Where Was Abbott Elementary Filmed? A Hilarious TV Series!


If you want to reduce your stress levels, there can be no better choice than watching a good comedy series like Abbott Elementary (2021). It is a highly-rated comedy series that instantly brightens your mood. So, to know more about this award-winning series and where was Abbott Elementary filmed, continue reading the article.

The American mockumentary sitcom television series Abbott Elementary is created by Quinta Brunson. The story is inspired by her mother’s career, who worked as a school teacher for forty years. Till now, the series has had two seasons, consisting of 31 episodes. And you can catch the newly released third season of Abbott Elementary every Wednesday at 9.00 PM on ABC network. 

The basic premise revolves around a group of teachers who work at an underfunded Philadelphia Public School. The teachers are underpaid for their work but still work hard to help the students in the best possible way.

Abbott Elementary is a critically acclaimed series that received an excellent response from fans worldwide. The series earned many nominations and won three prestigious awards at Primetime Emmys. So, this series shows the struggles of mismanaged public school teachers and students in a comical way but delivers a powerful message to the audience.

Are you curious whether the school the show depicts is the real location? If yes, then read ahead to learn where was Abbott Elementary filmed.

Where Was Abbott Elementary Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

The pre-production of the series initially started with the title Harrity Elementary. The team selected the cast members for the respective roles and searched for the best locations to shoot the series. But to shoot the interior scenes of the school, the team decided to create a set and shoot in the studio.

Later, the series title changed to Abbott Elementary in May 2021. The filming of the series began on August 16, 2021. During the shoot, three team members tested positive for Coronavirus, but it didn’t affect the shooting. Three members were isolated and preventive measures increased at the set. Finally, the shooting wrapped up on November 5, 2021. 

Now, read below to find where was Abbott Elementary filmed to know the specific locations in detail.

Los Angeles | California

Where Was Abbott Elementary Filmed? A Hilarious TV Series!

The series sets in Willard R. Abbott Public School, but it was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The production created the backdrops in Warner Brother Studios, according to the elementary school theme, with the help of art directors. However, when you watch the series, you will not believe that the school scenes were filmed in the studio because of their realistic looks. 

Some portions of the series were filmed in 20th Century Studios. To give the authentic school experience to the audience, the team managed to create the best elementary school environment. The studios helped them immensely to move from vision to reality.

Well, these are all the details you need to know about where was Abbott Elementary Filmed. Now, let me explain the plot of Abbott Elementary.

Plot Of Abbott Elementary | What Is The Series About?

Where Was Abbott Elementary Filmed? A Hilarious TV Series!

The mockumentary series takes us through the lives of teachers who work in public schools. The school’s condition is deteriorating, and it does not have basic facilities. It is hard for the teachers to work and manage the students, so they leave the school within a few months.

However, Janine Teagues is the only teacher who works dedicatedly in this school to support and educate the children. Will the school get any funds to manage itself ? To find out, watch the series on the ABC network or Hulu.

Final Words

Well, I hope now you know where was Abbott Elementary filmed. If you want to enjoy endless jokes, then don’t miss out on watching this series. It will take you back to your old good school memories. If you enjoyed this read, don’t forget to check out other interesting filming location articles on our website.

Who is the cinematographer of the series Abbott Elementary?

The cinematographer of the series is Kurt Jones.

What is the IMDb rating of the series Abbott Elementary?

It has the highest IMDb rating of 8.2/10.

What is the runtime of each episode?

The runtime of each episode is 22 minutes.

What is the tagline of the series, Abbott Elementary?

The tagline of the series is Working their class off.

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