Where Was The Consultant Filmed? Waltz’s New Comedy Drama Series!!


Have you finished watching The Consultant, starring Christopher Waltz? Are you wondering where was The Consultant filmed? Read this article to know everything about this exciting new show and its filming locations.

The American thriller show, The Consultant premiered on Amazon Prime Video, earlier this year. Tony Basgallop created this show, after taking inspiration from Bentley Little’s fictional novel, which was released a couple of years prior to this show. Dan Attias and Matt Shakman on the other hand, directed a number of episodes in the first seasons of The Consultant.

The basic premise of The Consultant revolves around the character of Regus Patoff, an erratic CEO of a gaming company. The story gets interesting when the male lead forces his subordinates to sacrifice their personal lives against a low-paying job with zero prospects of career growth.

The Consultant released a total of 8 episodes last month. The duration of each episode ranges between 30-35 minutes. Interestingly enough, all eight episodes of the show were released on the same day. To date, this incredible show has received overall positive feedback from the audience. But the makers are hoping to see this show become an even bigger commercial success.

Now, let’s go ahead and find out where was The Consultant filmed.

Where Was The Consultant Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Show Closely!

The story of The Consultant is set in America, specifically in and around the city of Los Angeles. The shooting of this series, too, took place in California. Although, not all sequences of the show were captured in Los Angeles.

Some sequences of this show were captured around Culver City as well. However, the makers of this show could arrive at this decision, they looked around a number of ideal filming locations in and around Canada.

Mainly because the actual gaming industry capital of the world is in Canada. So since the story of the series is about a gaming company, it only made more sense to the director, to use the facilities of the same companies, which actually exist in Canada.

But when the production members couldn’t acquire filming permission from the leading gaming companies, they had to work around this major issue. The makers arranged a special meeting and discussed this issue at length.

And apparently, the eventual decision was to film all sequences of the show in the same place where the story is set in. The principal photography of The Consultant commenced in the final months of 2021 and continued till the second week of February 2022.

The actual release of this show was delayed, due to a number of reasons, however, none of them were due to the lapse in the filming process. The production members worked around the clock, to keep the shooting schedule unchanged.

Besides, the production members also didn’t have to travel much, as the majority of the sequences were filmed in and around the city of Los Angeles. So, let us now take a closer look at those locations and find out where was The Consultant filmed.


The opening sequence of the show, where we see the character of Sang Woo, inside his gaming office, was actually filmed inside a commercial building. The production members took special permission to turn around the look of the building, which was located in the downtown area of Los Angeles.

In fact, a huge chunk of the production budget was spent on turning around this place, to make it look like a cool gaming office. Other important sequences of the show, depicting the funeral of Sang Woo, were captured outside of an old cemetery, located in the eastern part of L.A.

The sequences showcasing Patoff’s home in Los Angeles were actually filmed inside a luxurious mansion, located near the Beverly Hills area. The production members filmed the interior sequences of Patoff’s home inside the same property.

However, as the filming crew wasn’t allowed to make any structural changes to the property, they only installed a couple of focus lights and other necessary pieces of equipment. The interior shots of Patoff’s home, where we see a darker side of his actual character were then filmed.

Towards the final stages of shooting, the production members also traveled to Culver City. Apart from the majority of the interior scenes, which were filmed inside a studio, the crew also took some outdoor shots.

Finally, the filming process ended by the second week of February 2022. But, if you’re planning to visit Culver City or Los Angeles in 2023, then you must look up Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Universal Studios, and The Wende Museum.

And now, it’s time for me to walk you through the plot of The Consultant. Meanwhile, you can also read School Spirits, Wednesday, and The Black Phone.

Plot Of The Consultant | What’s It About

Where Was The Consultant Filmed? Waltz’s New Comedy Drama Series!!

The basic premise of The Consultant revolves around the character of Regus Patoff, an eccentric middle-aged man, who is a CEO of a gaming company in Los Angeles. At the very beginning of the show, the lead character arrives in Los Angeles, to replace Sang Woo in a gaming company, after his sudden demise.

As the story progresses further, the employees of the same company, greet and welcome Regus, like any other sane group of individuals. However, the superior complex disorder in the demented man, invokes him to feel he is better than everyone else. Surely enough, Pattof starts irritating his employees with the pretext of increasing productivity and sales.

Watch The Consultant to witness how the employees of the same gaming company show Pattof his actual place!

Final Words

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