBank Spotify Converter has a built-in Spotify web player, and music streaming and downloading tasks can be fulfilled all at one-stop. You don’t need to install the Spotify app; just log in to your Spotify account, then you’re able to search, play, download, and convert Spotify music freely. 

We will present the top 1 TunesBank Music Converter, which offers high-quality audio conversions for you. The powerful tool is chosen from Google results and we are going to show you the most honest review of TunesBank Apple Music Converter and Spotify Music Converter. In this page we will analyze various aspects such as output format, output music quality, conversion speed, system requirements, pricing, and more about this traffic tool.

Main Functions of TunesBank Music Converter

There are so many practical functions of TunesBank Music Converter you can’t miss. Here we will list the main ones and present them to you in detail.

Download Music From Apple Music And Spotify Music 

TunesBank is capable of downloading music from Apple Music and Spotify Music. If you want to extract music content from Apple Music or Spotify Music, TunesBank could help you. Its function works perfectly on both Apple and Spotify platforms. With only some clicks, you can download music to your computer and keep it in a folder as local files, and then the downloaded music can do more personal usage in life.

Convert Apple Music and Spotify Music to MP3, FLAC, etc.

TunesBank Music Converter Review - Your Best Music Downloader & Converter 

TunesBank has the ability to access tracks from streaming music. You can import the music into TunesBank and convert them. Its function is useful since it could help to convert music to MP3 or other normal audio format so that you can listen to the music on any compatible devices you like. It could help to keep music forever by saving your money from repaying to purchase songs on music streaming platforms.

There are so many music converters in the market that most of them only support converting music from one format to another. However, TunesBank works for converting to as many formats as you can imagine, like MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. 

You are allowed to change it from one format to another as per your own choice. If you choose TunesBank, then you will be able to do any possible conversion here.

Built-In Web Music Player & Music Player

Different from other music converters, TunesBank is a built-in music web player. Its function can help you download and convert music with a built-in music web player. There is no extra music app installation required. In addition, it is also a built-in music player, so you are allowed to play music with it before music conversion or after the conversion process. 

10X Faster Conversion Speed In Batch 

With advanced innovative encoding technology, TunesBank supports batch download and converts music up to 10X faster speed. The fast conversion speed and batch download function will save you a lot of time when you have a lot of music for conversion. 

After conversion, you will get 100% lossless output music songs with ID3 tags kept. Expect ID3 tags, it will output music with keeping all its parameters, like song title, artist name, track ID, album artwork, etc.

Keep High-Quality Audio After Conversion 

Compared to other music converters, TunesBank is mainly notable for its main function of converting music files keeping its high audio quality. That’s to say, TunesBank offers the best solution for you to keep high-quality audio on output music and get a better music listening experience.

Enjoy Apple Music, Spotify Music On Any Devices

After converting music to MP3 using TunesBank, you can offline playback output music content on any device, like an MP3 player, iPod, PSP, Xbox, etc. What’s more, you have saved output music forever even after the music subscription expires. 

Now, you can enjoy music on any device for more usage.

  • Copy music tracks to a USB hard drive.
  • Burn music to CDmake music as a ringtone.
  • Upload to Cloud place.
  • Transfer output music playlists to another music platform like Tidal Music, or Amazon. Music, etc. 

Tech Specification Of TunesBank Music Converter

TunesBank Music Converter Review - Your Best Music Downloader & Converter 

TunesBank, is a credible company that provides the most professional and industrial-leading multimedia converting, and recording services. It has updated it’s Apple Music Converter and Spotify Music Converter to support the latest version of macOS 12 and Windows 11. 

Making it much more compatible with both Mac and Windows. To meet the needs of users in different countries and regions, currently, TunesBank supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese Traditional.

System Requirements 

  • Windows: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Mac: macOS 10.13/10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9.5 and above.

Plans And Pricing 

1-Month Plan: $14.95 for 1 PC/Mac.

Free support/Lifetime updates, 5 days money-back guarantee.

1-Year Plan: $49.95 for 1 PC/Mac.

Free support/Lifetime updates, 5 days money-back guarantee.

Lifetime Plan: $69.95 for 1 PC/Mac.

Free support/Lifetime updates, 30 days money-back guarantee.

Family Lifetime Plan: $159.95 for 5 PC/Mac.

Free support/Lifetime updates, 30 days money-back guarantee.

Final Words

I am sure that you know various aspects of TunesBank Music Converter, and you can compare all its functions with other music converters. Then you can make a decision of whether TunesBank is the top one suitable for your needs. 

As you know, all streaming music is DRM-protected; if you want to remove DRM encryption from music. You can download and convert music for more personal usage. You should consider trying this Apple Music Converter & Spotify Music Downloader. 

If you need a tool that promises you to output high-quality audio, TunesBank must be the one that you can’t miss. It’s your best music downloader & converter that gathers all the practical functions, and it will never disappoint you after you try it!

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