Where To Watch Deal Or No Deal Island? America’s Beloved Game Show


America’s much-loved game show series “Deal or No Deal ” is back with a spin-off season.  Playing for a huge amount, vying against each other, and grabbing the grand sum is nothing short of a fun watch. If you have been a fan of this show or want to be one now, you must know where to watch Deal or No Deal Island online. Read on as we explore the platforms together.

Deal or No Deal Island 2024 is the spin-off reality competition show inspired by the TV series Deal or No Deal. It debuted back in 2005 on NBC, and since then, it has come up with many seasons, every time with a new twist or theme. Deal or No Deal Island is an English version of a Dutch game show under the same name. The original host Howie Mandel hasn’t returned for this spin-off, and Joe Manganiello is the new host of this season. 

Premiered on 26 February 2024 on NBC, the show features 13 contestants who will be competing against each other. The members include the Survival player, Boston Rob Mariano, Kim Mattina, Jordan Fowler, and Dawson Addis, followed by seven others. 

Verified platforms to watch Deal or No Deal Island are FuboTV and DirecTV. 

Where To Watch Deal Or No Deal Island? Find Here

Where To Watch Deal Or No Deal Island? America’s Beloved Game Show

The show will air its episodes on NBC TV Channel every Monday. However, those who don’t have cable access can watch the show on live-stream providers like Fubo TV and DirecTV. The episodes will also drop on Peacock one day after its premiere on NBC Channel. 

Can You Watch Deal Or No Deal Island On Peacock?

Yes, you can watch Deal Or No Deal Island on Peacock. The show will stream its episode on Peacock one day after its premiere on the NBC channel. To watch on Peacock, you need to buy its monthly subscription. There is no free trial, and the plans are as follows- 

  • Premium- $5.99/month
  • Premium plus- $11.99/month
  • Premium(annual)- $59.99/year
  • Premium Plus (annual)- $119.99/year

Can You Watch Deal Or No Deal Island On FuboTV?

Yes, you can watch Deal or No Deal Island on FuboTV. Fubo TV is a live streaming service platform that offers watching content across multiple categories. Fubo provides a seven-day free trial for new joiners. You can cancel the trial anytime before seven days.  After the free trial, Fubo charges its monthly subscription fee. Its subscription plans come in 4 categories-

  • Fubo Pro-  $80/month
  • Fubo Elite-$90/month
  • Fubo Ultimate-$100/month
  • Fubo Latino-$33/month

All these plans have a free trial and varied benefits. 

Can You Watch Deal Or No Deal Island On DirecTv?

Yes, you can also watch Deal or No Deal Island on DirecTV. DirecTV is also a highly loved live stream provider. It also offers access to several TV channels and movies. Like Fubo, DirecTV also provides a five-day free trial. It is a subscription-based service. DirecTV plans are affordable, starting from $69 per month. 

DirecTV plans are-

  • Entertainment- $69/month
  • Choice- $89.99/month
  • Ultimate- $114.99/month
  • Premier- $159.99/month

What The Deal Or No Deal Island Is About?

Where To Watch Deal Or No Deal Island? America’s Beloved Game Show

Deal or No Deal Island is a game show reality competition played around briefcases. The briefcases have grand sums inside; each contestant chooses a few briefcases without knowing the amount inside. He is then offered to sell the briefcase to a banker(invisible in the show). If the contestant likes the banker’s offer, he would say Deal, and if not, he would say No Deal. The one who reaches the end of the game, gradually eliminating briefcases by rejecting banker’s offers, is awarded grand prizes worth more than $10 million. 

This time, the season-long game is played on the Banker’s Private Island, where briefcases are hidden at different spots, and contestants will compete to get the briefcases worth millions.  

Similar Shows Like Deal Or No Deal Island On Various Platforms

Where To Watch Deal Or No Deal Island? America’s Beloved Game Show

Like watching game shows? The list below has some good options to broaden your entertainment spectrum. If you like the Deal Or No Deal series, check out the shows below. 

Name Of The ShowYear Of ReleaseIMDB RatingPlatform
Barmageddon20225.6/10Fubo, Peacock, DirecTV
Squid Game: The Challenge 20235.8/10Netflix


It will be interesting to see who grabs the big amount after Jessica, who won the ever biggest amount of $1000,000 in the 2008 series. Deal or No Deal Island is a fun watch for reality game show lovers, and for more information on new releases, stick to Viebly as we come up with the trending topics of the industry. 

What is the runtime of each episode of Deal or No Deal Island?

The first episode of Deal or No Deal Island is 90 minutes long. We can expect others to be around or less than the same time. 

How much amount is given to the winners?

The amount of money depends upon a contestant’s rejection of offers and the amount inside briefcases. Generally, the amount can range from $1 million to a hundred million. 

Why did Howie Mandle not host the show this time?

Howie didn’t host the show because of the filming location, which was hot and wild. This is what he said on a radio show, “People ask me why I didn’t host it, and I say, ‘Because they shot it right at the equator.’ It’s like 100 degrees, and there are snakes and spiders. Sofia, who I’m a good friend of, said, ‘Send Joe.’ So I did.”

Who is the producer of Deal or No Deal Island?

Howie Mandel is serving as the producer of the show. He has been the host in its many seasons. 

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