Where Was A League Of Their Own Filmed? A Classic Sports-Comedy Flick!


Do you enjoy sports comedy movies like The Replacements and Varsity Blues? If you do, you’re on the right page to learn about another sports comedy movie, A League Of Their Own (1992). If you want to know more about this film and other details of where was A League Of Their Own filmed, follow this article till the end.

The American sports-comedy drama A League Of Their Own is based on the story of Kelly Candaele and Kim Wilson. Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel wrote the screenplay, and Penny Marshall directed the film. The movie received positive reviews from critics and was also a commercial success that grossed over $132.4 million. The film has an IMDb rating of 7.3/10.

The director took inspiration from the TV documentary about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League premiered in 1987. The suitable backdrops make the movie worth watching. So, read ahead to find out where was A League Of Their Own filmed.

Where Was A League Of Their Own Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

Where Was A League Of Their Own Filmed? A Classic Sports-Comedy Flick!

The story mainly revolves around two sisters, Dottie Hinson and Kit Keller, who participate in the first female professional baseball league during World War II. Both are struggling to win the league while coping with their own issues. The actors’ performances are excellent, and it is a great comedy to watch and enjoy with your family members.

The production team, after huge discussions, selected different regions for filming, including Indiana, California, Kentucky, and Illinois. The baseball match scenes were filmed at real stadiums, which gives the movie perfect visuals. The movie’s filming began on 10 July 1991 and continued till October of the same year.

Now, without further discussion, let me tell you the exact filming location details where was A League Of Their Own filmed.  

Indiana | USA

Where Was A League Of Their Own Filmed? A Classic Sports-Comedy Flick!

The major filming of A League Of Their Own was done in and around Indiana, famous for its athletic events and many professional sports teams. This is why the filmmakers considered Indiana the best choice to film the sports-themed movie.

The production team utilized the League Stadium at Huntingburg, Indiana, to shoot the significant match scenes of the Rockford Peaches home games. Next, the Bosse Field in Evansville was used to shoot the championship game. A few sequences were also filmed at Hornville Tavern at W. Baseline Road. The filming also took place in the New Harmony region.

Illinois | USA

Another prominent location of A League Of Their Own movie is Illinois. Illinois is an incredible state with stunning skyscrapers and has numerous attractions to explore for all types of tourists. With its iconic locations and top-notch production facilities, Illinois served as the backdrop in many movies like Shameless, Somebody Somewhere, and The Bourne Legacy.

The production team utilized some popular locations in Illinois, including Wrigley Field at 1060 W. Addison St, Chicago, Illinois Railway Museum at Olson Rd in Union, and Fitzgerald at West Roosevelt Road in Berwyn for filming.

California | USA

Where Was A League Of Their Own Filmed? A Classic Sports-Comedy Flick!

To shoot the remaining movie portions, the team moved to California. California, the popular filming hub with enthralling spots, served as the main backdrop for many movies. Many filmmakers prefer shooting their movies in California because many well-known locations among the audience make them connect to the plot easily. Also, many studios and locals support makes it a top filming destination.

A few significant movie sequences were filmed at Jay Littleton Ball Park, located at North Grove Avenue in Ontario. Some sequences were filmed at Dedeaux at Childs Way, University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Some movies filmed around this region include Cool Hand Luke, Marlowe, and Succession.

Apart from these locations, a few sequences were filmed in Cooperstown, New York, Henderson, Kentucky, and Cantigny War Memorial Museum in Wheaton. So, these were all the locations where A League Of Their Own movie was filmed.

Interesting Production Details You Need To Know

Where Was A League Of Their Own Filmed? A Classic Sports-Comedy Flick!

The director Penny Marshall never knew about the AAGPBL before watching the documentary. Still, she decided to make it a movie and asked the original creators of the documentary to work with the screenplay writers. After the final script, the team approached the production companies; Sony Pictures was impressed with the story and accepted to produce the film.

The production team had some issues with the cast members, as the director was interested in choosing Demi Moore for the lead role. But she was pregnant, so the team selected Debra Winger. But she left the project a few weeks after shooting. Finally, the team selected Geena Davis for the Dottie Hinson role.

The filming was also difficult for the production as the actors got injured while filming game sequences. However, the actors cooperated well, understanding the importance of the scenes.

Plot Of A League Of Their Own | What Is The Story About?

During World War II, women filled the vacant jobs as men were busy fighting the war. The baseball game organizers also decided to engage the people with women baseball players. So, the authorities asked the scouting members to find the best female players across the state.

On the way, scouts find an incredible talent Dottie Honson, a married woman. When the members ask her to join the team, she denies it, but her sister Kit Keller prefers to join the team. Kit convinces Dottie to come along with her to get into the team. Dottie shines in the team as she takes up all the responsibility as their manager Jimmy Dugan, is an alcoholic. This makes Kit feel inferior and leads to misunderstandings.

So, if you find this plot interesting, watch it as soon as possible.

Final Words

Well, I hope now you know where was A League Of Their Own filmed. If you found this article helpful, check out other interesting filming location articles on the website, including The River Thief, Midway, and Fools Rush In

Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the film is Miroslav Ondricek.

Who played the Jimmy Dugan role?

Tom Hanks played the Jimmy Dugan role in the film.

Did the film receive any awards?

The movie earned 13 nominations and won six awards.

What is the nickname of Illinois?

Illinois is popularly known as “the Prairie State” and “the Land of Lincoln.”

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