Where Was Marlowe Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!


Are you a big fan of neo-noir crime thriller films? If yes, I recommend you to watch Marlowe (2022). So, go through this article till the end to learn more about Marlowe film and where was Marlowe filmed.

The crime thriller movie Marlowe is based on John Banville’s novel The Black-Eyed Blonde. William Monahan and Neil Jordan wrote the screenplay for the film, and Neil Jordan directed the movie. The film was initially released in San Sebastian on 24 September 2022 and later released in United Theatres on 15 February 2023. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 5.3/10.

Marlowe is a modern noir movie that beautifully showcases the classical touch as the movie is set in the late 30s with stunning cinematography. So, are you curious to learn where was Marlowe filmed? If yes, read ahead to learn all the filming location details.

Where Was Marlowe Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was Marlowe Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

The movie revolves around Philip Marlowe, a private detective who takes up a new case and finds it confusing to uncover the truth. It is a decent mystery movie that keeps the suspense till the end of the film. So, if you enjoy neo-noir movies, this is the best movie to watch tonight.

Now, coming back to your main concern regarding where was Marlowe filmed, the production team used different locations in different countries, including California, Ireland, and Spain. The movie’s filming began on November 4, 2021, and continued till December 3, 2021.

Well, take up a look at the section below to learn the exact location details where was Marlowe filmed. Meanwhile, you can check out where other neo-noir movies were filmed, including Bonnie And Clyde, Carnival Row, and Blade Runner 2049.

Barcelona, Catalonia | Spain

Where Was Marlowe Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

The major scenes of Marlowe were filmed in Barcelona, Catalonia. It is Spain’s capital and largest city, famous for its lively beaches, mountains, and museums. The team utilized different areas in this region to record the movie scenes. Apart from Barcelona, the team utilized Gerona City for filming. Here the team utilized Hotel la Gavina for filming.

The team turned Restaurant Miami into a liquor store to shoot a few significant scenes. Also, the team utilized one of the famous ancient buildings, Terrassa, for filming. Spain is one of the favorite filming destinations of filmmakers, where many popular movies like Kleo, Sky High, Uncharted, and The Girl In The Mirror were filmed.

Dublin | Ireland

Next, the team moved to the capital city of Ireland, Dublin, to film a few sequences. Here the production team used different facilities to shoot the interior sequences. Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland, with attractive buildings and breathtaking natural wonders, and you can enjoy many outdoor activities. Also, the locals are the best people and give the best support for filming.

So, if you visit Dublin, you have so many exciting places to visit and explore. Some places include Temple Bar, Emigration Museum, Guinness Storehouse Factory, Dublin Castle, Phoenix Park, and Wicklow Mountains. With so many attractions, Dublin served as a backdrop in many famous movies like Cocaine Bear, Leap Year, and The First Great Train Robbery.

Los Angeles | California

Where Was Marlowe Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

The movie sets in Los Angeles, so the production team filmed a few sequences in and around this region. Los Angeles is well-known for its entertainment industry which offers filmmakers the best real locations and many studios to create fictional sets. There are an increased number of production crew members, making it easy for the filmmakers to shoot without issues.

Do you want to know about the movies filmed in Los Angeles? If yes, check out the other articles on this website, including Marry Go Round, Infamous, My Name Is Earl and Tall In The Saddle. So, these are all the details about where Marlowe was filmed. Now, let me tell you the plot of Marlowe’s film.

Plot Of Marlowe | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Marlowe Filmed? An Intriguing Crime Thriller!

The wealthy heiress Clare Cavendish hires a private detective Marlowe to find her missing lover Nico Peterson who works at Film Studios. Marlowe begins his investigation and finds that Peterson has died. However, Marlowe finds something suspicious in the case and approaches his friend Joe Green, a homicide detective.

But Joe Green refuses to help Marlowe with the case. Marlowe himself digs into the case deeper and discovers many mysteries. So, to know how Marlowe uncover the truth, watch the movie today.

Know The Cast Details Of Marlowe

Liam Neeson played the lead role of Philip Marlowe in the film. Some of his famous works include Kinsey, The Grey, Ordinary Love, and The A-Team. Diane Kruger Played the Clare Cavendish role, a popular actress who won many awards. She is known for the movies like National Treasure, In The Fade, and The Operative.

Other movie cast members include Jessica Lange as Dorothy Quincannon, Brenda Rawn as Office Secretary, Stella Stocker as Hilda, Ian Hart as Joe Green, and Tony Corvillo as Gardener.

Final Words

Well, I hope now you understand where was Marlowe filmed. If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends looking for similar content. If you enjoyed this article, check out other engaging filming location articles on this website, including Holidate, I Love Lucy, and Infamous.

Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the movie is Xavi Gimenez.

What cameras are used for filming Marlowe?

Arri Alexa Mini LF and Signature Prime Lenses are the cameras used for filming.

Who is the editor of the film?

The editor of the movie is Mick Mahon.

Did the film win any awards?

The movie was nominated for two awards but didn’t win any awards.

Can you watch the film with the kids?

The movie is R-rated because of violent content and drug use scenes, so watching it with your kids is not advisable.

What is the tagline of the film?

The tagline of the movie is Los Angeles, 1939. Outside the spotlight lies a city of secrets.

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