Where Was Animal Control Filmed? A Fun-Filled Sitcom Series!


Do you prefer watching sitcom series like Abbott Elementary? If yes, you’ll also like the series Animal Control (2023). If you haven’t heard about this series, then stick with us till the end to learn more about the series and where was Animal Control filmed.

The American sitcom is created by the writers’ Bob Fisher, Rob, Greenberg, and Dan Sterling. The series premiered on Fox network on February 16, 2023. Animal Control series received favorable reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.1/10.

The series revolves around a group of animal control professionals who consider animals better than complicated humans. The series features a fantastic cast, and you’ll laugh out loud many times while watching the series. So, if you are an animal lover, then don’t miss out on watching this series.

Now, are you curious to find out where was Animal Control filmed? If yes, continue reading to find out the exact filming locations of the series.

Where Was Animal Control Filmed? Everything You Need To Know!

Fox announced their first live-action comedy project in July 2022. The team first selected the technical crew in October 2022. Later, the team began choosing the cast members for the series. First, they selected Joel McHale and Vella Lovell in the lead roles. Later, Michael Rowland, Ravi V. Patel, and Grace Palmer joined the crew.

After the selection of cast members, the production team discussed the filming locations, and the team decided to select the Vancouver region to shoot the entire film. The filming of Animal Control began in October 2022 and continued till January 2023.

The production team used real animals for filming. All the animals were trained, but the team faced some issues while shooting. It is not possible to shoot the scenes in a real location with animals, so many scenes were filmed in the studios as it was easy for the production to control them. The team also utilized CGI in the post-production work to give better visuals.

Now, without any delay, let me give you the details of where was Animal Control filmed. Meanwhile, you can also check out other sitcom filming locations, including Modern Family and The Andy Griffith.

Vancouver | British Columbia

Where Was Animal Control Filmed? A Fun-Filled Sitcom Series!

The series is set in Seattle; however, the entire series was filmed in and around the Vancouver region. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, with many attractions like parks, beaches, and lakes. This made the production team of Animal Control film the entire series in this location.

The team used different Vancouver areas to film the series’ interior and exterior scenes. Some scenes were also filmed in the studios in Vancouver. Vancouver is the most used destination for filming light-hearted movies because of its beautiful settings. Some feel-good movies filmed in this region include Love In The Forecast, Lucky Hank, and Journey Of My Heart.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with picturesque locations and numerous attractions in this city. It is also a favorite vacation spot of many people as they can visit and explore the attractions, do shopping, and enjoy outdoor activities.

If you are planning your next vacation to Vancouver, but don’t know which places to visit, here’s your simple guide. You can visit Ski Grouse Mountain, the Museum Of Anthropology, Kitsilano Beach, Canada palace, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver Art Gallery, and many others.

So, from interesting locations to fun activities, you can have significant vacation time in Vancouver. These are the details you need to know about where was Animal Control filmed. Now, let me tell you the plot of the Animal Control series.

Plot Of Animal Control | What Is The Series About?

Where Was Animal Control Filmed? A Fun-Filled Sitcom Series!

The series Animal Control showcases animal control officers’ struggle in a comical way. The workers in the series feel that animals are easy to handle than humans. The series’s protagonist is Frank, the head of the animal control crew members.

Frank is a strange person with a stubborn attitude, and because of that, he loses his police job. He seems somber; however, he understands the animals well and knows all the tricks to control them. To enjoy the fun sitcom, watch the episodes on the Fox channel.

Final Words

Well, readers! I hope now you know where was Animal Control filmed. So, if you haven’t watched this fantastic sitcom, watch it as soon as possible. Feel free to drop your comment if you want us to cover any other movie titles.

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Who is the music composer of the series Animal Control?

The music composer of the series is Nick Urata.

Who are the executive producers of the series Animal Control?

The series executive producers are Jake Fuller, Tony Hernandez, Brooke Posch, and Joel McHale.

Which Production Companies have worked in the series Animal Control?

The production companies that have worked in the series are Roughhouse, Middletown News, and Fox Entertainment Studios.

How many episodes are there in the series Animal Control?

There are nine episodes in the series Animal Control.

What is the average runtime of the series?

The average runtime of each episode is 22 minutes.

Is there a second season of the series Animal Control?

There is no official announcement for the second season.

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